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1962 BMW R60/2

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Color: Avus Black W/White Pinstripes
Miles: 84,120 miles
Stock Number: 622747 Category:


Bob’s is excited to offer this desirable motorcycle to a new owner/enthusiast who will appreciate a generally well cared for vintage BMW. At only 58 years young, this one is certainly worthy of many more miles, smiles, and ownership enjoyment in the years ahead. Bob’s BMW has not been around long enough to claim selling it when it was new, but this bike is most likely a one-owner machine. It came out of Ohio and Maryland (dual homes) from an older owner who believed it was purchased new but was no longer 100% sure of this fact. They were positive they’d placed the vast majority of miles on this machine and accounted for many great trips two up and solo with a second machine. They did all the required service along the way at local dealers or on their own including plenty of very recent maintenance and a few nice upgrades before it arrived here at Bob’s.

Let’s start at ten feet, or maybe even half that distance which happens to be the range from which the photos were taken. This bike looks great cosmetically and, though it’s not a perfect concours machine, it shows very well. It’s got a great shine and an overall correct appearance. The paint is original in some areas and repainted in others; the tank and fenders appear to have been redone at some point in the past and the work is very good right down to the pin-striping. Most all frame components, the swing-arms and forks plus the headlight and tail lamp appear to be OEM finishes.

There are a few flaws to be noted: the top front shock covers should be painted black, the grips are an amusingly stylish period set from the 1960’s or 70’s but must have been NOS as they are far from worn out and are very comfortable. If you don’t want them, Bob has a bike he’s preparing to put in the museum that he might like these grips for and provide you a set of new stock grips in trade. The rear fender has two small holes near the joint below the hinge and above the pinch bolt from some past luggage we’d guess. There’s an extra hole in each side of the headlight brackets, probably from some non-BMW reflectors long ago removed.

The rear shock adjustors should be a silver cad plated finish but have been painted in black. As these parts tend to rust easily, this was probably a smart and easily done service effort by a past dealer during maintenance. There is some light surface rust on the handlebars and steering damper knob as is typical. Like many 1955-69 twins, this one has the optional Butler & Smith chrome air cleaner housing plus a non-BMW side stand that was far superior to BMW’s own offering.

Though we don’t have the receipts for the work, the wheels appear to have had a wheel bearing service and had the stock painted hubcaps (which almost always wears away or lightly rusts) replaced with a set of new stainless steel ones – a nice extra. The spokes appear to be original and show some typical age but the rims are in beautiful condition. There is a nice, period correct set of tank logo surrounds behind the original enamel tank logo emblems. The seat and fuel cap were replaced in 2015 with new and perfect German reproductions that Bob’s sells. It also has a set of hard-to-find folding Denfeld rear/passenger foot pegs.

On the mechanical front it started up on the very first kick (from cold) when it first arrived, and on day two it started on the second kick when cold. It idles, shifts and handles very well and stops quite solidly; it handles even better when the slightly older Kenda tires get fully warmed up, of course. These tires have clean sidewalls and about 70% remaining tread. The next owner can make a decision whether to use these up and then replace them, or replace them now before taking it home from Bob’s.  

A $175.00 credit is included with this purchase, at the offered price, to be used towards that next set of tires (your choice of brand and style) purchased from and installed at Bob’s, at whatever time and mileage that turns out to be.

One of our highly experienced BMW Master Techs took this job on. He had this bike out for a good 6 mile ride (it arrived with 84,111 on the odometer) and reported back with a double thumbs up and smile for his efforts. We were informed that the shocks, front & rear were fully rebuilt with BMW parts not terribly long ago, but we have neither an exact date nor receipts from the last owner for this work. The suspension feels good and much firmer than most.

The exhaust system is in great condition, the headers appear to be stock BMW with the correct crossover; the mufflers appear to be the best quality chromed reproductions available and look very fresh, but we did not get a receipt for these. It has a new ignition coil and aftermarket style point plate for ease of future care and improved operation. The main harness and the horn dimmer switch sheathing have been covered with electrical tape – a very common way to address the aging of the OEM covering. Reproductions of both are available at Bob’s should you desire to upgrade/service these, but all functions are fine at this time.

The speedometer and all controls work well. We have just replaced the generator brushes and springs, spark plug wires, adjusted the clutch free-play, installed a new kick-starter bumper, a few bits of hardware and rubber including new rider foot peg rubbers (the best & correct quality), replaced the oil pan gasket and washers, plus did an oil change without a filter because these models don’t have one.

We believe that this machine will offer the next owner many years or pleasure with only regular maintenance levels. It is supplied with one black knob ignition key, one factory key that fits the tool door in the side of the 4.5 gallon gas tank, no key that fits the fork lock, a Clymer and a reproduction BMW service manual, some assorted spare bits (see the image please), the un-installed aftermarket mirrors (the clamps are still on the handlebars) and the partial contents of a tool kit without any pouch as shown.







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