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1976 BMW R75/6 Project Bike

Call for Price

Color: Avus Black W/White Pinstripes
Miles: 17,541 See Disclaimer
Stock Number: 947467 Category:


Here is an opportunity we don’t get nearly as frequently as we’d like, but it’s one that will make one customer very happy – it’s a one owner since new classic 1970’s airhead PROJECT BIKE with very good, mostly original cosmetics, several nice period correct upgrades, low original miles (pay attention to the odometer* statement near the end), in running condition but in need of some tuning and light refurbishing to make it fully sound, reliable, safe, roadworthy and fun for the next forty-two years of its existence. We see an honest machine with matching numbers in need of some general TLC, overdue maintenance, light service and a few small actual repairs – the kind of stuff we know we have lots of customers that love to do this, especially over a winter. Perhaps this one will get special recognition if it rides back in for our annual Spring Open House.

While we could not take the bike out for a full ride as we do with used bikes and our ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED machines or a highway speed test ride (age of tires) it starts fine, sounds great, feels solid, shifts smoothly through all the gears on the bench and within the first three gears in the parking lot while being ridden around the building. It also stops decently. It should deliver a lot of fun and value for the next owner. And if you don’t like big fairings, this one comes off easy to make it a very correct stock machine.

As our service department is currently still quite busy this one is offered up AS IS and as a PROJECT BIKE but should we get a small opening sooner than expected we might help expand the knowledge of a recently hired, well qualified BMW tech who has not had the opportunity to work on many older BMW’s before joining the Bob’s team. We love doing in-house training and always desire that all of our technicians can handle, and enjoy working on each era and every model of BMW built since 1950. So we could do it all ourselves if not claimed before then at which time it would be re-priced accordingly and we have just as much demand for turnkey classics as we do those that offer what this one does.

As with all PROJECT BIKES we want the buyer to know as much as possible so we urge every potential buyer to ask questions if anything is not clear. We’ve nothing to hide and our only goal is that the new owner for each and every PROJECT BIKE we offer feels they paid fairly and got good, if not great value in the deal. We have a disclaimer about our PROJECT BIKES easily found on the Bob’s website. We encourage people to call, schedule a time to visit, meet with one of our sales advisors and inspect each machine in person so they know all the positives and any negatives involved in the refurbishing process with full clarity. And were proud of the fact that we’ve even taken a few back PROJECT BIKES back in trade as good used bikes once all the work was done and the owner had enjoyed the bike for a number of years.

You can read that and more about Bob’s PROJECT BIKES here on our website at: https://www.bobsbmw.com/new-motorcycles/project-bikes/. Over the years, we’ve sold well over a hundred PROJECT BIKES, a number that has risen sharply this year and every single client except one was exceptionally pleased with their acquisition from the very start.  That each customer is exceptionally pleased is our goal, just as it is with our exclusive ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED pre-owned used BMW motorcycle program and for that matter the results of someone being assisted in selecting and buying a new BMW here at Bob’s. And for the record we did manage to make that lone individual happy in the end despite some very unrealistic expectations after an extensive inspection, review and conversation before buying it.

This 1976 R75/6 PROJECT BIKE has not been serviced by another BMW dealer almost since it was new. The original owner did most of his own maintenance and light service but had a local independent shop that works on all brands do what he could not but the last visit was about 5 years ago. It was in need of the level of expertise that only a dealership or independent BMW specialist can offer and that’s when it arrived at Bob’s. As noted above had it arrived 2 months from now it probably would not be offered until we’d done what we love to do – bring them back to full, exhilarating health and as much original beauty as possible.

The Michelin tires have lots of tread, perhaps 90% left, but they also date from 2003; we’d be inclined to install new ones but for some short local rides as it comes back to full health an d enjoyment these look solid and would easily pass the Maryland Safety Inspection; the gods know plenty of riders are using older, worse rubber. The carbs were “serviced” by another shop but what was actually done is not fully clear. They either still need some attention or something else in the fuel and ignition system is causing a lack of power near 3,000 RPM’s.  This PROJECT BIKE has the usual indicators of light weepage at the push rod seals and while it’s not dripping oil yet a full top end reseal might be an easy and smart thing to address as that investment should last for the next 20 years or so. One petcock is leaking slightly but it appears to just need tightening at the tank, at worst case a fresh tank to petcock gasket is probably required as the motions feel strong and snug. The suspension is original and functioning but it might be time to freshen it up as well as time to clean and repack the wheel, swingarm and steering head bearings but all are working just fine. The rear brake light is not working and might be a bulb, a switch or in need of  adjustment.

