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Booster Plug

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Release the Power! Your Bike will love you for it.

The BoosterPlug is recognized worldwide as a brilliant and affordable way to transform your bike's engine performance from just ”OK” to ”Absolutely Marvelous”. There's no need to spend a small fortune on a Power Commander + endless dyno hours to make your bike run as it should have done from the factory.

The BoosterPlug installs in less than 10 minutes. It plugs directly into your bike's wiring harness using original connectors – No cutting or splicing. It is a true Plug and Play solution that will make your bike run much better!

• Improved and softer throttle response.
• Harder acceleration.
• No more low speed surging.
• Stronger and more reliable idle.
• Reduced Puffing in your aftermarket exhaust.
• Absolutely cannot harm your engine or catalytic converter.

Choose one of two applications to fit your BMW.
TYPE A fits the following models:
- All R1200 'Hexhead' and R1200 Liquid-Cooled models
- All S1000 models (RR, R, XR, HP4)
- All K1300 models, and K1200S, K1200R, K1200GT ('06-'08)
- K1600GT & GTL
- All F & G Series Singles
- All F Series Twins
TYPE B fits these models:
- All 'Oilhead' Twins R850/R1100/R1150 and R1200C & CL
- K1200RS, K1200LT, K1200GT ('03-'05)

Is this thing too good to be true?
A lot of Plug and Play devices will promise wonderful results, but unfortunately most of them are pure Snake Oil. The BoosterPlug is the only Plug and Play module that is properly researched and developed - and performs as promised. So, IS it too good to be true? The riders will tell you: feedback from users is extremely positive - sometimes even ecstatic!

How does it work then?
• If you can trick the Fuel Injection ECU to think the ambient air temperature is lower than the actual readings, the ECU will richen up the injected mixture by a certain amount.
• The correct enrichment will greatly improve the driveability of your bike.
• Basically, it is done by adding some extra resistance to the Air Intake Temperature Sensor.
• BUT, the Air Intake Temperature Sensor is not a linear output device. If you just add a fixed serial resistor the performance of your device will vary substantially with changes in ambient temperature. This is what other similar devices on the market do, and that's actually why they FAIL. Typically, they are made to perform well in 20 degrees Celsius (Ambient air temperature), but this will make the bike run too lean in 10 degrees, and too rich in 30 degrees.(Of course, most of the competitor device manufacturers don't bother to inform you about this, or they may not even know what their devices do. Others will try to hide the problem in a lot of pseudo-technical talk and fancy buzz words.)
• The BoosterPlug, on the other hand, is the ONLY Plug and Play device that offers a stabilized enrichment of the mixture in different ambient temperatures.
• To do this, the BoosterPlug uses an extra temperature sensor (and a few other components), that will work in cooperation with the original Air Intake Temperature Sensor to assure that the enrichment is the same regardless of ambient temperature. It is The Intelligent Solution!
• The Booster Plug technology has been tested thoroughly by many independent sources and it actually works. No magic involved.
• The BoosterPlug will absolutely NOT harm your engine or catalytic converter.
• Using a BoosterPlug may result in a 1-2 percent increase in fuel consumption, OR there may not be any change. That depends on your riding style. Riders who do notice a slight increase in fuel consumption gladly trade that for the better performance!

The BoosterPlug Company was founded in 2009 and is based in Denmark. The BoosterPlug's inventor, Jens, is an electronics engineer with over 25 years experience in bikes. He has been building fuel injections from scratch for more than 10 years, and has published several magazine articles on the subject.

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