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1969 BMW R60/2

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Color: Avus Black W/White Pinstripes
Miles: 19,282 Miles
Stock Number: 1818073 Category:


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Then the fifteen pictures here ought to be worth fifteen-thousand words! But, as you can already see, this bike is beyond words! Of course, the best way to fully appreciate this immaculate 1969 R60/2 is not to read about it but to SEE it in person — as soon as possible. This marvelous showpiece has been comprehensively refurbished, mechanically as well as cosmetically, and represents the very best of its era. It is exactly the kind of bike that any vintage BMW enthusiast/collector/rider would be delighted to own. Interested buyers should visit Bob’s showroom to inspect it IMMEDIATELY. For those who do not live within convenient travel distance to our store, please call to arrange a live “Video Inspection,” which we’ll be glad to provide. Call 1-888-269-2627 to speak with one of our BMW Certified Sales Advisors — Jim, Todd, or Kyle. Do it SOON!

1969 was the last year of production for the long-running, very successful series of models known collectively as “Slash-2s.” The following year saw the launch of the Slash-5 series and what would be considered the first of the modern BMW motorcycles. But the bikes of the earlier epoch such as this one had already earned a prestigious place in the history books; and they have remained highly desirable collector’s items ever since. The best part, however, is that because they are BMWs — brilliantly engineered for simple, sturdy reliability — they are still perfectly viable, running machines that are as much fun to RIDE as they are desirable to possess for their historic value.  Here is the iconic, air-cooled, 594cc Boxer Twin motor with a 4-speed transmission, kick starter, shaft drive, and the esteemed Earles Forks leading-link front suspension that was characteristic of most BMWs of this period. It has the original taller “US” handlebar that was standard on models sold in America, the highly desirable Weinmann 18-inch alloy rims, and the stock chrome exhaust in very good condition. AND, there’s plenty more here to love…

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT featured on this motorcycle:
• Denfeld Solo Seat
• Rear Fender Luggage Rack (Original!)
• Hella Bar-end Turn Signals
• Albert Headlight-mounted Mirrors
• Chrome Headlight Protection Ring
• Higher-capacity Aluminum Oil Pan (a premium German-made accessory upgrade)
• Chrome “R60/2” Rear Fender Emblem (BMW never offered this badge as an original item, though as a decorative aftermarket accessory, it’s a nice touch.)

Mechanical Notes:
This bike has had two owners that we know of, and perhaps more. It spent its early years in Iowa and its later years in California. Importantly, the serial number shown on the headstock plate matches the numbers stamped on the engine and the frame. And we have every reason to believe, thanks to the bike’s comprehensive documentation and our own thorough examination, that the mileage shown on the odometer is original and accurate. The bike’s most recent owner – since 2007 – undertook an extensive restoration that was completed in 2010. Much of that work was cosmetically related and you’ll read more about it below. But a notable feature of that refurbishing is that the main wiring harness was replaced with a new one. Then, further mechanical work was done in 2021 that included cylinder honing and piston ring replacement, installation of new cylinder heads (from the foremost German source for working reproduction components), and mounting of new Heidenau Tires, front and rear, which have had almost no use since they were installed and are still completely fresh.

In preparation for its presentation on our sales floor, this bike has also benefitted from the expert attention of our own Service Department. This involved a lot of small details, but when maintaining or improving the value of a vintage masterpiece such as this, the details matter a great deal. One of the first things we noticed was that the spark plug caps were incorrect. We removed them and replaced them with new, correct caps — and installed new spark plugs while we were at it. Then we saw that the fasteners holding on the fine, original rear luggage rack were not only incorrect, but they were installed improperly (upside down!), so we replaced them with the correct fasteners and attached them in the correct manner. We replaced the shift lever rubber with a new correct one, and we replaced a missing tire pump cap with a correct part. We thought the clutch cable felt a little rough and concluded that a new cable (correct, stock BMW) was the appropriate solution. We found a bit of oil seepage from the oil pan gasket and around the oil pump cover, so we replaced the gasket on the oil pump cover and retorqued all the oil pan bolts to solve the problem. Perhaps the most finicky little correction we made had to do with the indicator lights in the headlight bucket. The Generator and High-Beam bulbs were wired opposite of the way they should be on a 1969 model and that needed correction. Following all that, of course, we did the routine work of changing the engine oil, checking and topping off the transmission and rear drive oils, adjusting the brakes and other performance functions for optimum performance, and finally, taking it for an extended test ride to prove its capabilities in real-world riding conditions. This bike is a JOY to ride!

Cosmetic Notes:
The overall cosmetic condition of this bike is astonishing! The deep and smooth Avus Black paint and hand applied White Pinstriping are in superb condition. A historic motorcycle restored to this high-quality level is guaranteed to turn heads wherever it is ridden. Its primary restoration occurred in 2010 and at that time it was professionally repainted in a correct and thoughtful way. The frame was powder coated (a more durable type of painting process used for frames and other supporting parts) and the tank, headlight bucket, and other bits were painted in the traditional spray fashion. Pinstripes were applied accurately in a style consistent with how it was done in that period. A couple of “fisheyes” can be seen in the striping, but even this is consistent with the little flaws that were occasionally found on the original hand-applied stripes of the day. The fenders, we suspect, may still be in their original paint, though we’re not sure. The owner had stated that the whole bike was repainted. Since its cosmetic restoration in 2010, the bike was only ridden approximately 2,000 miles, during which time it was obviously treated very respectfully. And it has been kept in extremely good condition since then. The exceptions are a small scratch on the tip of the front fender and a tiny half-moon scratch on the right side of the headlight bucket which was touched up. Neither of these blemishes is at all significant. The only other thing we might mention is that there are a few minor stains on the exhaust. Again, this is typical of most all exhaust systems and hardly remarkable.

Otherwise, the bike includes a mixture of original, restored, and reproduction parts; some parts are stainless steel replicas which offer obvious advantages. The important thing is that all the parts used were of highest quality and put together with care and a sensible attitude regarding the choice between original and reproduction components. As anyone who has undertaken a thorough restoration of a vintage machine knows, situations arise where original parts – if available at all – are prohibitively expensive or may take many months to track down and acquire. This motorcycle has been wisely restored with a balanced perspective; meaning it is a bike where the PRIDE of ownership is balanced with the PLEASURE of actually riding it! That said, we must make one final note on the matter of correctness. This, we admit, is something only the most finicky vintage enthusiast would care about: the BMW emblems on the tank, which are reproductions, are incorrect. The B-M-W letters are of the “serif” style and would be correct only on bikes manufactured through 1965. This being a 1969 model, its emblems would have had ”non-serif” letters, the style which is still used today on the BMW roundel. BUT, these tank emblems do look really nice, and so… perhaps it’s simply a matter of taste. Should you decide to make the switch, rest assured, correct non-serif emblems are available at Bob’s — as well as virtually any other part or accessory you might ever need to maintain or modify this motorcycle.

To conclude, and since we were speaking of taste, we can all agree that vintage BMWs, especially ones of this exceptional condition and elegant refinement, will NEVER go out of style! That means that it’s a timeless thing that will continue to bring you pleasure for as long as you own it — and that it’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment. The past and the future are one — if you have a time machine like this one. Please contact Bob’s right now to learn more!







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