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Nitrogen Inflated Tires

FACT: Nitrogen inflated tires are safer and longer lasting than tires inflated with air.

Nitrogen Inflated tires:

  • Do not age as quickly as air inflated tires
  • Maintains proper inflation 3-4 times longer than air inflated tires
  • Minimize blowouts
  • Consistently maintain pressure
  • Increase safety
  • Offer superior handling
  • Provide decreased wheel corrosion
  • Save money on fuel

FACT: Under-Inflation results in many tire-related problems.

Correct inflation is highly significant when considering tire life and performance. It is not always possible to look at a tire and detect under inflation. As inflation pressure largely determines a tire’s load capacity, under-inflation results in overloaded tire. An under-inflated tire operates at high deflection resulting in decreases fuel economy, sluggish handling and may result in excessive mechanical flexing and heat buildup, leading to catastrophic tire failure.

For JUST $7.50 per tire, Bob’s Service Department will check and top off your tires for the life of your tires.

Stop by our service department and let us fill your tires up with Nitrogen. No appointment necessary.

Nitrogen tires image