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1959-’60 BMW R60 Project Bike

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Color: Avus Black
Stock Number: 620685 Category:


This just might be the perfect wintertime PROJECT BIKE for the right BMW enthusiast looking to get his or her hands a little dirty, take on some work above our usual offerings in this category and then do some paperwork as well to get this one back on the road by this spring, or even the following spring depending your skill set and available time.

To start, we want to share that this PROJECT BIKE is being sold on a BILL OF SALE only; no title came to us in this recent transaction and none will be provided by Bob’s BMW or the parent company Bob’s Used Parts, Inc. now or in the future. Nor will we assist with any future paperwork involved in the new owner gaining a title down the road to legally allow this PROJECT BIKE to be tagged and legally ridden on public roads. It’s worth the asking price for the collective parts included should you wish to use it to support other PROJECT BIKES you already own or will own in the future.

We are 100% confident that the individual who sold this unassembled and incomplete PROJECT BIKE to us (it was his father’s and it was given to his father decades ago by a neighbor who no longer wanted to start the restoration) gave us a fully accurate, honest and complete account of how it came to be in his father’s garages (at least 2) over the past 20 plus years; it’s entirely possible that it’s been sitting like this for 30 plus years. We received plenty of documentation on who we purchased it from with plenty of signatures and are reasonably sure that if the next owner goes through the paperwork process (there are companies that specialize in doing this for not unreasonable fees) in whatever state they reside they will be able to secure a title in their name after paying the assorted fees and providing the documentation required by said state along with our Bill of Sale.

We have simply elected not to take on that task so we can (A) offer it up quickly and (B) not add those costs to our base cost of this PROJECT BIKE and (C) thus allow us to keep the asking (selling) price very low considering the value of what’s under the front electrics cover alone.

Before we provide more description on this PROJECT BIKE to go with the 45 images (plus the main shot) we have a disclaimer to share:

With all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible so we urge every potential buyer to ask questions if anything is not clear. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE offered feels like they paid fairly and got good, if not great value in the transaction.

We have a complete disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES that’s easily found on the Bob’s BMW website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine and piece in person so they know all the positives and any negatives that could be involved in the refurbishing and restoration process with full clarity and that they know everything that is included and anything that is not.

So, here’s what we know about this PROJECT BIKE: It was clearly in an “incident” of some kind in its past. That’s based on the near crushed headlight bucket, mildly damaged speedometer and the lesser damage to the front and rear fenders and tail light assembly. The frame and forks appear undamaged. The wheel rims have been replaced with another brand and appear to be aluminum and the nipples more than the spokes are rusty. The hubs and splines look very good, although there is light surface rust on the brake surface and the bearing retainers don’t look like they’ve ever been off so they’re not buggered up. There’s a dent in the top of the tank but the inside looks spotless and has the original coating intact. The logos are more than serviceable and something small is banging around in the side tool kit compartment but it’s unlikely to be a full tool kit; we have no keys for this or the fork lock or even the knob or flat ignition keys.

And more: The odometer on this PROJECT BIKE shows 9,222 miles which could possibly be original but there is no way for us to know this as there are no records because the bike was parked and apart for so long. All the original electrics under the front cover are in immaculate ,very clean condition and appear to be 100% complete which could support the miles mentioned above. The engine turned over freely the first time with no effort – we pulled the spark plugs, squeezed a few big drops of machine oil into the openings for good measure and used a 6mm Allen wrench and short ratchet. It turned over easily so we rotated the motor about a dozen times to work that oil in and then replaced the plugs. We would have tried the kick starter lever but as is easily seen in the images it’s broken off. What remains of the paint on all surfaces appears to be 100% original, not that any of it is in great condition.

Still more facts on this PROJECT BIKE: All the original factory stampings match – frame, engine and the original ID plate screwed to the steering head all read 622685 and based on our research (VIN listings in various publications including BMW’s) and other BMW’s Bob has in the museum and his collection (1959 R60 #620111 and 1960 R60 # 620816) and production numbers we feel this is either a 1959 or 1960 machine. BMW Mobile Tradition could tell the next owner, for a small fee, when it was produced. And speaking of numbers the BING carbs are the correct size and match this machine as when built and the final drive housing has is stamped 32/11 which equates to a 2.91 gearing ratio.

Yet more on this PROJECT BIKE: There is no seat, no exhaust system and one can easily see that way back the headers were cut off just forward of the exhaust nuts which appear to be undamaged – we have not attempted to remove the nuts and would suggest that being done carefully to protect the exhaust threads. One valve cover is pretty clean and the other has some damage to the fins. The worst rust is on the handlebars and as they were removed from the bike way back and we suspect spent some time sitting on a garage floor.

So that’s really all we have to share aside from the fact that like many PROJECT BIKES that are not rolling and fully assembled there are bound to be assorted small items that are missing including some hardware. The good news is that everything one might need to place this bike back on the road is available from Bob’s vast inventory of pre-1970 genuine BMW and replacement or reproduction parts. And the buyer of this PROJECT BIKE will be entitled to a discount for any and all parts purchased here to get this back on the road in safe and roadworthy condition for the period of one (1) full year.

Again, a reminder that this PROJECT BIKE does not come with a title nor will Bob’s offer assistance in gaining one; our price reflects this. The buyer will sign our special PROJECT BIKE Bill of Sale and get that paperwork plus a standard Bill of Sale identifying this as an “AS IS” transaction to begin their efforts with. We have full confidence that a title can be acquired after going through the requisite process personally or via a company that specializes in replacing lost titles. And while we would be unhappy if the next owner parted it out to save other bikes they own or even turn a profit on the purchase by selling it in pieces that is all his or her decision to make going forward.