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1992 BMW R100R Project Bike

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Color: Amethyst Metallic
Miles: 41,307 miles
Stock Number: 280282 Category:


The BMW R100R, a popular model made from 1992 to ’95, was the very last standard 1,000 cc air cooled and carbureted twin that BMW produced, and built on their last and best mono-shock chassis. First year machines, like this example, were delivered with the rare frame paint option of silver, and were equipped with a single front floating brake rotor with Brembo four-piston caliper. Over the years, Bob’s BMW has been fortunate to have offered several very fine R100Rs for sale. As evidence of how fond we are of this model, Bob personally owns FIVE of them! These range from serial number one (1) to the very last one ever built, a 1995 model that’s on display in our store — still in its original BMW crate — each day the dealership is open. 

This R100R was originally sold and delivered new at Bob’s BMW and has had just one owner. Now it has returned to us and we have the pleasure of finding it a new home.

This one is different from all the others we’ve offered for sale because it’s being presented as one of our PROJECT BIKES.  We expect that, as it is the last of the “Airhead” models, this bike will likely end up in the hands of someone who appreciates its special charms, a rider who is perhaps now part of, or wishing to join the Airhead BMW Club (ABC), a wonderful nationwide community of enthusiasts that promotes the heritage as well as the fun of air-cooled twins through numerous rallies, rides, and meet-ups. Among their most popular events are the special service and tech days that are held around the country. Bob recently attended a local ABC gathering in Crownsville, Maryland, where dozens of members were sharing useful service tips, using the provided tools and lifts to take care of basic maintenance needs on their bikes, all while enjoying each other’s company and, naturally, a lot of good food too. Sound like your kind of community? Read on.

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want buyers to know as much as possible about the bike before making a purchase. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE feels they paid fairly and got a good, if not great value in the deal. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they fully understand all the positives as well as the potential downsides involved in the refurbishing process. We’re proud to have sold well over a hundred PROJECT BIKES since beginning the program some years ago. Our aim with these bikes — indeed, with all the bikes we sell — is exceptional customer satisfaction. By that measure, our PROJECT BIKES have proven to be an overwhelming success. We’ve even taken a few of them back in trade as good used bikes after their owners finished doing all the work and then enjoyed riding the bikes for a number of years.

Please take a moment to learn more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKE program and read our general disclaimer here:  http://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/.

This R100R starts, runs, rides, handles and does most of the things a solid BMW should do, but like all PROJECT BIKES it also will require some TLC in the form of replacing some parts and doing some general service on it before it can become a solidly safe and roadworthy machine that one could count on for day-to-day riding, weekend travels, or even a cross country adventure. We are highly confident that once the proper time and effort (parts and labor) are invested in this machine, it will be a highly enjoyable motorcycle — even an attention getting one! It’s not unreasonable to expect to get hundreds of thousands miles out of a bike like this as, in our opinion, it has only moderate mileage on it now. We have one airhead (1970 R60/5) in the Vintage BMW Museum here at Bob’s with 638,000 miles on it. And the only reason it’s not still being ridden is because its owner passed away! 

So, let us share some highlights and some of the identified service and maintenance we feel is required to cover everything on this outstanding PROJECT BIKE opportunity. To start with, it has a weeping rear shock which will need to be rebuilt – or perhaps it would be just smarter and faster to install a new BMW or aftermarket unit which would come with a full warranty. While the tires have about 75% remaining tread and the sidewall condition is good, they date back to 2006 (the owner just was not able to ride much over the last decade) so we feel replacement is the best option here; new rubber is not expensive and it’s what you want on every bike you will ride. Of course, it should have all the fluids and filters changed. It has been a while since this basic service was performed and, obviously, you will want to start off with fresh fluids.

The front brake disc on this PROJECT BIKE measures slightly under minimum factory specifications; a replacement (BMW or aftermarket) disc plus new pads would be in order. In some states fresh pads are all that is required, and there is still good meat on the disc, but we feel that if you do it all now you won’t need to worry about this for another 40,000 or so enjoyable miles. In our opinion, it’s a smart investment for the long haul, as years from now the parts will likely be more costly. As a bonus only from Bob’s, whoever buys this PROJECT BIKE will receive a generous DISCOUNT on anything they purchase at Bob’s to bring the bike back to a fully safe and roadworthy state of health. That covers maintenance parts, tires, a battery, larger items like the shock or brakes, and even add-ons like accessories or riding gear!

