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2012 BMW R1200GS with Custom Freedom Sidecar

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Color: Alpine White / Motorsport Graphics / Red Frame
Miles: 9,391
Stock Number: X53102 Category:


The Ultimate GS Custom Freedom Sidecar Rig

This is the most exceptionally well designed and executed multi-purpose sidecar rig we’ve ever seen or had the pleasure of piloting. Now it is our great opportunity to find it a new home. Bob has quite a few sidecars himself and has been to countless events and seen thousands of sidecar rigs at rallies, sidecar conventions, off-road gatherings and visited a great number of the past and present designers and fabricators of three wheeled fun over the last few decades on several continents. He says this one really stands out from the pack for a lot of reasons. And if he had unlimited dollars and space as Gerald and Ted Dowering, owners of Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh, New York, or George Barber at the Barber Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, Alabama, seem to have — go see both before you die — he’d just hold onto it so he could share it, taking it out on occasional rides or longer adventures and treating others to that fabulous passenger seat and view.

But he does not have unlimited space, or money, so our goal is to match this wonderful rig up with a new owner who will care for and enjoy it as it was intended to be played with. This machine started life as a solo 2012 R1200GS right here at Bob’s BMW in Maryland, the center of the Mid-Atlantic nestled between New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and yes we consider South Carolina to be our close neighbor too. It has had just one very caring owner since new and it was that person who directed its conversion into this fine sidecar rig that we have in our showroom today. It has just 9,391 original miles (about half with the sidecar) since its arrival here including the 50 or so that Bob and a few of the staff have placed on it thus far. The longer it stays the more likely it is we’ll add some miles to that odometer because it is so much fun.

The original GS was a Special Edition based on paint and equipment; only a few R1200GS’s came in this Alpine White color with Motorsport decal or graphics (which have been nicely replicated on the sidecar) and the all red frame. They came with heavy duty alloy rims and spokes, with the mostly black driveline, with the black anodized forks, with the Electronic Suspension Adjustment or ESA, with heated grips, with the on-board computer and basically with a lot of stock and special offerings every GS from that period did not come with. It was converted and delivered in September of 2015 when it had about 4,500 miles logged as a solo machine. As with all good things like this one gets in line when making this kind of decision and selecting all the stock or true custom specifics of your personal conversion to permanent sidecar and the waiting period begins. This particular company CSM or what many people may know as Claude Stanley Machines can take anywhere from six to nine months to complete this level of specialized work. The next owner won’t have to wait so long to enjoy this Freedom sidecar outfit.

And in our expert opinion all of the decisions made on this sidecar rig were the right ones. It has the best body style combination with two openings for access to the contents of the sidecar trunk; both locking. It has luggage racks galore and all in the right places for making entry or exit easier or simply a location to strap on soft goods. It has a great set of Jesse top-loader saddlebags plus the smaller and aerodynamic top case for keeping lots of daily needs handy yet securely under lock and key. There’s even a very sturdy flat luggage platform below should a particular load (think epic travels) get larger than what all that volume could handle for a short haul or longer. There are lid protector/attachment racks on the bag lids.

It was constructed with the highly desirable all aluminum body so rust will never be an issue. It has the manual tilt adjuster, sway-bar, and the especially smart trail reducer (slightly extended fork position optimal for all sidecars) which is a modification of the lower yoke, a car sized battery compartment (not currently being used for a battery but it holds plenty), front and rear custom bumpers, a glove box in the sidecar, a fully adjustable tilting windscreen which not only allows a passenger easier entrance and exit but places the perfect amount of fresh air within their control no matter their height. It even makes installation or removal of the tonneau cover easier. You can see detailed views of both sides of the height adjuster in our images.

This one also has the optional nose rack, heavy duty step plate, upper and lower AltRider crash protectors (Bob had his first set on a earlier Alpine White GS painted red and not much time passed until Alt Rider said they liked it and made red a stock option) which incorporates cylinder head guards, special two part white/black hand guards, sidestand pad (perhaps a bit redundant right now but it would prevent a full tip over if one was jacking up the sidecar to service a tire, etc.), a very cool custom fender rack and protector, a passenger roll protector/rear trunk rack combination, special solid alloy wheels on the sidecar and the rear of the bike allowing for wider more stable rubber to be used, a BMW Multivario quickly removed waterproof tank bag, a BMW Navigation 4 GPS set including all the extras (see detail image), a Bob’s Wrist Rest cruise control set, a spectacularly comfortable Russell Day Long saddle which sits a little taller than many might want if they had to place their feet on the ground but with three wheels that’s not an issue so comfort and the perfect ergonomic position wins out here for riders of all heights and it’s adjustable since it’s built on a stock seat pan.

