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1987 K100RS & EML GT2 Sidecar

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Color: Pearl White Metallic
Miles: 30,285
Stock Number: 043959 Category:



Bob took a road trip to bring this very sweet, classic, and superbly built full conversion EML sidecar rig back to the dealership. He has directed our team to bring it up to perfect service level, to make it 100% roadworthy, safe, comfortable, and fun. Our goal is to be able to offer a very special, higher-performance rig to current or potential sidecar enthusiasts who may not have $45,000 – $55,000 in their budget to spend. (That’s what many full chassis sidecar conversions built on new bikes cost these days!)

If you have any interest in owning a great sidecar rig capable of taking you and others along for the fun, the following words will be worth your time. And since there’s just four introductory teaser images provided by Bob after he took it out for a second 100 mile ride, words are what we have to share right now.

Bob logged almost 25 miles during an initial test/demo ride the day he acquired it to be certain it had the potential to be brought back to the highest levels of three-wheeled fun despite it’s very good history and personal knowledge of the original owner.  Before we even placed it into the service schedule for all the things he wanted to be completed, we did one critical item so he could use it at the 2018 Ride for Kids® event, here in the Baltimore-Washington area in late September. He had the honor of being a VIP Escort for one very nice young woman who once had a brain tumor but is doing great these days. She thoroughly enjoyed her 53 mile ride that Sunday morning as her parents watched her exit and then return two hours later.

This machine has now been completely serviced by one of the Master Tech’s here at Bob’s, and Bob thoroughly checked it out on one more good test ride (it’s just a great machine and he loves sidecars). Finally, our professional, in house detailer has had a full day with it, making it look as bright and beautiful as can be. 

The price is always the last thing to be done on most all used offerings because sometimes we select to do more service, spend more dollars and dive in deeper; and occasionally a machine simply turns out to be even nicer than even we’d envisioned it could be. Many of the extra things we select to add and spend our money on while performing the service will have long term value and are not just current maintenance items. So if it’s available at the point all this is done and it’s on the showroom floor with a sign those who have not already expressed serious interest by calling or scheduling a visit before it’s on the sales floor will have a shot at this very hard to come by and highly desirable machine.

Formerly owned by a fellow BMW dealer who Bob considered a friend for close to three decades, it was his personal sidecar rig it and was always very well cared for. But, like Bob who has access to many good machines, it did not ever see a great number of miles despite regular use and a number of short trips. Thus, 32 years later, counting from 2019, this machine is in far better shape than most of the EML full conversions built back then by the likes of Sidecar Restorations and the company they became as the US Importer for EML, BMW Motorrad of St. Louis as they also became an authorized BMW dealer. 

Bob’s BMW became an authorized EML dealer in the early 1990’s as Bob was already a sidecar enthusiast; the dealership built a fair number of EML rigs on K100RS, RT, LT and several of the R100 class airheads of that era. In those days EML was the benchmark high performance sidecar rig by which all others were measured. Most all other manufacturers like EZS, ARMEC and GG to name just a few followed their lead in chassis modification or full change, leading link forks, improved suspension, automotive style wheels and tires plus a host of other innovations that made three wheel travel safer and a heck of a lot more fun.

They offered two sizes of sidecar to attach to a BMW or other brand motorcycle during most of their history.  In the mid 2000s EML offered a sleeker, sportier model called the Speed 2000 of which a few have been sold by Bob’s too. Many of these were attached to the original brick engine K1200RS and GT and later some K1200/K1300S examples. Less space for people and stuff but no less fun out on the roads.

The Tour T, a more compact, maybe boxy from some angles body style quite similar to the Steib TR500 from the 1950’s and 60’s, and the GT2, a fresh, sleeker, sportier and roomier design. This offering is a GT2 example which allows more room for one passenger or space for a couple of kids side by side or a parent and child traveling together. Two of our earliest customers for EML conversions, one on a late K100LT and the other an early K1100RS both have over 200,000 miles on their rigs and they are still rolling along very well, having seen regular service here at Bob’s since being built.

Bob’s friend and fellow BMW dealer selected the Special K as it was fondly called to build his rig around. The special BMW pearl white metallic paint, the special BMW Motorsport pinstripes, the matching red seat and even the chrome muffler guard were all cosmetic details added to the K100RS for just one year’s production for the US market. Even 30 plus years down the road, before a full bath, let alone a complete detailing, it still turns heads visually every time it’s used or seen. The chrome muffler guard is being swapped out for a fresh satin black finish one per Bobs instructions. The floorboards may or may not remain and the small inexpensive driving lamps (this was built before almost all current brands of lights were readily available) may be removed as well. All else will remain essentially as you see it.

Our customers depend on us for the best maintenance, tires, brakes, batteries, general care and warranty service you can get for a BMW motorcycle in the Mid-Atlantic region, if not well beyond those geographic borders.  This bike has had the best treatment. It arrived with a fresh battery and we’ve already replaced the front brake master cylinder (new BMW part w/2 year warranty) and bled the front and rear brakes, we’ve installed new spark BMW plugs, cleaned the fuel system, replaced the filter, added BMW fuel system cleaner for good measure and done a fast, but thorough once over for general safety.

Since Bob first saw it, Bob and several other members of the team here have ridden it over 250 miles; it is very sweet in all regards and under all riding conditions and speeds. The alignment has been checked and it is spot on, hands-free straight on level surfaces and resistance during turning is as light as a well set-up sidecar rig ever gets.  If he was not so personally attached to it (too many rides and trips with his son and his father) he might consider selling his 1985 custom K100RS w/EML Tour T body and keep this one instead.

We have performed a full annual/bi-annual/30,000 mile service covering the bike from front to rear: installed three new flat tread Firestone sidecar tires as these special wheels were designed to have on them, and while 2 of the 3 have plenty of tread they are not fresh. They have new valve stems and are filled with Nitrogen as is our standard. We will diagnose and make operable the small driving lamps or simply remove them if they’ve aged out. If that happens we’d be pleased to price out a fresh set of Clearwater or PIAA lamps or another brand we offer, all of which would bring more controllable and visible light to the game than these do if they still work. We have spent several hours checking over and replacing small stuff where required and generally ensuring to the best of our ability all hardware, rubber, cables, hoses, switches, mounting components plus all stability and safety features are in top condition and work well. We replaced the grip covers so that even these are fresh for the next owner.

Like the vast majority of used machines we offer up to the next owner here at Bob’s this one will leave with a few keys, the owner’s manual, the factory tool kit and, in this case, even the BMW tire repair kit. It currently has a tonneau cover and the framework for the full convertible top but no convertible cloth; Bob is working on locating a new replacement for that item and if secured the final price will reflect that addition.

It did not arrive with saddlebags as the trunk is pretty spacious but these are stocked at Bob’s, available if desired and can be key matched to the ignition for ease of use; the stock bag mounts are already attached. It came with factory heated grips as well. The fully adjustable four (4) air vents in the sidecar screen were added by the original owner. Bob installed an identical set in his rig – they are fantastic to have for your passengers comfort year round in any kind of weather.







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