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2000 BMW R1100RT Project Bike

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Color: Blue
Miles: 97,087 MIles (156,246 km)
Stock Number: ZD26155 Category:


We are very pleased to be able to send this stalwart R1100RT to its next good home — AND to generate financial support for the many sponsorships we’re presenting at the 2023 BMWMOA National Rally in Doswell, Virginia this June. We’ve elected to direct all proceeds in this manner as a way of honoring the bike’s original owner who was a Bob’s Ambassador and Special Event Staff Member for well over two decades!

We are offering this R1100RT as a PROJECT BIKE. This is a Canadian bike — its owner is a Canadian citizen. Bob’s BMW was able to sell this machine brand new via a special agreement between BMW of North America, BMW Canada, and the Canadian dealership who received the bike, did the actual PDI and final retail delivery.  BMW invoiced Bob’s for the bike. That Canadian shop is no longer operating. The bike’s only owner had regularly worked with the Bob’s team at rallies for over two decades and on other occasions here at the dealership during special events. For Bob and Bob’s, it was a way for us to thank him and it allowed us to assist with the price as if he were a full-time employee.

Now he’s thanking us, as he is exiting the world of riding bikes. We felt the most honorable thing we could do was to spend the proceeds on as large a portion of the BMW motorcycle community as possible and one he was connected to for a solid forty years, and we think that the BMWMOA’s 50th National Rally, during which time BMW Motorrad’s 100th Anniversary will also be celebrated, is the perfect opportunity to do this. Perhaps this bike will be acquired soon, see the necessary service needs fully addressed (it is still a PROJECT BIKE) and then ridden there. If that happens, Bob’s will provide that individual with entry to the Brewfest event plus some Bob’s BMW swag as a bonus.

Having ridden about 156,000 kilometers on this machine (the speedo reads in km), which converts to about 97,000 miles, its one and ONLY original owner has chosen to stop riding completely. And a conscientious owner he was! The bike arrived with reasonably fresh engine, drivetrain, and brake fluids and he even spent his own money to install a new battery in it. Thus, it arrived fully operable so we could thoroughly inspect and evaluate the static and road based operating condition before presenting it for sale as a PROJECT BIKE

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible, so we urge every potential buyer to ask questions if anything is not clear. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each, and every PROJECT BIKE offered feels like they paid fairly and got good, if not great value in the transaction.

We have a disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES easily found on the Bob’s website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they know all the positives and any negatives involved in the refurbishing process with full clarity. You can read more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKES here on our website at: http://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/.

Like all PROJECT BIKES this one has some needs, but the machine looks darn good at a short distance and very decent up close as these attached photos will attest to upon your close review. It starts, runs, idles, handles, shifts, and stops well. It will not however pass the stringent Maryland State Safety Inspection or probably a similar test in most states the way it sits. We did install four (4) new BMW rear wheel bolts as they were showing signs of loosening. We also performed the MSI and pre-purchase inspection with estimate, found an ABS fault due to the owner’s installation of that new battery and cleared that before our short test ride.

We did regular but spread-out services on this PROJECT BIKE from the beginning until mid-2016 when we last serviced this machine here at Bob’s at about 140,000 km. For full disclosure, if we took it in today and did EVERYTHING the technicians placed on the estimate you could spend $4,000 but that would include replacing the handlebars with a set of new stock ones which is NOT NECESSARY and a topic we’ll come back to.

The real-world estimate for needs on this PROJECT BIKE, and again doing it all here, is about $3,400 and would include new BMW brake discs all around with new BMW pads and assorted hardware, a new left hand control switch (the horn button is failing), new tires and valve stems and balancing, new fork seals and dust boots, new rear brackets and reflectors, a new taillight housing, plus some new bulbs and rubber bits. You may elect to not do all that work, but we always lean towards 100% safe and roadworthy but acknowledge that while they may not pass inspection in Maryland, the brakes work great as just one example.