But wait, there’s still more stuff to tell you about: it has a beautiful and large set of PIAA 510 driving lamps with a dedicated switch to ensure that you can see everything on the road early in the morning, at dusk or late at night and when called for so that others can clearly know you are on the road too. The PIAA’s have snap on/off guards and the headlight has a very sweet and highly functional Alt Rider brow (reduces glare on the screen) and detachable aluminum stone guard which could be very handy for off road adventures.  Even the extra rear tail light on the sidecar help bring awareness to your being on the road when others approach from behind. Factory 4-way emergency flashers work all around and just in case you want more lights – perhaps a dedicated set of amber Fog lights or a set of LED drivers (we can supply and install it all) that have a narrower beam for illuminating your view even farther down the road there is a built in location for two more lamps of your selection on the front sidecar crash guard!

And the sidecar interior is one of the best features, especially if you have a passenger who wants to be as comfortable as you – perhaps more comfortable. This one is a full custom job and exceptionally attractive and functional; it’s not available from CSM who did everything else or even DMC sidecars in Washington state. This was locally crafted by a local sail maker and custom upholstery company and you won’t find another like it. The seat is a dual folding marine bucket seat that matches the sidecar style and colors perfectly. By double folding we mean that the seat back folds forward and then the entire seat tilts forward again allowing full access to the hidden interior door to the huge trunk. And just folding the seat forward does not make that secret access door visible. There’s an upholstered interior panel that finishes off the space behind the seat until one needs something in the trunk. The sidewall panels are custom and match perfectly, the very comfortable armrests snugly slide over the side walls of the sidecar to provide a perfect place to rest ones arms during short or long rides. Even the extra hand hold that surrounds the glove box in the sidecar helps a passenger get in and out without extra effort. And the tonneau cover is a work of art, made of the very best materials, fitting as perfectly as Bob’s Swiss Duetto which until this rig appeared has never had an equal in this area.

As for the service side of this rig we’ve cared for it since new and everything was always done on schedule from the original 600 mile break-in service to annual or bi-annual services. No warranty repairs were ever called for. It last saw a complete annual service here at Bob’s in August of 2017 at roughly 8,300 miles. Now that it’s here and we’re going to find it a new home we will be bringing it fully up to current requirements even though it’s been a short time period and only a little over 1,000 miles. We have already completed our very detailed and complete intake Evaluation along with more than enough “test” rides/miles to know that it starts, idles, runs, shifts, handles and stops perfectly. All functions perform as originally designed and intended by BMW AG in Berlin. 

We just performed a full Maryland Safety Inspection (MSI) on top of our standard detailed evaluation, so if the next owner is Maryland based it is ready to re-title, register and tag. It has also just received a full bi-annual service. The rear bike and sidecar automotive sized tires are young and in excellent condition and will have their Nitrogen fill topped off. The front bike tire was still a solo machine tread (this is very common in the world of sidecars but not ideal) and while it still had some life left in it, we chose to replace it with a new tire style, brand, and model which we are highly confident, based on decades of sidecar expertise, experience and tens of thousands of miles on a wide assortment of rigs, will add noticeable additional control, handling, alignment on top of the superb current situation plus some expected longevity of tread life down the road.  During our full evaluation we observed that the sidecar wheel bearing was due for service and this has been addressed too. And we will also be giving this rig what we call an annual overall hardware inspection to make sure every connection is correctly torqued and solid as sidecars do work harder in this regard than a solo machine does.

On the cosmetic side we believe that even the most critical eye will go “wow, this offering is perfect” after spending all the time they might require to look it over fully and carefully. It arrived as a very solid 9.25 really needing just a small level of attention to the windscreen, grips, wheels and cleaning up and detailing what arrived as a pretty flawless machine. But our in-house professional detailer always manages to gain some extra shine and wow factor when we turn him loose for several hours. We have no doubts that cosmetically it will rank a solid 9.75 on our very critical 10 scale when a new owner takes it home.

It comes with all the support stuff you’d expect at this level of investment in your riding adventures yet to be planned. The original owner’s manual along with installation guides for the Jesse bags, Alt Rider guards, PIAA lights and even the BMW tankbag are included. There have never been instruction manuals for custom sidecars so in the Mid-Atlantic,  Bob’s is where  you’ll visit when you have questions or are due for service and if the next owner lives farther away we can suggest one of the other shops in the sidecar community around the country. The complete BMW tool kit and 2 sets of keys are included and remember that this is a qualified ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED offering which entitles the next owner to optional coverage and VIP benefits here at Bob’s BMW; be sure to ask our sales staff what this is all about.

We can’t imagine this offering being replicated unless you’d like us to sit down and discuss and then arrange for the planning and construction (plus the 6-9 month wait) on your own GS or a new or used one from our inventory but it will not cost you less than this turn key opportunity will so we know what a great package this one offers. We have very competitive financing available for qualified buyers through BMW Financial Services.


Engine Type

Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Output


Advantage Certified



Key Features

• Sidecar Design/Construction by CSM
• Completely Custom Sidecar Interior
• Jesse Aluminum Side Cases
• Russell Day Long Saddle
• Wrist Rest Throttle Control
• BMW Multivario Tankbag
• PIAA 510 Auxiliary Lights
• AltRider Headlight Guard
• BMW Hand Guards
• Heated Grips
… and much, Much More!