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Door Prize Request

Bob's BMW
Greetings BMW Chartered Clubs!

Being the supportive company that Bob’s BMW has been for 30 years and still counting, we are delighted to provide door prize donations to your club’s upcoming rally as well as the occasional large motorcycle related event your club may host to help make it as successful as it can be.

In order to provide this level of support, we require each club to complete the Door Prize Application Form at least five (5) weeks prior to the event and send it directly to our Marketing Manager Hanna at hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com. It can also be downloaded, mailed or faxed. Upon receipt, if the form is filled out in its entirety, Hanna will gladly gather and ship the support we have selected within two (2) weeks of receiving the request.

Bob's BMW clubsIn return for supporting your club’s rally or event, Bob’s requests the following:

  • Our contributions are nicely displayed in a visible location during the entire event with the Bob’s Door Prize Support poster, which we’ll send with our package.
  • Any Bob’s brochures, fliers, literature, RFK flyers or catalogues sent, should be placed out so attendees have easy access to them throughout the entire event.
  • The names and contact information, including an email address of all winners, be sent to hanna.creekmore@bobsbmw.com within 30 days following the event so we may personally congratulate them.
  • All contributions are awarded to attendees at the specific event being supported.
  • To show just how sincere we are, Bob’s BMW will support your club’s efforts to attract attendees and grow your event as well. Please send us copies of the event flyer to post throughout the dealership as well as a quantity of smaller flyers that we will gladly insert into all mail order shipments. We ship 600+ packages per week worldwide! We will happily post event details to the events section of our website and/or any ready to use electronic art that is sent.

    Sincerely wishing you a great event,

    Bob Henig
    Owner, Rider, Enthusiast