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1986 BMW R80 Project Bike

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Color: Red Metallic
Miles: 12,137 (odometer) + 7,000(+/-) more
Stock Number: 480564 Category:


This is a ready-to-ride PROJECT BIKE that needs a new home, some TLC, a general freshening up, a really great detailing, and then some steady miles. It’s been a while since it was fully serviced by a dealership or even an independent BMW shop from end to end but it has seen recent service. The engine oil & filter, transmission, final drive, driveshaft and fork fluids plus the spark plugs were changed in January by a local mechanical operator whit wide general knowledge. It starts, runs, shifts, handles, rides and stops pretty well and just passed the Maryland Safety Inspection following our extensive EVALUATION and review. It saw a six (6) mile test ride in the overall process and we’ll share all we know in the story that follows but first a few words from the internal legal team:

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible so we encourage any potential buyer to ask questions. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE we offer feels they paid fairly and received good, if not great value in the transaction. We have a disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES that’s easily found on the Bob’s website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they can see, hear and know all the positives and any negatives involved in the refurbishing process with full clarity.

You can read more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKES here on our website at: http://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/. Over the years, we’ve sold well in excess of a hundred PROJECT BIKES, a number that has risen sharply this year and every single client except one was exceptionally pleased with their acquisition from the very start.  That each customer is exceptionally pleased is our goal, just as it is with our exclusive ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED pre-owned used BMW motorcycle program and for that matter the results of someone being assisted in selecting and buying a new BMW here at Bob’s. And for the record we did make that lone individual happy in the end despite some unrealistic expectations after an onsite, in person extensive inspection, review and conversation before buying it.

So that’s it from the legal team, now onto this PROJECT BIKE that you are looking at and may be interested in purchasing. To the best of our knowledge this bike has had just 2 owners since new. The odometer was changed out around 7,000 miles according to the 2nd owner at a BMW dealership that’s no longer around. For the record Bob’s was Bob’s Used Parts in 1986 and became Bob’s BMW in late 1990, selling our very first bike in 1991 so this one did not pass through our hands originally. The sticker that should be under the seat is not to be found but we believe his recollection and he signed official papers to that effect. The odometer shows about 12,137 miles so adding 7,000 to that and it has just under 20,000 original miles. Even that number would be considered very low mileage for a 32 year old machine.

While this PROJECT BIKE starts right up, idles nicely, runs strong, shifts smoothly, handles well and stops good and could probably be ridden to California and back with an oil change on the west coast it has some needs and we feel they should all be addressed before the next owner places serious miles on this machine so that it will last at least another 32 years. The ultimate decision is up to the person buying it and taking it home and with that current MSI this one can be ridden home from Bob’s following the transaction. In no particular order we feel the tires, which have roughly 85% of their tread remaining should be replaced as they date from 2005 and 2006. The fork boots have aged out and have cracks in them and should be replaced so they do the job they’re designed to; there is no evidence of any leakage at this time – it’s actually two separate seals.

There is oil residue around the final drive on this PROJECT BIKE which could be from years of very light weepage and road residue, a not quite tight drain plug at some point or even a small leak that should be addressed to prevent oil from getting on the brake shoes but right now they work OK. The feel that is there could be improved to gain better rear brakes in our opinion.  The front brake master cylinder was recently replaced with a new BMW part by an independent shop along with a rebuild of both front calipers (the rear is a drum) with BMW parts again; the front brake hose was also replaced. The mufflers have the typical kind of budging at the middle welded seam that says they are slowly rusting out from the inside; this is caused by lack of use and very short rides. They may last for many years yet and they didn’t fail inspection so there are no actual holes but at some point this will need to be addressed by replacement or the old Foster’s Beer can (heaviest gauge we’ve ever seen used) repair.

There was some very light debris in the float bowls which we dumped which indicates the filters should be changed. A full blown clean it up process on this PROJECT BIKE would be to drain the tank, blow out any loose particles (the lining itself looks good) and refill with the same fuel run through a coffee filter, etc. and replace the petcock to tank gaskets at the same time; we see a very light weep by one of them now. The suspension all works but it also appears to be all original and these components, be they as simple as fork springs and dampers or actual shocks like the single or mono unit at the rear of this PROJECT BIKE only last so long. We know upgrading both at some point would improve the ride (comfort is something BMW’s are known for) and add to future tire life along with overall performance when you lean into turns or possibly have the need to grab the brakes hard or simply make an evasive maneuver during the course of some riding fun.

Cosmetically we think most people will be pretty impressed looking at the images of this PROJECT BIKE we’ve provided and equally so when making a personal inspection but we share everything we see and know. This bike clearly has some surface deterioration on the frame components from exposure or even cleaning products over the years. There is some rusty hardware and some small staining on the wheels to be noted.  The switches all work fine but do have some fading which is not unusual for even better cared bikes with higher miles.  There are a small number of small scratches here and there, the most obvious one being on the right side of the gas tank below and forward of the BMW logo and this includes an ever so small or shallow ding in the surface. Underneath the tank the rubber buffer needs to be replaced as well.

The overall paint condition on this PROJECT BIKE is pretty decent and a good bath (we just gave it a rinse) plus some level of detailing will make it shine a whole lot more and better than what you see now. The Corbin seat is in good serviceable condition but has, as they all do, rubbed some paint away where it meets the tank. Fork tubes are clean, the handlebars have some light rust, all the gauges work with the exception of the clock which could be sent out for rebuilding. And this machine has the optional BMW housings for the clock and voltmeter and the later one does work. It also has a dual horn upgrade that’s loud and a set of BMW cylinder guards that are in very good condition.

Finally, this PROJECT BIKE has passed Maryland Safety Inspection and we have the certificate printed out so it can be ridden home. It is provided with two keys (we cut an extra to include), the original owner’s manual and what appears to be a fairly complete tool kit in an older Bob’s Cordura tool pouch which needs a good cleaning by the next owner. As is standard, it has a clear, transferable title and we typically collect the sales tax and do the registration, title and tag work so you don’t have to. This is a great, running PROJECT BIKE which can be ridden while you tackle some of the needs, don’t miss out on this one!





Engine Type

Fuel Tank Capacity


Max Torque



Rated Output


Wet Weight, Fully Fueled

Key Features

• Good Running Condition
• MD Inspected – Ride it Home!
• Corbin Dual Canyon Seat
• Supplemental Gauges* & Housings
• BMW Cylinder Guards

   *Voltmeter works; clock needs repair.