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1977 BMW R100/7

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Color: Blue Metallic
Miles: 39,728 Miles
Stock Number: 6140828 Category:


This 1977 BMW R100/7 is a true classic in every sense of the definition. 1977 was the first year of the “Slash-7” series; the displacement of the top-of-the-line big boxers went from 900 cc up to 1,000; the bikes were getting great reviews in the press, and riders were buying them up as fast as they could be made. This one, as you can clearly see, is a stunning example! Though we’re unsure of the exact number of owners it’s had, the one thing that’s clear is that they all took exceptionally good care of it. Its last caretaker owned it for just two years, putting barely over 400 miles on it during that time – and he believed he got it from the person who acquired it from the first owner. Regardless of its ownership history, this gleaming machine is worthy of your attention — whether you’re a rider, a collector, or both. If you’re after a mostly original 1,000 cc BMW Airhead standard that’s in very nice condition and in a great color, come and get it!

The all original Blue Metallic paint with hand-applied white pinstripes is the factory finish it had when it left BMW’s Berlin manufacturing plant in November,1976, bound for US delivery. It is in exceptionally fine cosmetic and mechanical condition overall and will hold up to serious scrutiny by anyone. The cosmetic assessment applies not just to the gas tank, fenders and battery covers, but to the main and sub-frames, center stand, and to the beautiful gloss black headlight bucket and mounting brackets as well. Even the original paint on the seat pan is in fabulous condition, as is the foam and original vinyl cover with trim and seat rail. And an important point for anyone considering their investment in a classic machine is that the serial numbers on the engine and frame match. 

Remarkable as the condition of this 43 year-old paint job is, there are a few small blemishes that we should point out. There are a few spots where the paint has been touched up, most noticeably on the front fender, though you must look very closely to see it. While your glasses are on, see if you can notice the very small, ever-so-slight indention just behind the gas cap; even to the touch it’s difficult to detect, but it is there. You may also notice that the fuel cap has an extra vent hole drilled in it — not uncommon to find on the fuel caps from this period. But is otherwise correct and original, and it works just fine. Good news is that the inside of the gas tank appears to be in great original condition with the factory coating still in place and no signs of rust! 

Completing our cosmetic evaluation, here are some final points worthy of note:
It has an older set of MCM (or MAC) chrome mufflers attached to the stock header pipes and cross over. These mufflers (made with heavier steel than OEM production) are in good working order and good cosmetic condition with the exception of a pencil-tip sized hole in the right muffler, identifiable in picture #8. (If you would like, we can provide and install a new set of reproduction mufflers for $299.00.)
There is also a near brand new set of police-style chrome cylinder guards probably made by the German firm, Fehling, which was originally responsible for this design.
One of the bike’s prior owners selected to upgrade all four stock black plastic turn signals to the very stylish, stronger and beautifully polished alloy ones (which would have been stock on the 1972-1973 /5 series and most 1974 R90S’s). Though not original to this bike, turn signal housings like these in any condition — especially in perfect condition as these are — are harder to find every day and command good money sold separately. If you’re a purist, however, we can offer the stock black plastic versions.

We have extensive mechanical information on this bike which is itemized below. But let’s begin with the most vital info: This fine machine is in top condition! It needs nothing but some luggage and maybe a GPS to enjoy a good cross country tour, or just ride it as is for weekends of fun closer to home. It has already been given a PASS (certificate included) on the tough Maryland Safety Inspection. After our full evaluation and test ride, we’re fully confident that its 39,728 indicated miles represent the original distance this bike has traveled since it was first test ridden on the factory dyno (+/- 2 miles) and then delivered in 1977 to the first owner.  

Now, some more details:
This bike is documented to have had the following work performed within a few weeks prior to it being sold to its last owner (who, you remember, only rode it a bit over 400 miles). New tires installed (manf. in 2017) | New Front Brake Pads (new rear shoes in 2010) | Wheel, Swingarm, & Steering Head bearings all greased and torqued | New Fork Seals installed, Fork Fluid replaced | Brake Fluid flushed/replaced and Brakes bled | Oil Pan Gasket replaced |  Top End resealed including head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and pushrod tube rubbers) |  New Wunderlich stainless steel Pushrod Tubes installed | General Maintenance including engine oil and filter change, new air filter, final drive oil changed, new spark plugs, drive splines lubricated, valves adjusted, clutch adjusted | Carbs Rebuilt with new diaphragms and gaskets. Additionally, all bulbs were claimed to be replaced as well.
The person performing the work listed above was at one time a certified BMW Technician, and claims to have used BMW and Bel-Ray fluids, Mercedes greases, copper grade anti-seize, along with the correct tools for each task. We don’t have his/her name, just the printout of the report of everything done. We have no reason to believe it was anything other than as written and shared.
We could only find possible evidence of one job not being completed to the level of expertise our technicians would bring to the task — and even this is speculation, but we will disclose it here — we suspect that the lower steering head bearing was not fully cleaned of all old grease prior to repacking and adjustment as there is a small grease trail showing signs of old grease. We left it in place during our wash just to reveal it in the interest of your full awareness. It could be, however, that this was just prior leftover grease as the head bearings appear to be perfectly adjusted – there is no drag or notching following a complete inspection and test ride.
This bike starts right up every time, the battery is strong and the bike includes a battery tender lead on the rear sub-frame.
It idles smoothly, takes throttle easily and rides superbly. It shifts, handles and stops exactly as one would desire, and no further adjustments, tweaking or attention is required.
The rear suspension operates well and is original equipment. The front suspension works fine as well, though we did not open the forks to see what brand of springs are installed. To us, they felt stronger that the OEM springs.
All switches and the stock Fiamm horn work well.
All lighting functions as it should and seems to be “new” bright to match the claim that all bulbs had been replaced.
The side and center stands work smoothly and are very clean without the typical wear through we so often see on the main stand and the stock drop down tang is still in place and solidly attached. It holds up perfectly to a 180° swing as designed (see the concrete in the image of the stands).
The front brake disc measured out well (readings of .020 -.022 and smooth), above factory and MSI minimum (0.18), and should have many thousands of miles of safe use remaining. There is very even wear across the disc face without any signs of warping or a misaligned caliper or pads being used beyond their desirable life span.
Since the services described above were performed, less than 500 miles (including our test miles) have been added. According to our assessment and by our standards, the next oil and filter change/general maintenance for this bike would be due in about 2,500 miles.

There are a few items that are not included with this bike as they did not arrive with it when we obtained it. Missing are the original 19-piece factory tool kit, tire repair kit, bike manual, along with keys to the gas cap, fork or seat locks. We can offer all of these items separately from the vast Bob’s inventory if you desire. The two keys included with this BMW fit only the ignition switch. The green zippered bag contains a small assortment of non-BMW tools, spare spark plugs, electrical tape and two electrical test wire sets. A near new condition complete Clymer service, maintenance and repair manual is included.

We surveyed the current marketplace and found that comparing price and quality to several other bikes from the same general era of production (1974 to 1980) which have sold recently through dealers, private sellers, auction sites and online markets, this BMW R100/7 turns out to be an exceptionally great value. Come in and look for yourself. We think you’ll agree!











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