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Farkle (n): A modification to a motorcycle that satisfies the following criteria: creates “bling,” and serves a purpose (the usefulness of which is in the eyes of the farkler). Often used among touring riders to denote or convey status amongst their peers. Ex: “I picked up a new farkle for my GS today: a GPS-based burger joint locator!” (v): To farkle; to accessorize one’s motorcycle with farkles. Ex: “Boy, John really farkled out his K1300GT; it’s even got a cup holder!”

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*Online only. Discount applies only to regular priced items grouped under the gadgets and gizmos section of the website. The following brands do not allow for any discounts on their products: BMW, Wunderlich, and Touratech. Offer cannot be combined with additional discounts. Offer ends June 30, 2021.  

Jeremy Cook: Race 1 at Road Atlanta

Jeremy Cook (No. 81) scored his first points-paying finish of the 2021 MotoAmerica season Sunday at Road Atlanta.
Photo credit: BrockImaging
Click here to download a high-resolution versions of photos included in this press release

BRASELTON, Ga. — For Jeremy Cook, his first full pro road racing season started at a track he’d never ridden on before. Despite enduring mechanical problems with his BMW S 1000 RR on Thursday and Friday, the Bob’s BMW Jeremy Cook Racing rider got a positive start to his first full MotoAmerica racing season when he finished in the points in Sunday’s Stock 1000 race.
Cook – who is an instructor for presenting sponsor Motorcycle Xcitement — first competed in a MotoAmerica race in 2015, and MotoAmerica’s season-opening Superbikes at Atlanta round marked the first of nine MotoAmerica rounds that Cook plans to compete in this year.
After encountering problems with his motorcycle’s clutch system Thursday night while prepping the BMW and Friday during the Stock 1000 Class’ Friday practice session, Cook qualified 23rd for the weekend’s two Stock 1000 races.
In Saturday’s race, Cook moved up three positions on the first lap, crossing start/finish in 20th-place. He got past another rider on Lap 2 and maintained 19th place to the end of the contest. In Sunday’s Stock 1000 race, Cook made another good start and was running in 15th place at the end of Lap 1. Though Cook dropped as far as 18th on Laps 8 and 9, he recovered in the latter stages of the race to finish 15th and claimed his first championship point of his 2021 campaign.
The next stop on MotoAmerica’s schedule is VIRginia International Raceway May 21-23. Though Cook has some bad memories of the Alton, Va., track from a severe crash he suffered there in 2009, the Maryland rider also has ample experience on the facility’s 2.25-mile North Course and will be targeting his first top-10 finish of 2021 that weekend.
Jeremy Cook / No. 81
“It was a bit of a struggle this weekend at Road Atlanta. We raced in several Championship Cup Series races at New Jersey Motorsports Park last weekend and thought we were fully prepared for what lied ahead. It was my first time racing at Road Atlanta, and it’s a steep learning curve with this very physical racetrack. Between trying to get the bike set up for a track we didn’t know and the mechanical issues we dealt with Thursday and Friday, it felt like we were behind the eight-ball most of the weekend. I have to give a huge shout out to Roger Lyle of Motorcycle Xcitement for helping us with track knowledge and technical support. I learned a lot about racing at Road Atlanta by going to school on the riders I was competing against and was able to use that knowledge to score Sunday’s points-paying finish. My bad memories of VIR still linger in my head, but I’m happy to be heading to a track my team and I know well.”

# # #

This press release has been prepared by Marino Communications on behalf of Jeremy Cook Racing. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Marino at 614.636.0199 or michael@marinocommunications.com

Jeremy Cook: MotoAmerica Stock 1000 Championship 2021

Jeremy Cook (No. 81) plans to race at every round of the MotoAmerica Stock 1000 Championship in 2021.
Photo credit: BrockImaging
Click here to download a high-resolution versions of photos included in this press release

PASADENA, Md. — Jeremy Cook kicks off his first full professional road racing season this weekend at MotoAmerica’s Superbikes at Atlanta round, and his long-time sponsor, Bob’s BMW, is set to be Cook’s team’s title sponsor for the 2021 MotoAmerica season. The Maryland BMW motorcycle dealership has supported Cook’s racing career for more than a decade, and its increased level of support will allow Cook to contest the full MotoAmerica Stock 1000 Championship this year.
Cook, who competed in his first MotoAmerica race in 2015 and has more than a dozen pro road races under his belt, will race a 2020 BMW S 1000 RR at all nine of this season’s scheduled MotoAmerica rounds. The Pasadena, Md., resident started racing BMW motorcycles in 2010 after he purchased his first BMW S 1000 RR from Bob’s BMW.
“As I look ahead to a year of crisscrossing the country to race against some of the most talented road racers in North America, I can’t help but think about my first customer experience at Bob’s BMW,” Cook said. “If it wasn’t for the exceptional customer service Bob’s staff showed me when I bought that first S 1000 RR, I probably wouldn’t be pursuing my racing career this vigorously. I can’t thank the ownership and staff at Bob’s enough for their generous support over the last 11 years. The dealership’s employees are like family to me, and I feel very fortunate to have them in my corner.”
Located in Jessup, Md., Bob’s BMW was founded in 1981 by Bob Henig and has grown to be one of the most respected BMW motorcycle dealerships in North America. The dealership has won several awards for overall dealer excellence, customer satisfaction, and community service, and prides itself on providing customers with an experience that exceeds expectations.
To learn more about Bob’s BMW, visit its website at www.bobsbmw.com or stop by the dealership, located at 10720 Guildford Road, Jessup, MD 20794.
For the MotoAmerica Superbikes at Atlanta round, there are two Stock 1000 races on the schedule. Both races will be broadcast live on MotoAmerica’s streaming platform, MotoAmerica Live+. To learn more about MotoAmerica Live+ and watch Cook compete against the nation’s top motorcycle road racers, visit www.motoamericaliveplus.com.

