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Update To Vintage Museum To Be Unveiled Day of Open House

Bob’s Vintage Museum.

If Bob could have three wishes for the shop, one would be a larger facility for many reasons but one reason in particular being additional space to expand the Vintage BMW Museum. Until that wish is granted, Bob will work with the space he has and keep the displays updated as often as he can with new and exciting machines for visitors to enjoy. An change to the museum is currently in the works and expected to be unveiled the day of Open House, April 27th. He and museum curator, Paul Rubenson will be available the day of Open House to walk visitors through the museum and share the history of the BMW motorcycles on display.

Currently the museum has 3 sections: the first includes a variety of motorcycles up to 1969; the second section is the psychedelic and colorful 70’s; and the final section includes “conversational” motorcycles that have unique and fun back stories.

Bob ‘s passion is for the black and aluminum era, so one might argue the museum currently weighs a bit heavy on that period of motorcycles. As museum curator, Mr. Rubenson reminded Bob that in order to include models manufactured in the 80’s and 90s, two decades currently not represented, some of those beautiful black and aluminum machines must be rotated out.

And so the museum update begins! On Open House, April 27th, Bob and Paul will unveil the newest bikes and take visitors on a journey from 1923 all the way into the 90’s! For those who are not familiar with Bob’s personal collection, it is quite extensive so the question still becomes which models from the 80’s and 90’s to publically display?

Mr. Rubenson explains, “many of the bikes in Bob’s collection have amazing stories behind them, but to be museum worthy, bikes must fit three criteria. First, the bike must be attractive. Next it needs to be original; no customizations or modifications. Third, if it is not original it should be 100%, perfectly, and authentically restored. There are many bikes in Bob’s collection that are a hoot to look at and have interesting back stories to read about but unfortunately due to lack of space they cannot have a permanent place in the museum. Instead those bikes are saved for event days and are brought to the museum just for the day to spotlight.”

A prime example of this is the K1100LT we are “inducting” into Bob’s collection at this year’s Open House. Iron butter, Dave Cwi will be joining us at Open House to turn his bike over to Bob’s collection and share exciting stories of his many encounters riding hundreds of thousands of miles on this reliable machine.

So in summary, Bob’s is updating the Vintage Museum with newer and very cool motorcycles and wants you to be the first in line to see them on April 27! Not to mention all of the other fun and exciting things going on that day including an onsite DYNO machine to test your bike’s power and performance, a bike show with an award presentation including ribbons and trophies, tech session, guest speaker, food, prizes, one day specials, and lots of on-site vendors!

Help Wanted

As business grows, so does our team of fun and friendly motorcycle enthusiasts! Bob’s is happy to welcome our new Service Assistant, Chris Coogen, and Jim Leitholf, our new Parts/Apparel/Accessory Specialist. With that said, Bob’s is also pleased to announce we are looking to fill two more positions: Apparel Sales Specialist and E-Sales Assistant.

If you like shopping here you will love working here even more, just ask our newest employees who have both been loyal Bob’s BMW customers for years. Jim used to visit the shop across the street and every time would say to his self, “what a cool place this would be to work.” I suppose that is how he came up with, “Living the dream” as his one-liner on his name tag. (Bob lets all of his employees have a little fun with their name tags). So now, after years of serving on the Anne Arundel Police Department, Jim suits up in the morning, hops on his 2004 R1150GS and rides to Bob’s to provide the same exceptional customer service he received as a customer on the other side of the counter!

Our new Service Assistant, Chris is another long-time customer. After years of teaching math, science, and computers to middle school children, he decided it was time for a career change and shifted gears towards another passion of his…BMW motorcycles, specifically /5’s! Chris will be assisting technicians in the service department to help them to provide your bikes the best service possible.

As for the newest positions available, below is a description of each.

  1. Apparel Sales Specialist (part time) – Help riders identify and obtain the riding gear and apparel that would enhance their motorcycling experience. Applicants must be friendly, outgoing, and dedicated to providing superior customer service. Excellent organization, computer, and communication skills are required. Previous experience and a basic knowledge of motorcycles and technical riding gear of any brand are preferred. Hourly wage plus commission.
  2. E-Sales Assistant (part time) – Assist a small team handling the online sales aspect of our business. Applicant must be self motivated but also able to take direction. Must have exceptional attention to detail (proof reading/text editing), be proficient with PC and MAC, and be familiar with best practices in merchandising on the web and social media. Basic photography, photo editing and/or graphic design skills, experience posting to eBay, and interest or working knowledge of motorcycles or powersports industry preferred. Training and equipment provided. Flexible hours at hourly wage. Perfect for web design or ecomm major.

