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2002 BMW K1200LT Project Bike

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Color: Champagne
Miles: 22,301
Stock Number: ZD76435 Category:


Some PROJECT BIKES are easy. This is one of them. First, the Cosmetics. Look at these photos and tell us what you see: a bike that looks pretty darn good, right? Yes, it really only needs a good cleaning and detailing. Otherwise, this 20-year-old Luxury Tourer is in magnificent shape! It bears only the mildest signs of its years and use. Our critical evaluator, who is known to mention EVERY tiny flaw on his reports — even the ones most people never see — wrote only that the windshield was a bit foggy. That’s it! Clearly, this bike was garaged and treated gently in its day, thus, you have a PROJECT BIKE where restoring the appearance will NOT be an issue at all. So, what about the Mechanical issues? Well, here again: EASY! It’s pretty much just a matter of catching up with the routine maintenance that was not done in recent years while the bike sat around waiting for someone to ride it. You can read below to learn more about its service needs. OR… because “Easy” PROJECT BIKES like this one only come along rarely, don’t risk missing out on this super opportunity. Call now: 1-888-269-2627 to speak with one of our BMW Certified Sales Advisors — Jim, Todd, or Kyle. Call TODAY!

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want buyers to know as much as possible about the bike before making a purchase. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for every PROJECT BIKE feels they paid fairly and got a good, if not great value in the deal. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they fully understand all the positives as well as the potential downsides involved in the refurbishing process. Please take a moment to learn more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKE program and read our general disclaimer HERE.

The K1200LT was the flagship of BMW’s touring fleet a couple decades ago. It’s a perfectly capable and comfortable companion for any traveling you might intend to do, There are still plenty of them out there still in use today because its liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder, DOHC engine is known for its robust longevity. In addition to all the standard amenities on this model, this LT was gifted with some nice Factory Options as well. They are:
 • On Board Computer
 • Cruise Control
 • Heated Grips
 • Heated Seat
 • High Windshield
 • Chrome Trim Package
 • Top Case Rack with Integral Brake Light
 • CD Changer
 • Anti-Theft Alarm System
This one also comes with a pair of BMW Saddlebag Liners!

All right, let’s get down to the particulars of what this PROJECT BIKE needs in the way of maintenance. The bike starts and runs well; no major problems detected. But it is overdue for a Bi-Annual Service that should include all engine and drivetrain fluids and filters replaced, brake system flushed and fluid replaced front and rear (this is an ABS model), its hydraulically actuated clutch system needs to be bled and fluid replaced, and the engine coolant replaced. All of that is standard maintenance that should have been done within the last few years but wasn’t. Both tires are quite old and nearing their tread wear limit. They should be replaced. The fork seal on the right side is leaking; we recommend changing both fork seals. The original rubber-covered brake lines are old enough to be showing noticeable deterioration. We recommend replacing them all with new brake lines sheathed in braided stainless steel. It’s a valuable and sensible upgrade. The battery is old. It is still functioning but measuring a little weak even after a full charge. You would be wise to replace it sooner rather than later. There is one other thing that might be called a “wild card” in this maintenance assessment. The ABS system faulted when we ran diagnostics on this bike. It’s possible that performing the needed brake system maintenance (fluid flushing, replacement, and bleeding) would resolve that fault. It’s also possible that a deeper problem lurks in the system. It is the kind of thing that can occur when a bike is not used for such a long period. But there was no immediate cause visible, and we did not test further to determine the root issue. But there it is. 

Overall, this low-mileage K1200LT PROJECT BIKE has SO many positives to offer that we’re sure someone with some time, tools, and talent who can take on all or most of the maintenance themselves will be jumping to claim it. But even if you were to have its service done professionally, at Bob’s for instance, your final cost would still be manageable and ultimately a great investment — because this bike still has a lot of future. In any case, we are standing by to assist with your project, no matter how you proceed. For answers to questions, knowledgeable advice, service, parts, and more, call Bob’s TODAY!