There’s a very recent receipt with parts purchased at Bob’s for an independent shop to overhaul the front brake master cylinder (the bike was not brought in, just the part) on this PROJECT BIKE in 2017 but the brakes still drag just a little so perhaps the caliper needs the same attention. There is a fresh stainless steel brake line already attached. Some rubber is getting tired as should be expected but the bike has always been stored in a dry, weather tight garage and the high quality and general condition of fasteners, paint, the seat, chrome, the aluminum cases, etc. plus other indicators proves that it’s not been neglected over the past four decades. We trimmed the ends of the plug wires at the caps to get a stronger spark but the wires and caps should probably both be replaced as they are original. Some cables have clearly been replaced over time and many other items show a steady level of care and general maintenance has been accomplished but we think it’s been a long time since everything was attended to at one time as we suggest to perfectly maintain any machine. 

Some of the many positives on this PROJECT BIKE include an original Windjammer III fairing (removable as mentioned earlier) with a brand new windscreen installed. It also has a set of the very hard to find lowers for the winter that basically look unused. If it’s not your ideal vision of wind protection or styling they remove easily and the OEM headlight ring, glass, reflector, etc. is all snapped into the fairing and will quickly install on the stock headlight which is behind the fairing with all the original wiring in place. Those are also stock turn signals on either side of the fairing. This one has a very clean set of Lester Cast aluminum mag wheels which are still to this day, some 40 plus years after their introduction the strongest and nicest looking wheels ever produced by the aftermarket for BMW and other motorcycles.

These stunning wheels on this PROJECT BIKE were a costly upgrade when this bike was current and Bob has a 1976 R90S in the Vintage BMW museum with a near identical set attached. There’s also a period correct alloy machined top fork yoke (possibly san Jose) plus a San Jose lower fork brace. The seat has a hard to find, very period correct Reynolds backrest which was manufactured to look like it was designed and included from BMW when new as it mounts at all the same points and holes as the stock seat rail would have. And while the clock does not work, it has a set of BMW optional gauges that includes the voltmeter, both in original BMW housings – very desirable stuff and there are at least two reputable companies in the US that can rebuild the clock.

As best we can determine after a lengthy initial evaluation plus a follow-up review of this PROJECT BIKE all components and cosmetics are original with the exception of the rear fender, sub-frame (may still be original) and possibly the rear turn signal arm, turn signals and tail lamp assembly. We determined and the seller confirmed after it was presented to him that the bike had been hit from behind at some point. We know for sure that the rear fender was replaced because it’s of a later 1980 and up design with two small holes in the side under the seat to secure the rear wiring harness with two plastic snap connectors. Ideally before the painter did a fine job of applying the Avus Black paint they would have filled these in but unless the seat is up one cannot know they are present. If we didn’t disclose this 95% of potential buyers would never know. The sub-frame is correct for this year and model and the rear wiring harness still runs through it.

The rear fender on this PROJECT BIKE is also striped with a single white line vs. the thin and thick pair that would be original to perfectly match the front fender and gas tank; this could be added at any time by a skilled pin stripper. The tail light assembly, turn signals, mounting arm, license plate carrier and reflectors are all period correct even if they are not the exact items this bike left Germany with in 1976. 

The paint in most areas of this PROJECT BIKE is near beautiful – just look at the gas tank close-up, the gas cap has some light deterioration showing, the switches all work well but show some typical age and fade. It’s very possible that the side covers were repainted when the rear fender was but if not the original 900 cc decals are missing to be 100% correct. The speedometer and tach both seem to work well but the seller indicated that the odometer* has not worked for possibly the last 4-6 years but he was confident that the bike has between 20,000 and 22,000 original miles despite the odometer* showing 17,541 miles and we see nothing to dispute this but when odometers* stop working there is no perfect documentation to be had. This will be disclosed on the Bill of Sale and we have a signed odometer* statement/BOS on file attesting to this.

This PROJECT BIKE has extra keys but one key does not work every lock (ignition, seat, fork, gas cap) so at some point a lock or two must have failed and been replaced or when the sub-frame was replaced, as we suspect, it came with a fresh lock and key. One of those keys included is the impossible to find grey folding ignition key which works most of the locks including the bikes ignition. It has the original BMW tool kit in the pouch which is safely secured in the tool tray under the locking seat and comes with a good condition Clymer’s Repair & Service Manual. And there’s a new aftermarket air and oil filter (pictured) to get you started on this PROJECT BIKE plus there’s a good discount on every item you purchase at Bob’s within 90 days of buying it to help you bring it back to dependable, safe and roadworthy condition.




Engine Type

Fuel Tank Capacity


Rated Output


Wet Weight, Fully Fueled



Key Features

• Equipped with Larger (5.8 gal.) Touring Tank
• Windjammer III Fairing with Lowers
• New Windshield
• Lester Cast Wheels
• Stronger Cast Upper Triple Clamp
• San Jose Lower Fork Brace
• Reynolds Passenger Back Rest