Help us spread the word so we can fill these positions as soon as possible. Perhaps you are the perfect person for the job or maybe you know who the right person is…we pay for referrals! Anyone interested can complete a Bob’s Application and send it directly to or call her at 301-497-8949 ext. 211.

Local GS Adventure Is Calling Your Name

Riding distance from Bob’s BMW.

For the second year in a row Altrider is hosting a dual sport ride that is within riding distance from Bob’s BMW! And what is even cooler is the proceeds help to preserve land for off-road riding which as you all know, we don’t have much of in our region, so it is a great cause to be a part of!

The cost is $225 per rider and includes nightly entertainment, a keg of beer at the campsite, five meals including a pig roast, slideshow presentations, prizes, and of course off-road seminars and GPS routed rides for all skill levels.

GS Rider of Bob’s BMW, Michael White stated, “I went to the ride last year. It was awesome. Lots of different types of terrain and a nice mix of riders.”

Should you decide to partake in this epic off-road adventure you can pre-register online. Then mark your calendar and get you and your bike ready to head to Woodward Caves Campground on June 7th. Arrive, get settled in, and enjoy your first evening by the campfire eating, drinking, and getting to know your fellow riders! Be sure to pace yourselves Friday evening because Saturday is going to be a fun-filled and very exciting day of riding through “diverse terrain, including stunning forests surrounded by lush foliage, narrow bridges, sand crossings, and never-ending gravel and rock.”

Throughout the day, seminars will be held teaching off-road riding techniques and mid-way through the day, you will stop for a scenic lunch at Hyner Run State Park. The day ends with a pig roast accompanied by ice cold beer awaiting you back at the campground. That evening you will enjoy a prize ceremony along with an exciting presentation from a surprise guest.

When you wake up Sunday, grab some breakfast, tour the largest cave in Pennsylvania, located right at the campground, or get an early start back to your home base, it’s your call.

Off-road riding is so limited in our region which is why Bob’s is always thrilled to share cool events like this one, that provide GS riders opportunities to get their bikes dirty and have some fun.

If you know of an upcoming dual sport adventure, training course, or group ride, contact We want to provide as many resources to our customers as possible. GS Riders of Bob’s BMW Facebook page is a great source for GS enthusiasts to share information with one another and of course you can always check our events calendar for both Bob’s events as well as other events hosted in the region.

Finally, if you decide to register for this or any other adventure throughout the year, email so you can represent Bob’s BMW to the fullest!

Register for Conserve the Ride 2013

Lee’s Arts On Display At Bob’s Open House

Lee’s sculptures.

Lee Hulteng is an artist Bob met earlier this year at a swap meet who designs metal sculptures out of old motorcycle and car parts. The uniqueness of these sculptures immediately caught Bob’s artistic eye. Not only is the overall concept of using recycled motorcycle parts a cool idea in itself, but many of the sculptures are more than just displays, they are functional; some are clocks, some offer storage, etc. To get an idea of Lee’s art you can visit his website,, but to see his work in person, join us April 27 at our Open House. Lee will be here with a full display of his work!

Not only is Lee’s art interesting, so is he! Lee got his “figure it out, make it work” approach from his father who was an engineer and got his artistic side from his mother, a talented artist and musician. In high school, after getting a reputation for having a steady hand, many of friends began turning to him to do custom brush work on their cars and motorcycles. He graduated junior college with an Associate of Arts degree in commercial art and went on to work as a freelancer, for ad agencies, at design studios, and for a local television station in his town. Later he became the staff artist of the Grand Forks Herald newspaper in North Dakota. Years later he landed in Maryland after being offered and accepting a job in Washington D.C. as senior illustrator for Knight Rider/Tribune News Service (now McClatchy Tribune).

If you visit his website, you will see his talent goes far beyond metal sculptures. In fact, his sculptures are more of a hobby. That is not to say the sculptures are armature by any means; just that the story telling and attention to detail in his illustrations is even more impressive!

Bob’s Newest Toy

Bob’s new toy!

Although still very much enjoying and getting many miles out of his 2007 R1200GS, after experiencing the all new 2013 water cooled R1200GS at the dealer launch in Morocco, Bob decided the time had come to upgrade his 2007 GS and pass along the keys to a very lucky customer looking to purchase a well taken care of, “Bob’s BMW Advantage Certified,” pre-owned motorcycle.

Having just ridden the 2013 R1200GSW, one might assume he emailed his Sales Manager from Morocco to request a 2013 GSW be put aside, but he didn’t. After 30 plus years in the business and after seeing the newest GS live up to everything the reviews have said; Bob knew customer demand was going to easily surpass BMW supply. And the last thing he would ever want to do is take the keys out of the hands of one of his customers…he would never live that down!

