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1984 BMW R100RS Last Edition Project Bike

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Color: Pearl White W/Motorsport Stripes
Miles: 4,817 indicated / Actual Unknown
Stock Number: 227174 Category:


This classic airhead, one of just 200 produced by BMW in 1984 for the US Market as a “Last Edition” or “LE” model, belonged to a very good friend of Bob’s and the dealership. He owned it for roughly the last 5 years. He was also a highly active and contributing member of the local AIRHEADS BMW Club. We are offering up this very respectable though not flawless R100RS for our good friend’s widow. We believe that it would be ready to enjoy following a little time and effort to transform it from its current PROJECT BIKE  status into a fully safe and roadworthy machine. It is rideable just the way it is, but we hope the next owner will follow our recommendations before placing it in regular service.

The work required is easy stuff but due to the financial circumstances involved we have elected to offer it “as is” and classify it as a PROJECT BIKE to expedite a sale, find a new home and owner and hopefully help it land in the hands of another passionate AIRHEAD enthusiast. The bike currently starts, idles, runs, shifts, handles and stops wonderfully and is quite the attention getter visually.

While we don’t have the full ownership history since it was purchased new in May of 1984 in Rockford, Illinois, it is believed that it has had a total of three owners including our good friend. It appears to have been serviced regularly over the years but now has a small assortment of standard maintenance needs that qualify it for PROJECT BIKE status here at Bob’s BMW. We’d like to see it get that new owner and home, see the services completed and return to be inspected and pass the Maryland Safety Inspection or MSI here at Bob’s BMW so it can be legally tagged and placed into regular service on the nearby roads of Maryland, DC, Virginia and beyond in the greater Mid-Atlantic region we serve.

Before we go any farther with this story let us share that with all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible so we urge every potential buyer to ask questions if anything is not clear. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE offered feels like they paid fairly and got good, if not great value in the transaction.

We have a disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES easily found on the Bob’s website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they know all the positives and any negatives involved in the refurbishing process with full clarity. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve even taken a few PROJECT BIKES back in trade as good used bikes once all the work was done and the owner had enjoyed the bike for a number of years and miles. This one can be taken out for a brief test ride.

If you don’t live nearby, our staff, with a pre-scheduled day and time, will be pleased to walk through  this or any PROJECT BIKE while you are on the phone and address even minute details so that even a long distance buyer will be thoroughly informed and comfortable that you know what you are purchasing. You can read more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKES and even preview the additional bill of sale involved here on our website at: http://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/.

On the same day (11/30/19) that he took the images shown here, Bob started up this bike for perhaps the fourth or fifth time since it arrived; there’s also short video link so you can hear it run and see the tachometer, clock and voltmeter operate. It idles wonderfully and the engine sounds exceptionally tight. It shifts through the gears smoothly, stops well and handles as one would expect. All lights work including the extra intensity rear brake light and the louder-than-stock horns hidden behind the fairing as would a stock set be mounted.

As a PROJECT BIKE it has some needs that we’ll identify at the start: we do not know when all the fluids were last changed so we might suggest a full or modified annual/bi-annual service to gain a fresh record- keeping point to create your own maintenance schedule going forward, as well as having the benefit of knowing that you, as the new owner, would have fresh lubricants in all places called for. The tires have aged out (2007 mfg. dates) and while they have more than enough tread to pass the MSI we’d highly recommend fresh tires and tubes. We would be pleased to take on this work should you desire a more turnkey acquisition.

All three brake discs measured out below factory minimums on this PROJECT BIKE and that would cause them to not pass the MSI as well. Some states only require good pads. This issue is also one of the things that told us the miles showing on the odometer could not possibly be accurate. We don’t know if the instrument failed and was replaced at some point in the past or just the odometer stopped working. Brake discs generally don’t wear out in the indicated 4,817 miles (current odometer reading) nor do they look this good after 98,156 (odometer reading on the title) or even the combination of the two numbers if the instrument was simply replaced at some point in time. We offer both original BMW parts and EBC aftermarket components to accomplish this which will add a floating mounting to the discs up front and again we can do this work if desired. All parts purchased at Bob’s BMW and used to return this PROJECT BIKE to the highest level of safe and roadworthy will receive a nice discount.

We also don’t believe that this PROJECT BIKE has roughly 100,000 miles for a variety of reasons and indicators. There are a few very small weepage or seepage points on the driveline that may need to be addressed at some point down the road but none are what we would consider a leak – the bike was sitting in the same spot on a carpeted office floor for over 3 months and left no residue of any kind.  We do speculate that this bike, based on all we can observe and define has between 25,000 and 40,000 miles on it but there is simply no way for us to know the exact mileage on this PROJECT BIKE and thus we disclose that more than once.