We have also noted during our initial and extensive intake evaluation, test ride, and Maryland Safety Inspection (which it failed for the brake disc and weeping shock only) that this PROJECT BIKE has the standard volume of top end and bottom end oil residue one would expect on a 27 year (young or old — take your pick) machine. You could leave it all as it sits, re-torque the heads and adjust the vales and thoroughly clean it all up and see if regular use does not reduce the drips down to a very tolerable level (we think it’s at “weepage” now, which is stage 1 of 3), or just learn more about how simple airheads are to work on and reseal it all now including the oil pan gasket. The same might apply to the transmission, but the rear main seal is NOT showing any signs of weepage, seepage, or the worse degree of leakage.

As we stated earlier, this PROJECT BIKE started right up and the carbs appear to deliver the proper air-fuel mix pretty well. But after such a long a period of little or no use, and because there’s no evidence that the carbs were ever completely gone through, we’d suggest that a rebuild now is advisable. The parts are very reasonably priced, the job doesn’t require much time, and the benefits in fuel economy and performance will be felt for many years and tens of thousands of miles. Most rubber parts are in good condition having been replaced over the years of ownership but a few small items might be smart to replace; notably the speedometer cable boot where the cable meets the transmission. Other than that, all the switches, lights, horns, etc. work as designed so there should be no surprises.

Cosmetically this PROJECT BIKE should shine up very well. It does have a few assorted minor scratches, nicks and blemishes that you should be aware of, but these are largely typical for a bike of this age and, in our opinion, won’t significantly detract from your enjoyment of owning this bike. Only one is really noticeable — a small dent on top of the muffler — which becomes completely hidden when the included BMW saddlebags (shown uninstalled) are mounted. Bob gave the overall paint a 7.5 rating out of 10 on his critical review and feels it can easily be brought up to an 8 to 9+ simply with a good washing and a standard detailing. There are signs of age and wear on the controls and switches, though all work perfectly. Again, this is very normal for a bike of this age and mileage, and with use of some rubber and plastic treatment during detailing, the appearance of the switches should revive quite nicely. There is no indication that the bike lived outside and the original owner clearly told us that it was always garaged when not being ridden.

There is one noticeable blemish we’d like to make you aware of, though we suspect that if we didn’t point it out, you might not even notice it at first. There are four cylinder head fins on this PROJECT BIKE that had some previous damage on the top side. Some effort was previously made to correct the minor damage as best as possible without welding. The affected fins are no longer full depth, but the part that remains is straight and not very noticeable. The previous owner could not recall how it happened but we’d speculate something fell on the bike vs. the bike falling over onto something. Please note that this damage does not affect anything in the way of operation or performance. In fact it barely affects overall visual impact. We are mentioning it because we always try to offer every detail we can to any prospective buyer.

This PROJECT BIKE has a few nice extras: the factory cylinder guards with attached side stand; factory saddlebag mounts and BMW saddlebags (not key matched to the bike); an internally mounted extra rear brake light; and a beautifully modified stock seat that adds a textured finish (cooler) to the rider portion. This seat is slightly lower, too, so if you are not 5’9 or taller, it will fit you better. The bike also boasts a braided stainless steel front brake line, an added set of full coverage fork boots to protect the fork tubes, and a front fender extender to help reduce splash and dirt hitting the engine. And this one came home with 2 bike keys, the factory tool kit plus owner’s manual. We think it offers great opportunity and terrific value. So, if you’re interested, please ask a few questions of our sales staff on the phone, then schedule a time to visit and inspect it. Consider taking this great bike home while the entire peak riding season is ahead of you.







Key Features

• Desirable Model — Last of the Airheads
• BMW Saddlebags (Integral Touring Cases)
• BMW Saddlebag Mounts
• BMW Cylinder Guards with attached Side Stand
• Braided Stainless Steel Front Brake Line
• Extra Rear Brake Light, internally mounted
• Lowered Stock Seat with modified textured cover finish
• Full Coverage Fork Gaiters
• Front Fender Extender
• Moderate Miles — Lots of life left! 
• No Major Issues. Refurbishing requires only relatively basic maintenance and care