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1984 BMW R100RS ‘Last Edition’

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Color: Pearl White W/Motorsport Stripes
Miles: 21,161 Miles
Stock Number: 227190 Category:


This rare and stunning R100RS Last Edition is in exceptionally good condition and will certainly delight the classic BMW enthusiast lucky enough to be first to claim it! First, though, a bit of BMW history…

In 1984 BMW of North America, the authorized importer of BMW vehicles in the US and Canada, declared that the series of R100 bikes produced in that year would be the last 1,000 cc boxer twins ever made. There was much hoopla. The R100RS and its sister models, the R100RT and R100CS, were released in special, limited production “Last Edition” trim. Coming in a lustrous Pearl White Metallic paint with fancy, hand-applied tri-colored Motorsport Pinstripes, “Last Edition” decals on the side covers, and other exclusive features — even a special Certificate of Authenticity to further convey their exclusivity and collectability — these bikes were pretty much irresistible. They sold like hot cakes, appealing both to hard core Beemer loyalists and investor/collectors alike.

But there was a small problem. BMW A.G. in Munich never actually said they wouldn’t make another 1,000 cc boxer. Rather, it was all a mistaken assumption made by BMWNA executives in New Jersey who dreamed up the Last Edition series as a marketing strategy. And did it ever backfire! The problems started a couple years later when BMW released another 1,000 cc twin, the R100GS. But things really heated up when, in 1988, there were suddenly new R100RS and R100RT models back in the BMW lineup! You can just imagine the outrage of the faithful who had plunked down their hard-earned cash for what they believed were motorcycles of historic significance! Pitchforks! Torches! Riots in the street! No, BMW owners are too polite for that. Was there even a class action lawsuit? Maybe; we can’t remember. Surely, though, there must have been many Last Edition “Certificates of Authenticity” burned in ritual protest.

Nowadays, this story seems like an almost laughable footnote to the otherwise dignified and respectable Airhead legacy. (Let’s note that, at the time, the term “Airhead” hadn’t even been coined yet.) Ironically, the Last Edition models eventually DID become collector’s items and are still to this day! Perhaps it’s because they were produced in limited numbers, or because the controversial backstory makes them a little like a postage stamp printed upside down, or maybe it’s just that, regardless of any historical quirks, the bikes are just so darned BEAUTIFUL their appeal is timeless!

THIS R100RS Last Edition is one magnificent example! Let’s begin with a quick overview. For a bike that was actually ridden, though with fairly low mileage accumulated (just over 21,000 miles), it is COSMETICALLY EXCELLENT. It’s probably as sharp as any example you’re likely to find for sale anywhere. (OK, there may still be a few “perfect” Last Editions out there that were essentially “mothballed” since the day they were bought in hopes that – maybe – they would turn to gold. But how long are you willing to wait?) Mechanically, this machine has been thoroughly refurbished by our service department and is now in TOP NOTCH RUNNING CONDITION. The bike was carefully stored indoors for most of its life. It had only one owner who recently passed away; Bob found the bike in Utah and, luckily, was able to purchase it from the estate. Now, it has a chance for a new life, to be loved and RIDDEN by a new owner.

Let’s get into the mechanicals in more detail. When we got the bike and were able to do a full inspection and analysis we found that it mainly just suffered from the passage of time (35 years!) and the typical effects of not being ridden for most of those years — dry rotted rubber and leaky seals being the worst of it. Here is everything we did to bring it back to its current state of ready, reliable rideability: Full Top End Reseal including Pushrod Seals | Rear Main Seal replaced | Engine Crankcase Ventilation system replaced | Flywheel O-ring and Oil Pump rear cover & gasket replaced | Oil Pan Gasket replaced & resealed | complete Carburetor Rebuild | Transmission Neutral Switch & gasket replaced | Transmission Input, Output, & Shifter Seals replaced | Clutch Plate replaced  | all Clutch Bolts and Driveshaft Bolts replaced | all Fuel Line and both inline Filters replaced | both Hand Grips replaced | Points Seal strip replaced | Rear Brake Rotor and Brake Pads replaced | one Front Brake Rotor replaced along with Brake Pads on both sides | two NEW TIRES and Tubes installed | all Engine and Drivetrain Oils and Oil Filter changed  | Brake Fluid flushed and renewed  | complete TUNE-UP including Valve Adjustment, Timing check and Carb Sync. And so you can see, this machine’s practically had a top-to-bottom REBUILD! Oh, a new gel Battery was installed in the bike six months prior to our acquiring it and, thus, is still completely strong and healthy. We did a last check of everything with an extended test ride to verify that the engine, shifting, handling, braking and other safety aspects, and all other systems and component functions were correct and performing at factory spec or better. And finally, the Maryland State Inspection — passed, of course. This motorcycle is solid, runs like a dream, and stands ready to deliver many thousands of miles of riding pleasure to its next owner.

