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2008 Honda ST1300 w/EML GT2001 Sidecar Conversion

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Color: Red Metallic
Miles: 13,939 Miles
Stock Number: 600033 Category:


This one has returned to Bob’s after two years of local and very well cared for ownership which focused mostly on attending Ride for Kids events and some short rides. It has just about 1,000 more miles on it than when we sold it to the 3rd owner (the 1st never took possession due to health issues) and that includes a spirited 84 mile ride Bob took very recently with a local individual as his passenger who paid good money for that ride as part of a local fundraiser Bob was involved with – literally auctioning off himself as the pilot for a sweet 90 minute sidecar ride on wonderful secondary roads followed by a nice lunch. There is zero doubt that this sidecar rig is as perfect today as when it was first built; it’s a 2009 model, so actually built a later year than the bike.

Whether you have sidecar experience now and are looking for the ultimate upgrade or just looking to jump feet first into an exhilarating sport where your inseam measurement is meaningless you need to sit down with a cup of coffee, bottle of water, glass of wine or mug of beer and spend 20-30 minutes closely looking at the superb details and quality captured in these images. This baby glides down the road and has plenty of power to spare — a perfect matching of factory and custom components. This very special machine will turn heads and take corners like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, including most sports cars and whatever you know about traditional sidecars does not apply.

There is quite a story behind this beautiful, high performance sidecar rig. It’s a tale Bob would be very pleased to share in detail with the next owner but it’s simply too long to be printed here. This write up will attempt to stick to the basic facts and explain what makes it so special from the perspective of enjoying the ultimate in sidecar fun, be it for solo use, taking a family on yet to be planned adventures or even for traveling with your favorite four legged companion as several of our good customers do already.

With the possible exception of Bob’s personal sidecar, a 1997 Duetto imported from Switzerland (one of only 31 built), this may be the finest high performance sidecar rig across the country at this time, regardless of the brand of motorcycle it is constructed around. While motorcycle technology constantly changes the sidecar conversion and all that goes into it is the most current produced by EML.

This Honda ST1300 ABS was briefly used by an Executive at American Honda in California as his personal machine in 2008 and had just over 1,200 miles when acquired by the first owner who had a long term relationship with Honda. The original plan included turning it into the rig that you see in the images we’ve provided. As there was no US Importer for EML sidecars after about 2000 he went through the ordeal of directly ordering this GT2001 sidecar kit with the chassis conversion and high performance forks. All of that took considerable time to arrange and complete as they are built to order.

It was then shipped via sea freight from Holland, arriving at Bob’s BMW who was selected to construct it due to the long term relationship with the individual plus the level of sidecar expertise and EML products specifically here at Bob’s. The EML kit arrived in mid-2009 about 10 months after the bike was shipped to Bob’s from Honda’s headquarters in Torrance, California. Then several people’s lives changed causing everything to come to a halt. The bike and sidecar kit sat in a temperature controlled museum level storage environment awaiting disposition.

Bob was able to assist the family members involved in resolving the long standing estate issues that prevented this machine from being completed. With a clear title in hand, the sidecar experts at Bob’s got to work. This included all fiberglass body prep (these kits are not ready to paint), painting the sidecar to match the incredible Metallic Red Honda factory paint, de-construction of the basic motorcycle and re-assembly with the EML kit components including frame additions, high performance chassis, forks and automotive sized sport wheels and tires, final alignment, interior installation, road testing and of course a final detailing before its unveiling at the International Motorcycle Show in Timonium, Maryland.

For those less familiar with the difference between hanging a sidecar onto a motorcycle and converting one into what you see here, the difference is more than black and white. It is the difference between having a little fun with a sidecar attached and possibly matched to your motorcycle and having the time of your life because you are piloting a true sidecar rig that was designed from the tires up to be a part of a dedicated three wheeled sport/sport-touring machine. Imagine being a child again but with toys the grown-ups get to have — your smiles don’t go away after you park these rigs.

High performance sidecar rigs are prevalent in Europe, Japan and other parts of the world and while there is a good following in the US and Canada (Bob has owned high performance sidecars for over 25 years) due to the costs and time involved there are just fewer numbers available here. They do however show up at sidecar events all across the country each year and should you become involved you’ll enjoy this new element of motorcycling (the real fringe?) as the owners love to share them just as Bob has done over the years.

The Honda ST1300 is a well-known and well respected sport touring machine needing no praise from us. The EML GT2001 sidecar remains a benchmark for quality of design, construction and engineering. The GT2001 offers great comfort for a passenger or two as it offers side by side seating designed for two smaller adults, an adult of any size and another smaller person or child or two children in great comfort. Dogs love sidecars too. The seat is amazingly comfortable and the all-weather removable top offers full protection from wind, rain and cold and can be removed offering wonderful air flow and increased visibility. Fresh air is available even when the roof is closed through a built in ventilation system with adjustable fan.

Leg room is plentiful and so is the space above a helmeted head for all but the tallest persons. Entering or exiting is quite easy as the entire cabin opens up on sturdy machined hinges and hydraulic struts and tilts far back offering plenty of solid body trim to hold onto for support if needed. A single key operated lock that is flush to the body operates the interior lock and access to the trunk. The entire cabin and trunk interior is lined with a durable, attractive carpet like material deadening most road noise and the full floor carpeting is as nice as most high end automobiles and is easily removed for occasional cleaning.

The ST1300 comes complete as new with spare keys, owners’ manual, color matched saddlebags and all the equipment you see in the images. It is about to get a fluid service and the battery is just a few years old; the rear tire was replaced about 1,000 miles earlier and the two other tires have easily 80% of their safe tread remaining – all three are performance style automotive tires. The sidecar trunk almost makes the factory saddle bags unnecessary; it’s gigantic and could hold. The shoe shown is a size 10 to help demonstrate how much gear, groceries or on-the-road acquisitions one could stow under lock and key fully out of the elements. Space for the needs of a family of 2, 3 or 4 on a nice trip is simply not an issue for short or extended trips.

Every piece of this rig is of the highest quality. Be it steel or alloy, cast or fabricated. Each wheel is specifically designed for EML as are the high performance forks. The body is specifically designed and constructed from the highest quality fiberglass construction to compliment just a few motorcycle models. Pretty much everything constructed of steel is powder coated and all other components are either cast or machined from high grade aluminum. Suspension is built custom for EML specifically for these rigs and is of the highest quality. Fit and finish of everything looks like it belongs on the costly luxury automobiles and in general these is nothing but the highest quality components, hardware or trim that is part of this rig.

There’s much more that could be shared but in the interest of space and time we’ll stop right here. You need to make an appointment and see this one in person. Other options could be added to customize this rig further beyond the GPS mount that was recently added. We believe the asking price is exceptionally fair and dialed right in to the current high performance sidecar market and represents a financial picture more than $20,000 below the original build cost which would be even more today and that includes the original owner’s special deal on the Honda. Bob’s would be pleased to consider any machine you might currently own in partial trade and may be able to offer competitive financing to a qualified buyer.

If you have some familiarity with the Ride for Kids events, you will appreciate knowing that Mike and Diane Traynor were the original owners of this bike & sidecar rig. It was Mike & Diane’s amazing idea some 30 years ago to start the Ride for Kids and eventually to create the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Perhaps after acquiring this bike you’ll join one of the roughly 30 RFK events held annually and become a VIP Escort. And Bob’s BMW will be making a generous donation from the sale price in their honor to keep their mission alive and prospering.

The tire inflator, CRUZ tool kit, chamois, two sets of brake pads, all original keys, owner’s manuals plus EML documents, original build invoices and a fresh Maryland Safety Inspection are included.