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1965 BMW R69S

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Color: Avus Black W/White Pinstripes
Miles: 28,886 Miles
Stock Number: 661620 Category:


The R69S with Earles Forks is one of BMW’s all-time finest and highly sought-after vintage machines. But to find one nowadays in as excellent ORIGINAL condition as this one is, is as rare as it is remarkable! Equally remarkable is the fact that this bike has had only two owners since it was new, and its second owner, who bought it in 1974, has been the bike’s sole rider, caretaker, and chief mechanic ever since. That’s 48 years! When you see for yourself how well-cared-for this bike has been in all that time, you’ll realize that an enthusiast’s love and devotion to his motorcycle could not be demonstrated any more vividly. As all serious vintage collectors know, a higher value is placed on vehicles in original condition over ones which may appear pristine but are, in fact, restored, repainted, and in most cases, put together with an abundance of reproduction parts. This R69S clearly stands out for being fundamentally ORIGINAL — and in amazingly good shape to boot! In order to present this bike for sale at its best, we had only to replace a few parts (see the details below). Be assured, every choice was made with the intention of upholding its originality as much as possible, its VALUE going forward, and of course, its functionality. The result is an impeccable vintage motorcycle that you can RIDE — safely, reliably, and proudly. Curious? You can learn more right now simply by calling 1-888-269-2627 to speak with one of our BMW Certified Sales Advisors — Jim, Todd, or Kyle. Call TODAY!    

BMWs from the 1950s and 60s had quite similar looks, and since the vast majority of them were painted black, the characteristics that chiefly distinguished one individual bike from another were the bits where there may have been two or three options available at the time: fuel tank, seat, handlebars, mirrors, turn signals, and so on. This bike is equipped with components that conform to what was most desirable in the day for R69S models sold in the US, including:
 • 24 liter Fuel Tank (the larger of two options)
 • Wider Bench Seat made by Denfeld with “Schorsch Meier” nameplate on the back
 • The taller “US” Handlebar
 • Albert Mirrors, left and right, that clamp to the handlebar
 • Hella Bar-end Turn Signals, with correct left-side handlebar switch in a chrome housing
 • Chrome Engine Protection Bar
 • Chrome-plated Steel Rims
Equipped this way, this R69S is virtually iconic, a sterling example of how this model would have most often been seen in its day.

Let’s discuss the particulars of its COSMETIC condition. The photos here quite accurately portray what you will see when you visit Bob’s for your in-person inspection. The paint is entirely original — Avus Black with hand-painted white pinstripes — and in EXCELLENT overall condition, with these minor exceptions: on top of the tank, just in front of the filler cap, you can find a small round blemish that’s about a quarter-inch in diameter, the tool door (top of the tank) shows a little wear mostly around the corners and edges, the paint on the taillight housing shows some crazing, and on the frame you will detect minor paint deterioration, a bit of dullness in spots and a few tiny scratches, which is quite typical and, honestly, insignificant. This bike shows no evidence that it was ever in an accident, and possibly never even had a tip-over! There are, however, barely visible little nicks on both valve covers. These don’t appear to be the result of a tip-over, but perhaps more likely occurred during routine maintenance where the valve covers are removed, set aside, then re-installed. Looking elsewhere on the bike we see that the very front center of the seat cover is starting to crack, and that there is a small amount of corrosion still visible on the hubcaps, rims, and spokes. There was more when the bike was first brought to us, but after the deep cleaning and intense detailing we did on it, the worst of it vanished. It must be noted that when it comes to rust and chrome pitting on 50+-year-old BMWs, the most likely places you’re going to notice it are on the handlebars, handlebar risers, steering damper knob, and of course, the mufflers. But look closely at this bike and you’ll discover that all those parts are amazingly RUST FREE! It’s quite uncanny and one of the chief reasons this particular machine is such a gem. But about the mufflers… please read on.

These mufflers have been replaced — by us. And, as mentioned above, it is one of those careful decisions we had to make when preparing this motorcycle for resale. These new mufflers are the highest quality German-made chrome replicas. They are held on by British-made stainless steel replica clamps. The original mufflers on this bike when we got it were rusted to the point of no return — and in the usual way, which is from the inside out. No amount of fastidious care can solve that common problem with steel mufflers from this period. 

Here’s a rundown of the other MECHANICAL procedures we undertook to put this machine in tip-top condition. We should mention that the bike was BROUGHT to us in very good mechanical condition in the first place. And that’s another sure sign of the high level of care and devotion its previous owner bestowed on it all along. For instance, when it arrived, we checked its fluids as a normal part of our initial evaluation and discovered, to our amazement, that all its oils — engine, transmission, driveshaft, and final drive — were clean and filled to the proper levels! The inside of the fuel tank was clean with no signs of sludge or deterioration! We can’t tell you how unusual something like this is: for a bike – especially one as old as this – to arrive in such a state of thoughtful care is utterly exceptional.

Our Service Team did find, however, that there were some maintenance procedures needed for the bike to pass Maryland Safety Inspection and be a fully safe and roadworthy steed in its next life. Here’s a list of what we did:
 • Renewed Front and Rear Brake Linings and Rivets (the old brake linings were still of adequate thickness but glazed and hardened with age. They needed replacement. We used new stock BMW linings and reproduction copper rivets.)
 • Renewed the Air Filter and Gasket (Stock BMW parts)
 • Replaced both Throttle Cables as the originals were worn and sticky. (Stock BMW parts)
 • Applied a BMW Advantec Fuel Treatment (standard preventative procedure for bikes that have been stored for long periods)
 • Replaced all four Footpeg Rubbers (We used our original style perfect replicas because the replacement parts currently available from BMW do not look the same as original.)
 • We replaced a few other rubber bits where typical deterioration was noted: both Throttle Cable Boots, one Spark Plug Cable Boot, and the Battery Strap. (In these instances, we used New Old Stock BMW parts that had been kept stored by the previous owner and provided to us along with the motorcycle.) 
  • Finally, we installed NEW TIRES, front and rear (Dunlop D404), along with new tubes and rim strips. We filled these tires with Nitrogen to enhance their longevity and performance characteristics.

It’s our standard procedure to take each bike that we prepare for sale on an extended TEST RIDE, making sure that everything functions safely and properly as it should in the real world, and that its performance measures at or above our high bar of excellence. Then, of course, it undergoes the rigorous Maryland Safety Inspection to pass legal muster and be ready for YOU to ride it home!

The peripheral (but important) items INCLUDED with this bike are the original Owners Manual, and two Repair Manuals (one Clymer, one Haynes), a nice tool kit, though incomplete – comprised of both original and after-market tools, the original tire pump, and the original black-knob ignition key. The non-essential fork-lock key and tool-door key were missing from this bike when we acquired it. Please consult with the helpful experts in our Parts Department about the availability of those two keys as well as any individual tools or other peripheral bits you may wish to purchase to complete what would have originally come with this motorcycle. Prospective buyers will be glad to know that the vast majority of ALL the parts you would ever need to keep this motorcycle running and riding well into the future are still available either as stock BMW, NOS (New Old Stock), high-quality European-sourced Reproductions, or Used Parts in good condition — and that Bob’s BMW is one of few (and best) places in the world where you can find these things!

This exceptional, original R69S must be SEEN. Naturally, the best way is to visit our showroom to view it in person. But if you do not live within convenient travel distance to Bob’s BMW, please call our Sales Team to arrange a live “Video Inspection,” which we will be glad to provide. In any case, do it SOON!