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  • A FEW WORDS WE WANT TO SHARE UP FRONT (the big print):

    In addition to the list of questions which follow it is EXCEPTIONALLY helpful to you (the seller) and to us (the buyer) if you include (via attachment to this email or a web based response) a full tight view of the right AND left side of the motorcycle. Ideally the bike is fully upright and on a center stand or you are at eye level with the seat so it’s not a distorted view.

    We need the photos to be current and taken in good lighting. That means not bright sunlight or dark shadows typical of a picture taken at 12 o’clock noon but an overall even illumination (a nice overcast day is great but a dark garage is not) as best you can provide so we can see how nice your bike is. Please look at the examples we’ve provided so you understand what we are looking for to help you in your quest to sell (or even trade) this bike to Bob’s BMW.

    We may not be able to buy every bike but we want every opportunity. We will be upfront about what models we might desire or those we simply cannot use. As to what we can pay, we are in business to turn a profit so we typically cannot pay the highest retail prices but many sellers are pleasantly surprised because sometimes we can find a buyer that a private seller can’t.

    We don’t sell on consignment, we take the time evaluate each bike we are interested in and then present what we feel is a fair offer. We write checks on the spot and do our best to handle all the paperwork in a timely manner. If we can’t use it or we aren’t able to agree on the value we will certainly offer a suggestion or two about how you might find a buyer yourself.

    Our evaluation process is different and certainly more refined than most any other motorcycle dealership or independent used bike business. Yes, it takes longer than 30 minutes because there is a lot to accomplish. We have a process and we do our best to manage it professionally. This serves and respects your time and ours equally.

    If you’re in a time crunch please call us and let us know you’ve just submitted a “I want to sell my bike” application, we’ll do our best to review it promptly. We ask these questions so we don’t have to make our first phone call or email all about asking for details we should have asked for to begin with, this will save everyone time and help you accomplish your goal.

    In the end our goal is to help you sell your bike to us and make it a pleasant, professional experience.

    Thanks in advance from the Bob’s BMW sales team.
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