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2005 BMW R1200GS Project Bike

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Color: Blue Metallic
Miles: 261,637 miles
Stock Number: L76856 Category:


At Bob’s we have a special place in our hearts for the customers who really ride their bikes a LOT — not to mention those who return to Bob’s for nearly every scheduled service, maintenance or repair issue during their ownership. We delivered this now PROJECT BIKE new back in July of 2005. We almost took it back in trade in 2017 when we sold the owner his next new BMW, a new R1200GS. But he was not quite ready to give up this treasured machine. Amazingly, he logged another 13,000 miles on it over the next 18 months, on top of the roughly 30,000 he put on his newer 2017 machine! 

We’ve serviced this bike 60 or more times in the nearly 15 years since it arrived here new from Germany. But this owner also enjoyed doing some light work himself, and that included some oil changes and the mounting/dismounting of wheels which he brought to us several times for off-bike tire changes. This is a running PROJECT BIKE and will also become the highest mile used BMW we’ve ever offered; the past record stands at 251,000 on an older K75 that was a service loaner at Bob’s for over 50,000 miles. We love that BMW’s keep going and going and going (did Energizer batteries steal BMW’s tag line?) even at this mileage point, and still have a long life ahead where a new owner who likes doing some maintenance and light service work could enjoy riding it for a very long time. Could it be another quarter of a million miles before a more major overhaul might be due? 

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible so we urge every potential buyer to ask questions if anything is not clear. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE we offer feels they paid fairly and a got good, if not great value in the deal. We have a disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES easily found on the Bob’s website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they know all the positives and any negatives involved in the refurbishing process with full clarity. And we’re proud of the fact that we’ve even taken a few PROJECT BIKES back in trade as good used bikes once all the work was done and the owner had enjoyed the bike for a number of years.

You can read that and more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKES here on our website at: http://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/. Over the years, we’ve sold well over a hundred PROJECT BIKES, a number that has risen sharply this year and every single client except one was exceptionally pleased with their acquisition from the very start.  That each customer is exceptionally pleased is our goal, just as it is with our exclusive ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED pre-owned used BMW motorcycle program and for that matter the results of someone being assisted in selecting and buying a new BMW here at Bob’s. And for the record we did manage to make that lone individual happy in the end despite some very unrealistic expectations after an extensive in person inspection, review and conversation before buying and leaving with it.

This PROJECT BIKES has some current needs but starts right up (Bob started it up again on tax day), idles, runs, shifts and stops pretty well, but we did not take it out for a ride ourselves even though the seller rode it in. It was noted that when it arrived it had barely any remaining tread and the off road design made it rough just rolling it around. We bench tested everything we could. It needs tires first as the owner used up all the tread on those it was delivered to us with. Brake discs have been previously replaced; you can see in the images they’re aftermarket offerings and they will not pass the tough Maryland safety Inspection (we’ve measured them) but there is plenty of metal available and adding fresher pads would keep it stopping nicely and within the law in nearby Virginia as best we know as it’s pads that count there.

This PROJECT BIKE could also use a full fluid service, the boot between the transmission and driveshaft, fork seals (only one is weeping at this time), some assorted rubber bits and if you’re picky there’s plenty of hardware that has aged out and some that is genuinely rusty. It has been off road and on the highway and been lightly dropped a few times from both our working knowledge and evidence you can see. The left header pipe has a small dent and the left cylinder guard has a small dent. The right guard has a medium scrape but the tubular guards are still highly functional and aligned fine. The wheels appear to be straight and true, and for this many miles, have very few scratches or paint issues, but perfect they are not. The BMW Vario expandable side cases are in solid condition but also have some minor scrapes on the lower edges. Otherwise they operate  perfectly in all respects including expansion and locking. The shocks, while showing some age do not appear to be leaking and seem to handle to the loads of going up and down from the center stand easily – there’s no significant extra effort here vs. a newer example.

This PROJECT BIKE has some typical fading on the control switches and other plastic parts but none is severe; much of it would be greatly improved with a very complete wash and a through detailing. All the switches work as do all the lights, turn signals, assorted controls, windscreen adjustors, on board computer, and trip meter. Even the PIAA horn is fairly loud. It has a stainless steel set of bar end weights of which the right side is the Wrist Rest cruise control unit. It has a GS Adventure style front fender guard, a nice metal side stand pad for soft or imperfect parking surfaces, foam grip covers that still have some good life left in them, and as mentioned, the set of easily removable and expandable BMW bags. There is also some black duct tape that served as a tank protector at the rear of the center painted panel.

The stock seats on this PROJECT BIKE do not have 261,000 miles on them; the first owner had custom seats that saw most of the miles so the next owner and passenger will find these in excellent shape. The paint is in pretty good shape as are most factory finishes except on the frame where the riders’ boots wore it through and general wear and tear and 15 years have left their mark. And unlike so many used GS’s these days, the only decals one might wish to remove are on the fork legs. So this one really can be made pretty bright and shiny again with some elbow grease and the right cleaners and polishes. Even the side panels on the gas tank and the bag lids which so often get trashed are in very respectable shape. The muffler looks like it too will brighten up measurably with some cleaning.

This bike came to us with an owner’s manual, two keys, the factory tool kit, plus some spare lenses and bulbs and peg rubber. We can also suggest a CRUZ or optional BMW larger tool kit which we stock as extras for this PROJECT BIKE should you desire to carry more than the average rider. While we’ve had only a very few GS models as PROJECT BIKES the most recent, a 2005 R12GS sold at $3,295 in January of 2017 with 64,000 miles and many more needs than this one has. We also sold a 2004 R1150GS PROJECT BIKE in August of 2018 with 75,000 miles and assorted mechanical and cosmetic issues. The most recent sales here at Bob’s BMW of just plain good R12GS’s were this pair of 2007’s: one with 43,000 miles and serviced in February of 2018 for $8,495, and another with 87,000 miles in January of 2018 fairly well loaded with extras.

We feel confident that this PROJECT BIKE is priced fairly and priced to sell quickly. The average price on 04/15/19 for the 14 used 2005’s on Cycle Trader (only 13 had a price showing) was $6,285.08 and ran from a low of $4,700 with 78,000 miles to a high of $8,900 with 32,000 miles plus 3 BMW bags, what looks like a BMW Nav 3 and the BMW tank bag. All other examples we found had just saddlebags (BMW & Jesse) attached and no other accessories. A true BMW enthusiast with a little time plus access to the huge inventory of parts, supplies, tires and everything else Bob’s BMW has on hand that’s needed to complete this PROJECT BIKE will earn a generous discount on all they buy here to get it back on the road in safe and solidly roadworthy condition – cleaners and polishes included if the desire is to also make it shine.

That nice discount would also apply to accessories and riding gear so plan out what you want and where you want to go when you schedule a visit with one of the sales team here at Bob’s BMW so you can inspect this one in person – there’s a great value just waiting to be taken home sitting in our warehouse with your name on it, and if for any reason you don’t agree after inspecting it closely, we always listen to respectful counter offers; just don’t make it after someone else already said “I’ll take it!” the day before.







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