So long story short (too late!) upon his return, what was sitting on the showroom floor? A brand new 2012 R1200GS left from last year’s inventory in his favorite color scheme, Alpine White. Hence, the back story of how Bob chose to upgrade to a 2012 GS as opposed to the all new 2013 R1200GSW model.

The service department just finished customizing paint and adding on accessories, fully loading Bob’s newest toy making it ready for his next adventure and long route to work he frequently takes advantage of. In the coming images, you will see the installation of PIAA LED driving and fog light sets, front and rear Weiser LED turn signals, BMW Nav IV GPS, Hammerhead shift lever, Adventure foot pegs, Interphone iphone holder, Bob’s BMW engineered wrist wrest, GrabOn grip covers, and BMW Vario hard luggage, fitted with red Kathy’s bag liners to compliment the red in the alpine white color scheme and custom painted red Hepco & Becker engine guards.

This motorcycle is an all around great example of the fun you can have working with our parts, accessory, and service departments to customize your dream machine to make it an even bigger dream come true! If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, stop by and speak with any of our parts and accessory specialists or technicians in service.

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Shop All Weekend Tax FREE!

Tax free at Bob's BMW

NO TAX on purchases in-store or shipped within Maryland April 12th thru April 15th.*

Tax deadline day is just around the corner, reminding many of us how nice it would be to STICK IT TO THE MAN! Bob’s wants to help…Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday any parts, accessories, or apparel purchased will be TAX FREE! If there is something you want and it isn’t in stock, simply place your order, pre-pay in full and still get it tax free!

Prior years our customers have saved over $10,000 during Bob’s tax-free days…surely you want a piece of that?! Stop by, call, email, fax, shop ONLINE, send us a message in a bottle, whatever! Just get it done and paid in full by Monday, April 15 and get it tax free!

*This offer applies to parts, accessories, and apparel paid in full in-store and/or being shipped within Maryland– with the exception of items that have been previously ordered or on an existing repair order. Sorry our no-tax offer does NOT apply to new motorcycles, used motorcycles, scooters, or sidecar rigs. Tax will appear on all invoices (required by law) but the equivalent amount will be deducted from the total.

Ride in Security like never before…with B.O.S.S.

Bob’s BMW proudly announces…
Bob’s Overhead Security System —or B.O.S.S.

Bob's BMW April Fool's DayIt’s a new high-tech safety solution that offers a multitude of enhanced safe-riding benefits exclusively for Bob’s customers who enroll in our great program!

It turns out that being the most prominent BMW dealership in the Washington DC area’s has its advantages!

In partnership with the U.S. Military at nearby Fort Meade, and the National Security Agency (NSA), whose top secret facility is only three miles from our dealership, Bob’s BMW has developed an amazingly effective peace time use for unmanned reconnaissance aircraft – or “drones.” These small, remote controlled aircraft are bristling with the latest high-resolution cameras, surveillance sensors, and listening devices. (We’re told to rest assured that they’re unarmed!) And now, Bob’s has a dedicated fleet of them whose sole purpose will be to circulate nationwide as our friendly, though unseen, “Eyes in the Sky!”

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that our friendly drones are in the air at all times acting on your behalf. Yes, every time you ride, you’ll know that we’ve got your back!

By constantly monitoring travel conditions on the ground – to a degree of precision never before thought possible – the B.O.S.S. drone fleet will take the “guesswork” out of motorcycle riding by keeping track of constantly changing traffic and road conditions, as well as alerting you to the exact location of such dangers as severe storms, roads under construction, accidents, official checkpoints, and other police activity. You’ll even know where the potholes are – BEFORE you see them!

How does B.O.S.S. work? EASY! If you have had a BMW Nav IV or Garmin GPS unit installed on your bike at Bob’s in the last two years, or even if you bought it from Bob’s and installed it yourself, you are ALREADY “PLUGGED IN” to our surveillance system! That’s right, our Eyes in the Sky already know where you are – and WHO you are! But whether you have a GPS now or are planning on buying one soon, you’ll need to enroll in our program in order to actually utilize the benefits of this technology. Because when you’re a member of our Early Warning Safety Program, all the specific information you need to ride safely in today’s increasingly hostile traffic environment is delivered right to your on-board GPS unit – in real time as you ride!

How much, you ask? You’ll be AMAZED to learn that membership in Bob’s Overhead Security System is completely affordable.

Sign up for our Standard Early Warning Security Package, which includes all the incredible features described above, and you pay an unbelievably low…
$89.99 per month!