The good news is that all of this work or maintenance-based service can be done by any decent home mechanic or enthusiast to get this PROJECT BIKE into truly safe and roadworthy condition so it can be enjoyed for the next 100,000 miles and travel the country as did the first owner without the need to have Bob’s, another dealership or even independent BMW service operation do that for you. But we’re happy to take some or all of it on based on the new owners’ comfort and knowledge of doing such work themselves.

This particular PROJECT BIKE is loaded with extras and accessories. It has the extra-large BMW bag lids that you see attached now but comes with the standard BMW lids too. It has Baker Air-Wings for controllable extra fresh air on hot days. It has an accessory shelf above the stock dash. It has a now NLA throttle-rocker plus a stainless-steel Bob’s Wrist Rest set (cruise control). It has a Bob’s side stand enlarger pad, a helmet lock for two helmets with both keys and an expanded BMW tool kit in a Bob’s/Kathy’s Sport Tool pouch.

This PROJECT BIKE also came to us with the original owner’s books, plenty of keys plus a Clymer service manual.  And it has factory ABS that currently works just fine. The custom handlebars were designed by Bob himself and produced by the same master machinist that originally designed the Wrist Rests and other ergonomic options Bob’s BMW has offered over the past few decades. 

Only two sets were built (Bob owns the other set) and while nearly everyone who has sat on this machine or ridden it feels they add a very sweet, sportier, and all day touring comfort to the ergonomics of the R1100RT there is one small drawback the next owner needs to BE FULLY AWARE OF – when moving the bike in a parking lot, driveway or inside a garage and going full lock-to-lock on the steering, the handlebars will make slight contact with the windscreen and can cause the clutch or brake lever to engage.  

This is not an issue while riding and was never an issue for the first owner in nearly 100,000 miles of use. He never dropped the bike as a result of these extra cool and functional handlebars on this PROJECT BIKE, but the next owner must decide if they like this new position and the small change in factory operation while walking the bike or want the original cast bars re-installed. In our, and his opinion it never was a factor or concern while riding the bike at any speed.  A disclaimer acknowledging this will be presented to be signed by the next owner of this great PROJECT BIKE.

And there’s more good news and added value! This PROJECT BIKE also comes with that set of original factory provided cast handlebars which you could reinstall, at your expense, if desired but what’s attached or installed on this machine now was custom machined back in 2001 or possibly as late as 2002; and just two sets were ever made. It is essentially a custom top yoke that attaches to the standard top yoke that the cast bars mounted to and installed on that cool design is a set of either K75C or K100RS BMW handlebars. You can closely examine these in the images or in person when you stop by (please call to schedule a visit) to inspect this PROJECT BIKE in person.

This PROJECT BIKE also comes with a set of BMW saddlebags and two sets of BMW bag lids – the standard and extra larger for touring, a BMW Multivario tank bag in serviceable condition, a BMW Nav 4 GPS, mounting cradle and carrying case, a Clymer service manual, an extra set of brackets that might hold a set of lights under the mirrors, P3 rear lights, a pencil type tire gauge, a set of aftermarket driving lights mounted under the headlight in the main fairing (not currently working), a Corbin seat set (small tear at the front seam) and a set of BMW cylinder head guards.

This PROJECT BIKE does not have a US title and came to us only with the Canadian paperwork the owner presented.  It came without official import documents and will be SOLD ON A BILL OF SALE that states this along with the clear and assignable Canadian title that we received with the bike. All further USA paperwork, import documentation, title applications, changes, registration, inspections, etc. plus any and all related brokerage fees, import duties or sales taxes in the buyers home state are the full logistical and financial responsibility of the new owner. Some good news might be that depending on the state you reside, it may be considered a Classic as it is well over 20 years in age and fast approaching 25 and may help with gaining a US title or even reducing the costs of title transfer, official importation, etc.

Our goal is to find this good PROJECT BIKE its next good home. It may become a superb spare parts bike or hopefully put back on the road in fully safe and roadworthy condition. Regardless of the resulting ending, we feel obligated to remind that next owner that they are 100% responsible for dotting all the legal, logistical, and financial I’s and T’s required to do so.

We sincerely believe that this bike is fairly offered at the price of $1,950.