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1974 BMW R60/6 Project Bike

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Color: Mixed (Various Colors)
Miles: 45,081 Miles
Stock Number: 4900166 Category:


Our well documented and typically easy to complete PROJECT BIKE offerings are not usually full or partial basket cases, but we do get them from time to time. This first year /6 machine had been sitting in a garage for about 30 years just waiting to be saved, have the cobwebs removed, sorted out so a potential next owner would know what’s there and what’s not, have a few parts added to so it would be as complete as possible and then offered up by the team at Bob’s BMW for an AIRHEAD enthusiast to bring it back to life.

Before you read more about this particular PROJECT BIKE we’d like you to use this link that follows to read about the general terms on PROJECT BIKES as we strive to fully disclose all we know, show you everything you should see and help all buyers of a PROJECT BIKE from Bob’s become as knowledgeable as possible about what they are about to spend their money on… no surprises is what we want so check out the details right down to the special Bill of Sale here: https://www.bobsbmw.com/project-bikes/. Happy reading.

To start, this PROJECT BIKE has a clear, fresh Maryland title which matches the factory engine stamping and original frame ID plate. There is no VIN stamped on the frame itself and we cannot tell you why that is. Perhaps, over 3 decades ago the original frame was replaced with a new one and it was never stamped? Perhaps it left the factory that way? That has happened but it is rare. We believe the mileage showing on the speedo and odometer is correct but cannot confirm this after a bike has been sitting so long, but the seller told us it was to the best of his memory too.

Perhaps there is another explanation on the frame VIN stamping. Regardless there should be nothing to prevent one from completing this PROJECT BIKE, getting it inspected, registering it, getting a legal tag and insurance as far as our experience from over 40 years can determine. If you want it to look perfect in this respect, you could consider a re-stamp of the frame, in the correct location as we’ve shown in image #116627, with the correct number and it would appear nearly like it left the factory.

We encourage you to review these images carefully – each one helps a potential buyer confirm what is included, what condition everything is in and what small items might be needed including a battery, fresh tires, rings (at a minimum), carb rebuild kits, some hardware and of course all the seals, gaskets, crush washers, O-rings, cables, rubber bits, etc. one would expect to be buying and using when bringing any PROJECT BIKE back to life again.

We have done our best to show everything that is included clearly, some even with more than one view and the quality should be good enough to enlarge on your monitor for closer viewing. You will note that the fenders and gas tank do not match; that’s because it came to us without these items. We selected some serviceable parts from our vast array of good used parts to at least offer up a PROJECT BIKE with a gas tank and fenders.

We have NOT attempted to turn over the motor on this PROJECT BIKE. We can see a very light residue of surface oxidation or rust on some of the exposed areas where the engine case is open. We would strongly suggest a thorough cleaning and inspection of all components in this area, dropping the oil pan after such a cleaning and doing everything to ensure that any dirt, debris, animal nesting, seeds, etc. that could have fallen inside during the long storage window does not inhibit the future use and dependability of this PROJECT BIKE.  Use of specialized cleaners or other penetrating cleaners /lubricants might do a world of good and we suggest removing the connecting rods for a close inspection of the crankshaft surfaces too.

While included, we do not know the condition of the Accel dual plug ignition system components; the box was open when we picked up everything. It is possible it had been used on another bike and acquired used for this rebuild by the last owner which was simply never completed. And speaking of completing this PROJECT BIKE, the prior owner’s mission was to make this a sidecar rig. He had also acquired and loosely installed a leading link fork assembly which we removed, reinstalling the original forks and drum front wheel as correct on the R60/6 to make it properly roll again.   

There are undoubtedly a few other items that maybe missing from this partial basket case R60/6 PROJECT BIKE offering but we believe the vast majority of what’s needed to rebuild, refresh, and return it to regular service is included. You’ll even see three carb bodies and of course the cylinder heads with valves are there, as are two valve covers. And all electrics appear to be intact and correct for the bike. Note that there is the contents of a partial original tool kit w/o a pouch and that some tools have surface rust. There were no keys that came with this motorcycle.

You can also see a complete but far from perfect exhaust system right down to the header hangers and the exhaust nuts and two-piece exhaust gaskets. It’s probably quite serviceable to get everything running before buying a new reproduction, OEM or stainless steel set from Bob’s when this PROJECT BIKE is headed towards completion.

It may not be perfectly visible in the photos that the headlight glass or lens is cracked but it is. The tail lamp assembly is hard to spot but it’s in the photo with the tank and fenders and has a BMW logo on top; an old and tired set of petcocks plus the front fender lower brace are in the same image. The gas tank we’ve provided with this PROJECT BIKE has been repainted, but we can’t find any hidden body work and the inside is nearly perfect and the gas cap is functional.

You can see the pistons still in the cylinders and the four sets of rocker assemblies, but I think we’re missing one pushrod. If you are the buyer, the Bob’s Used Parts team will check the used engine parts drawers just for you. If we have an extra that matches, we’ll include that at no extra cost. The heads and valve appear to have been refreshed but to what degree we cannot tell as we have not and are not going to disassemble these – that’s your job since it is a PROJECT BIKE after all.

Last, but certainly not least is this important extra from Bob’s with every PROJECT BIKE we offer for sale – the next owner/purchaser will receive a discount on any and all items he or she purchases to bring this machine back to live and be out on the roads again is safe and roadworthy condition. The discount will vary based on what the items purchased are, but we do our best to be generous and would typically offer up a six-month time frame to give the PROJECT BIKE completer sufficient time to get this done. If you feel that you’ll need a little more time please speak with our PAA department lead, Drew Alexander about that following your acquisition.

We think it’s priced to move quickly so come and check it out soon and know that if someone selected to buy it and part it out the wheels, gas tank, final drive and forks alone might be very close to the asking price. But we really do want to see it back on the road.