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2019 Model
Current Savings
FREE Topcase plus $1,000 OFF
$1,750 OFF
$2,000 OFF
$1,000 OFF
$1,500 OFF
$1,500 OFF
$1,500 OFF
$2,500 OFF
$2,500 OFF
$750 OFF
2018 C evolution
$1,500 OFF

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Get Up to $750 OFF A New BMW Motorcycle!

As an authorized BMW Motorrad dealer, Bob’s BMW is proud to extend special allowances offered through BMW Motorrad to the following special groups: active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Emergency Services employees, USAA members with P&C , and active Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified RiderCoaches. The following incentives can be applied to the purchase of any new, untitled 2018, 2019, or 2020 model year BMW.

**Just Announced February 2019!! Active BMW MOA members, who have been a member one year or longer are now included in the BMW Motorrad Appreciation Program! And this discount can be combined with seasonal incentives and offers from BMW. Click HERE for complete details**

Call 1-800-BMW-BOBS (269-2627) TODAY to speak with a Bob’s BMW representative for complete details. LET’S TALK TODAY!

BMW Model Series
Incentive Amount*
K-Series / S-Series
$750 OFF
F-Series / R-Series
$500 OFF
C-Series / G-Series
$250 OFF

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Eligible Customers: All USAA members that are P&C (Property and Causality) eligible. One incentive per USAA member per year. USAA members require a BMW Motorrad  USA Incentive Code Certificate. Active U.S. Armed Forces include active duty (including activated Reservists) of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard, Veterans Administration and those who have recently finished active service (within 12 months) with a current military identification card or area a key military contractor. A copy of Department of Defense form 214 may be necessary for those who recently have been discharged from active service. An Emergency Services employee must be employed as a recognized Public Authority at the time of the motorcycle delivery. A Public Authority is considered to be a Federal, State or Local Police Agency / Authority, Sheriff’s Department, FBI, DEA, NSA, US Border Patrol, DA, Port Authority Police, US Coast Guard, Fire Department / EMT (including both paid and active volunteer), US Public Health Services, NOAA, Diplomats, etc. All active MSF RiderCoaches currently registered with the MSF. 

Purchasers are eligible for one purchase incentive during the program calendar year (January 3, 2019 through December 31, 2019). This incentive may be combined with any other retail customer incentive* available at the time of purchase for a qualified model (unless specifically excluded in the incentive program rules), which is defined as any new, previously unregistered BMW motorcycle sold between the dates of January 3, 2019 through December 31, 2019. BMW Motorrad auction units do not qualify. BMW Motorrad USA reserves the right to make changes to the Program and/or terminate the Program at any time without prior notice.


BMW Motorcycle Safety program at Bob's BMW

Receive $500 In BMW Riders Apparel

BMW Motorrad is pleased to announce the continuation of the Ride Smart Reward Program for all new and recent graduates of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse. New riders who recently received their motorcycle endorsement after attending a state approved motorcycle training school and purchase a brand new BMW will receive:

  • Reimbursement for the cost of the beginner rider course up to $350
  • Credit toward $500 in BMW Riders Apparel 

Call 1-800-BMW-BOBS (269-2627) for complete details. LET’S TALK TODAY!

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Must be original BMW Riders’ Apparel such as boots, gloves, jackets, etc. from the BMW Motorrad Ride catalog. This incentive will not be paid for the sale of aftermarket products or accessories. Offer holds no cash value. Documentation required. 

Bob’s BMW now offers pre-paid maintenance plans to customers purchasing a new or pre-owned motorcycle.

New Used
Oil and Filter Change 4 4
First Break-in Service 1 N/A
Full Maintenance Service 6 6
Battery Replacement* 1 1

With pre-paid service, your motorcycle’s needs are paid for thousands of miles ahead. The benefits of a Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan are simple:

  • Save money by locking into today’s prices
  • Safeguard your motorcycle from missing a major service(s) by planning ahead
  • Get maximum performance and riding pleasure by completing all of your motorcycle’s major services

Anyone who rides their bike at least 4,000 miles a year on average will substantially save on service costs. For those that ride 36,000 miles within 3 years, the savings is in the thousands!

For customers buying a new BMW this plan is exceptionally great. BMW’s service interval is every 6,000 miles so the plan perfectly covers each major service, along with 4 additional oil changes and a battery replacement for the length of time the bike is under BMW’s 3year/36k mile factory warranty.

Regular maintenance at an authorized BMW Service Center is what preserves the value of your motorcycles and allows you to get maximum performance and riding pleasure. Bob’s BMW state of the art facility offers multiple lifts and is equipped with all the special tools required to service your BMW. The Service Department is staffed with professionally trained and certified BMW Advisors & Technicians, including our shop foreman and Chief Diagnostician who has received the highest level of BMW certification.

To learn more about a Maintenance Plan that will work for you, call 31-497-8949 ext. 210.

*Service Labor not included. 

BMW Motorrad Sign And Ride Bob's BMW


Call 1-800-BMW-BOBS (269-2627) to see if you qualify for BMW 3asy Finance. LET’S TALK TODAY!

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$0 down option available based upon approved credit. Interest will accrue during the 90 day period and is distributed throughout the entire loan period. All normal credit guidelines apply. Offer not available in PA. 90 days to first payment is allowed on New BMW Retail and 3asy Ride contracts based upon approved credit.