And so how does it REALLY look? This is what many will want to know. The photos don’t show everything that you would likely notice on close, in-person examination so we’ll tell you, because we’ve got nothing to hide and full disclosure is in everyone’s best interest. Right up front, let’s say that the worst, most noticeable flaw is a 4.5-inch long scratch near the outer edge of the right-side upper fairing panel — which can be seen in the photo. As these types of blemishes go, this scratch is actually not all that bad. There is a much smaller and less noticeable scratch on the left-side upper fairing as well. Those familiar with the RS models know that there is hardly one in existence without some similar scratches on one or both edges of the fairing, the result of inevitable tip-overs or other minor parking incidents. (The material used for much of the bodywork at the time was a compressed fiberglass that didn’t have the resilience that modern plastic-based body materials have.) You might notice another scratch, about ¾ of an inch long, on the lower center panel near the oil cooler port. Other than that, you will spot only a few other typical signs of the age such as tiny spider cracks surrounding some of the fastener bolts on the front fender and elsewhere, some slight paint discoloration near the fuel cap (caused by fuel), a few very minor scratches on the front of the tank near the steering head.  We must emphasize, however, that the blems we’re mentioning are entirely typical of a bike of this vintage, and that this bike presents itself in FAR better condition than the vast majority of similar models. This motorcycle spent its whole life in a western, low-humidity climate which means the inevitable creeping surface rust that plagues bikes here on the east coast is simply not a factor with this one. That’s a Big Plus. It was already in great condition when we got it, then after our pro detailer spent a few hours with it, magic happened and most of the evidence of two decades of disuse just disappeared!  Make no mistake: this R100RS, even with its few imperfections, is rare find, a gem!

Here’s a list of the EXTRAS and other notable features that you should know about.
• The Saddlebags (BMW Touring Cases) included with the machine are in excellent condition, however the two bags do not use the same key – which is only a negligible annoyance.
• It has a Staintune stainless steel replica full exhaust system, a great asset.
• There is an aftermarket Fork Brace on this bike which provides a desirable handling improvement.
• There is a Luftmeister Oil Temperature Dipstick, a neat and valuable accessory.
• It’s equipped with the famous Brown’s Sidestand to replace the infamous stock stand.
• A pair of supplemental Wide Angle Mirrors will aid rear visibility.
• There’s an aftermarket dark tint, slightly taller Windshield installed.
• The original left-side handlebar switch has been replaced with the BMW EURO-style switch that allows the headlight to be turned on and off.
• A BMW rear-fender mud guard and an aftermarket front-fender splash guard will help the bike stay clean.
• Rubber Fork Gaiters (modified) were added to protect the fork tubes. 
• The bike comes with the beautiful, hard-to-find, original BMW ¾ Solo Seat. (Note: because this seat is not really suitable for riding two up, there are no passenger footpegs mounted on the bike.) The standard dual seat, which was probably included at the time of the original sale, did not come with this bike when we acquired it.
• Other included extras: A pair of Fairing Pouches for some handy extra storage, a Tank Cover, a Stop & Go Tire Repair Kit, a Clymer Repair Manual, and a few miscellaneous spare parts.
• Two original keys (plus 3 saddlebag keys), the complete original tool kit with frame-mounted tire pump under the seat, and the original owners books are included in this sale.

If this motorcycle stirs your passions — your desire to own and ride one of the most iconic BMW Airhead classics ever produced — don’t sit around too long thinking it over or you may miss your one and only chance at such a rare and spectacular opportunity. Call our BMW Certified sales team TODAY!