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Product Name

Digital Ignition System for Airheads

Product Code: EDL-BOIGNS

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Product Details


Finally! The ultimate solution to erratic, under-performing, and unreliable original Airhead ignition systems. This computerized Digital Ignition System, made in Germany, fits ALL 1970-1995 Airhead twins with original Bosch alternators. Once you install it and ride you'll say "Hallelujah!"

The EnDuraLast Electronic Ignition is an electronic light trigger and electronic ignition advance module from Sachse Elektroniks (Germany). On early-to-mid 70s models it replaces the stock, under-performing BMW points, condenser, and mechanical advance unit — AND on later models, the famously cantankerous electronic ignition control unit and "bean can" trigger unit. The system is configurable for single-plugged (standard) and dual-plugged (modified) engines.
This ignition system is the last improvement ever needed on an Airhead ignition!

The kit also includes:
• Crank mounted aluminum disc trigger
• Wiring and mounting hardware
• Installation guidelines

DETAILS (lots of 'em!):
This “Set once and forget” ignition timing requires NO maintenance. Both dwell and ignition timing are drift free and permanent. Worn rubbing blocks, failing condensers, closing points and burned contacts are problems of the past. No more burning hands on hot header pipes while trying to adjust the dwell (points gap) or rotating the points backing plate (ignition timing).
Provides the hottest possible spark using existing coils. Unlike some competitive units, the EnDuraSpark electronic ignition is not sensitive to battery voltage. It provides a full spark with battery voltage as low as 7.5 volts. Also unlike some competitive units, the EnDuraSpark electronic ignition does not use the original mechanical advance unit so worn springs, gummy advance mechanisms, worn “D” slots in the mechanical advance units and obsolete timing curves are problems of the past. No more problems with fast idle speed because of “hung” advance units. The crankshaft-fired trigger provides rock solid timing (more accurate than the stock cam-fired points) independent of timing chain wear and uneven advance unit cam wear. No more dual or hopping timing images. Crankshaft firing allows operation on engines with damaged, or broken-off cam noses. Normally these situations require replacement of the camshaft!
For peace of mind, the design allows the original ignition system to remain installed. Switching to the original stock ignition simply requires re-connecting one wire. Both the trigger and electronics units are designed and manufactured to modern electronic packaging standards. The low profile Light trigger sensor fits under the alternator cover however requires slight cover modification. Provides dynamometer optimized ignition advance curves for both single and dual-plugged engines. Unlike some competitive units, the advance curves have a 3800 maximum rpm after which there is no increase. Also unlike some competitive units, there is no loss of power or gas mileage due to over-retardation at lower RPMs. Having the correction ignition advance reduces cylinder head temperature, extends exhaust valve and valve seat life and improves overall performance. Eliminates hard starting and high speed hesitation due to closed up or burnt points. Eliminates vibration caused by ignition timing variations between cylinders. This may be caused by a worn D slot in the advance unit, an imperfection in the point cam lobes or a slightly bent cam nose. Because the EnDuraSpark ignition is fired from the crankshaft, it is immune to these problems. Automatically turns off current to coils when the engine stops but the ignition is left on. This prevents over heating the coils. Starts easier than the stock system because the electronics reduces the advance to 0° between 0 and 400 RPM. Modern electronics technology updates the BMW R Airhead under-performing Bosch ignition system. The critically important ignition timing is maintained with a crank-mounted trigger rotating past a micro-size optical sensor. Dyno developed advance curves for BMW single- and also dual-spark system can be chosen during installation. The original Bosch ignition system can be left in place.

• Spark Plugs:
Use this Electronic Ignition System only with NON-resistor spark plugs! That means the applicable plugs for your model purchased from a BMW dealer. Bosch stopped making and selling non-resistor plugs EXCEPT for the W5DC, W6DC,W7DC plugs they provide to BMW and that are sold with BMW 11-digit part numbers. Do not use Bosch WR5DC, WR6DC or WR7DC resistor plugs.
• Spark Plug Caps and Wires: The EnDuraLast Electronic ignition IS compatible with all OEM caps (1K Bosch, 1.2K Beru, and 5K Bosch) as well as aftermarket 1K or 5K spark plug caps. Also it IS compatible with OEM plug wires and most COPPER CORE aftermarket wires. Do NOT use wires with carbon powder center wires normally sold at auto parts stores.
• Coils: The EnDuraLast Electronic ignition is compatible with all stock BMW ignition coils used on models using points and condensers. Specifically, the EnDuraLast can be used with ignition coils that have a primary resistance seen by the electronics between 2 -3 ohms. Since both stock Airheads and dual-plugged Airheads use two coils wired in series, each of these coils needs a primary resistance of 1 to 1.5 ohms.
This ignition is NOT compatible with conventional electronic ignition coils, which typically have a primary resistance of around .7 ohms.These coils will fry the EnDuraLast ignition.The older black Bosch coils and the newer electronic black Bosch coils look almost the same – except that the electronic ignition coils (which can’t be used) have a small yellow lightning icon on them.
• Battery: The EnDuraLast Electronic ignition is NOT compatible with lithium iron batteries as supplied by Shorai. All other types, fine.

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