We solidly believe that despite the needs we just shared the next owner could probably check the oil level (it was fine when we checked it and we’d still suggest an O&F change), top off the tires and gas tank and ride this bike to the west coast, change the oil and filter and ride it home but the tires may or may not make the return trip and as we shared earlier we’d like to see fresh tires and tubes at the start of the next phase of this great looking PROJECT BIKE; these are all decisions for the next owner.  But please be aware that like most machines of this era and expected miles it has a few minor weeps; the most noticeable for us was an easy one to address – the oil sender switch. You can see and hear it run in the short video link included.

Download Attachment Available until Dec 30, 2019

Cosmetically this PROJECT BIKE presents very well from all angles from five to ten foot viewing distance. Up close will show some scratches on the gas tank, edges of the fairing, rear seat cowl of that highly desirable ¾ BMW Solo Seat (no dual seat came with this bike nor do we have one to offer separately) and some smaller assorted chips or blemishes. There are five (5) extra holes in the dash board where now removed items must have at one time been installed or mounted. A new dash is not very costly and only takes about 90 minutes to fully R&R with the screen. These may not bother you any more than our departed friend who acquired it this way and never touched it. There is a very small nick on one edge of the front wheel and both wheels appear to have had their paint refreshed at some point; both appear to be solid, true and better than most we see.

The BMW ¾ Solo Seat cushion and frame underneath is in excellent shape and certainly does not seem to indicate it has lots of miles of use. There is no evidence of tip overs

In regards to the attractive aspects of this PROJECT BIKE, the attention getting red/orange (motorsport colors) center fairing panel was added by our good friend; it is not correct for a 1984 R100RS but would have been seen on the 1978 Motorsport edition that had the Police White main color with Motorsport pinstripes of three colors. It is not a perfect paint job but it does look fairly respectable. Leaving it as is or changing it would be a decision for the next owner of this attractive, strong running PROJECT BIKE, and interestingly enough, this is not the only Last edition R100RS we’ve seen treated to this special custom touch.

For a PROJECT BIKE it has some standard and valuable extras included: things like BMW saddlebag mounts and BMW (Krauser style) saddlebags which any buyers should note are mounted without the typical seat belt style rear locking tabs. This one is hard mounted to the rack and we think this is very cool and unlikely to accidentally unlock and fall off as these older bags have been known to do occasionally. If you are a purist the original style could easily be added back on but are not included. There’s a set of Kathy’s Cordura fairing pockets (shown with one of the open bags) and a nicely tinted stock height screen.  The factory supplied clock and voltmeter that are mounted in the dash both work and the clock seems to be pretty darn accurate after a several day test.  

This PROJECT BIKE comes with a period and model correct Reynolds Ride-Off center stand that makes taking off easy as… well just putting it in first gear and letting out the clutch. It also has a fairing fresh looking set of Grand Touring grips that in our opinion are very comfortable and ergonomic. There are also aftermarket stainless steel brake lines installed front and rear and a period correct Telefix fork brace – a nicely stabilizing aftermarket option for this era of Airheads. We had been told some years back that there are Progressive fork springs in the forks and it’s easy to see that a set of Koni 7610P-1298 adjustable rear shocks are installed. There is an ungraded rear brake light hidden in the stock housing that pulses (based on brake pressure?) and has the OEM/Magura throttle control screw.

This bike is being offered with 2 keys, a flat and folding example which both fit the ignition, seat, fork and amazingly, even the gas cap lock. The original tool kit (closure strap has failed on the pouch – hence the mini bungee cord) which appears pretty complete, a stock and aftermarket tire repair kit plus a spare headlight bulb are included. Please be aware that at the offered price the right battery cover and the owner’s manual (both signed by Hans Muth) you see in these images of this PROJECT BIKE are not included in this sale; we will instead be including a new, original, primer finish cover plus NOS/NLA BMW OEM decals (see the photo). You can have the side cover painted to match and attach the special LE decals by combining the standard R100 LE with the set that is missing one of the 0’s (a rarity for a collector all by itself right?) but has the R and the S required to look exactly as it did when new plus a used correct year original used manual that is in much better condition.

Bob’s goal in holding these pieces back is to honor our lost friend and display this signed battery cover and owner’s manual in the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Museum with his very well-used Bob’s BMW Road Crew hat and some other Hans Muth memorabilia from the events he has attended here in the US. Finally, based on any other Last Edition R100RS’s we can locate including a nearly pristine example (not a Project Bike) in our showroom and listed for sale on our website, we believe we have priced this PROJECT BIKE R100RS Last Edition fairly and to sell soon.