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PLEASE NOTE: The AE column indicates availability. If 'A' appears in the column, it means the part is interchangeable with the part on the following line. If 'E' appears, it means the part is No Longer Available! If both letters 'AE' are shown , both conditions apply. If what you need isn't available from BMW, don’t despair! Alternatives may exist – CONTACT us!

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Nr Part Number Description Price Per Unit Qty
01 16 11 2322153 Fuel tank More Info
03 46 61 2322134 Mudguard front More Info
04 46 62 1452290 Rear wheel cover $406.33 Add to Cart
05 46 63 2322138 Trim panel upper part "RT" More Info
06 46 63 2322141 Lateral trim panel left "RT" More Info
07 46 63 2322142 Right lateral body part "RT" More Info
08 46 63 2322140 Center part More Info
09 46 63 2322145 Air inlet left More Info
09 46 63 2322146 Air inlet right More Info
10 46 63 2322149 Engine trim left More Info
10 46 63 2322150 Engine trim right More Info
10 46 63 2322161 Engine trim left protection bar More Info
10 46 63 2322162 Engine trim right protection bar More Info
11 46 63 2322152 Engine trim center More Info
12 46 63 2322143 Covering lower part More Info
13 46 63 2322135 Battery cover left More Info
13 46 63 2322136 Battery cover right More Info
14 52 53 2322137 Tail part upper More Info
15 51 91 2301354 Ruling ink silber More Info
15 51 91 2308992 Metallic lacquer set stratosgrau More Info
15 51 91 2308994 Metallic lacquer set stratosgrau More Info

Parts illustrated but NOT listed or parts noted with this symbol may be available! Click Here for full details.

If parts illustrated in a diagram are MISSING from the listing, OR… they are noted with this symbol it means one of the following:

a) BMW considers the part obsolete or no longer available.

b) The part may not fit the specific model you are searching but fits a similar model that shares the same illustration.

c) There is simply an error in the Microfiche (Yes, though this is BMW’s official Parts Microfiche, there are occasionally errors or omissions!)

In any case, if you need a part that you can’t find here, contact us! It’s likely that the part IS AVAILABLE from Bob's BMW. Most of the time these are the correct, genuine BMW parts that we regularly keep in stock. When original parts are no longer available, as can happen with older models, Bob’s has top quality replacements and reproductions in stock. And if the part you need isn’t currently in stock, we have many reliable sources in Europe, the US, and around the globe that we can tap to fill your request.

It’s what we do! Since 1981 Bob’s has been making it easy for you to get your parts – the right parts – every time.

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