But that’s not all. Sign up for the Deluxe Early Warning Security Package and you’ll have the added peace of mind of being able to track the exact location of your family and friends at all times — PLUS you’ll be warned IN ADVANCE of potential “threats” such as mass political protests, undisclosed armaments in the hands of unfriendly militant groups, the presence of unauthorized chemical or biological weapons, and even clandestine meetings of known or extremist political organizations and anti-American subversives such as the A.C.L.U., all for only…
$119.99 per month!

Now you, as a Bob’s BMW Rider, can travel anywhere in these United States knowing that B.O.S.S. technology is at work to guarantee your Riding Pleasure!

Click HERE to sign up NOW!

New Water-Cooled BMW R1200RT Spied Testing

Appeared in Motorcycle News
March 22, 2013
By Andy Downes

New water-cooled BMW R1200RT

New water-cooled BMW R1200RT

A fleet of all-new water-cooled BMW R1200RTs have been spied carrying out road testing in the South of France ahead of the launch of the completely new bike in 2014.

The R1200RT is the current best-selling tourer in the UK but will be replaced next year and use the same all-new water-cooled 125bhp motor from the recently launched BMW R1200GS adventure bike.

The GS was completely re-engineered with not just a new boxer engine but also a new chassis and a single-sided swingarm, shaft drive and exhaust system.

Four new bikes have been spotted testing in France – handily the BMW test team opted to cover the bikes in garish black and white swirly decals which meant they were easily seen. If they had just been painted black it’s highly doubtful anyone would have noticed!

2014 BMW R1200RT

2014 BMW R1200RT

Spy shot of the BMW R1200RT[/caption]We can see from the images they bike has the new engine from the GS along with the swingarm and shaft drive unchanged. The exhaust has a different silencer to the GS but this may not be the fully-finished production version.

The front shots show the bikes have fitted, at least as an option, the adaptive headlights from the BMW K1600GT model which adjust the level and actually tilt with the bike as it corners to give a longer view up the road while the bike is leant over.

The front fairing is modified too with new plastics around the new lights. The side panels have new air-ducts which are sited next to the new twin radiators which are now an integral part of the cooling of the new engine.

Timonium Show Winners Announced

Timonium Motorcycle Show Winners Claim Their Prizes At Bob’s BMW

3 of five winners claim their prizes!

1. Jim Dunkerson of Pasadena, MD is the Grand Prize winner of a $400 shopping spree!
2. Tony Jordan of Baltimore, MD wins a $200 shopping spree!
3. Tony Bennett of Springfield, VA wins a $100 shopping spree!

Other winners not pictured: John Stumpf from Selinsgrove, PA won a $100 shopping spree and Lisa Gunnet of York, PA won a $200 shopping spree!

Jim Dunkerson

Tony Jordan

Tony Bennett

What’s Happening at Bob’s?

It’s that time of year again! Time to mark your calendars, put the rubber to the road and ride to Bob’s for some fun and exciting events starting with our Spring Open House and Season Kick Off on April 27th…

Jeremy CookLOOK at all our features! We will have a DYNO onsite so you can see how powerful your bike REALLY is; enter our CONCOURS with blue ribbons and trophies to hand out in 4 separate modern and vintage categories; a TECH SESSION on High Performance begins at 11 in the service department; Guest Speaker Dave Cwi talks about his HIGH MILEAGE adventures, then his venerable, odometer-abused bike will be inducted into the Bob’s Vintage Museum; Take a MUSEUM TOUR with Bob spotlighting some never before seen machines from his collection; Vendors including ÖHLINS will eager to show you their latest; You won’t go hungry because the Blue Knights will be serving PIT BEEF and beverages; Our sponsored S1000RR Racer Jeremy Cook will be here with his bike to meet and greet; Last but not least, In-Store, One-Day-Only SPECIALS on select apparel and accessories will be tempting you at every turn! And there’s more! Details on Open House and other 2013 events are available on our website, regularly updated as more is revealed.

Speaking of events, last year after seeing the growing popularity of our tech seminars, we have committed to hosting at least one seminar a month this year. We are always interested in ideas and topics. If you have a suggestion, please send to

On another note, 2013 marks the year of the three year cycle when motorcycle apparel manufacturers update their product lines, so we have some very new and exciting riding gear in-stock for those of you always looking for the latest and greatest; which on the other hand also means that with all of the new coming in, we need to get the old out…so our PAA department has some great closeout specials!

Finally, anyone interested in a once in a lifetime adventure can contact directly for details on a 14-day motorcycle tour of South Africa he and Suzanne have planned for November of this year with Ayres Adventure (whom will be here April 27 for Open House!).

Needless to say, as always…lots going on at Bob’s BMW, your #1 destination dealer!