# # #

This press release has been prepared by Marino Communications on behalf of Bob’s BMW Jeremy Cook Racing. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Marino at 614.636.0199 or michael@marinocommunications.com

Introducing the 2021 BMW R1250RT

Review and Video by: Scott Bradley

In the world of motorcycle design, there is an ever present sense of compromise and balance. Each bike is a purpose built tool, and will always excel in one area over the other. This has been especially true in the Sport Touring segment of motorcycling. Being able to meld blistering speed and razor sharp handling into a comfortable chassis is a formula that many have sought to perfect. While the BMW R1200RT has done an exceptional job since its inception, the pursuit of perfection will always be sought after, just like the next apex. The R1250RT is the newest evolution in this goal.

At the heart of the new machine is the 1250 Shift Cam Engine, which has already proven its mettle as the heart of the GS and the R/RS bikes. The more agricultural nature of previous boxers has been replaced by buttery smoothness and incredibly tractable power off the line. The transmission shifts seamlessly (especially with quick shift assist) and the clunk of the previous gearboxes is no longer. In my time riding the RT around the streets of Washington DC, its low center of gravity and predictable power delivery made navigating traffic an absolute breeze. And when the traffic got exceptionally snarled due to the cherry blossom gawking, I was more than grateful for its assertive horn. This bike without a shadow of a doubt has the LOUDEST stock horn out of any motorcycle I’ve ridden. It easily commands attention, as do the powerful new LED lights in the redesigned fairing. A phalanx of running lights throws a wide beam over the road ahead, while the center high beam creates an incredibly focused beam. The LED Auxiliary lights complete the trifecta, eliminating any over-running the beam and give you a fighting chance at being seen by distracted drivers. From a design perspective, the front of the bike looks far more sleek and sportier than the previous iteration. The bike has gotten a LOT of compliments in the few days I was riding it.

Coming from an F850GS as a daily rider, my expectations of the 1250RT were far different than the experience. I’m accustomed to very tall and perched riding ergonomics, and the rev happy nature of a parallel twin. I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the multiple iterations of the K1600, and while it’s an incredible machine from an engineering standpoint the sheer heft of it was less than desirable on the roads near home. At 6’3 the ergonomics of the RT are exceptionally natural, with a relaxed knee curve and a handlebar position that I could ride with for hundreds of miles without the slightest fatigue. Yet when the center line starts to bend, this touring bike is quite eager to dip into a turn. The rider triangle makes for easy movement on the bike, and the balance of the boxer makes quick transitions and chicanes a breeze. And when it comes to exiting a corner the bike pulls like a freight train with effortless torque on tap. There have been times where I almost forgot I was on a boxer driven bike, as the power curve is so linear and smooth. I was expecting low speed maneuvering to be a bit of a bear with a high mounted fairing, but even tight U-turns were executed with grace. And out of all the bikes with tall windscreens, the R1250RT is the first one I’ve actually enjoyed! In the low position it directs a breath of fresh air straight into my helmet vents, while the high position has enough coverage to prevent buffeting in an ADV helmet. Sitting behind such a tall screen is a real treat on the highway. Wind noise drops from a roar to a hush, and greatly improves the sound coming from my helmet comm system. Having such a great barrier from the elements while your hands and posterior are being heated is enough to spoil even the heartiest of rider!

While a lot of these traits were present on the first generation of the 1250RT, the new TFT dash is an absolute game changer in terms of motorcycle interfaces. At 10.25 inches there is a massive amount of screen real estate to work with. The tachometer builds in a gorgeously detailed incline that stretches the expanse, remaining visible in even the brightest sunlight. With a smartphone and helmet comm system linked up, your favorite riding playlist shows the album art front and center, while song choice and volume can all be controlled by the Wonder Wheel. The same navigation wheel also gives you access to the bike’s important statuses, like engine temperature, tire pressure, and even service messages. But the real shining star of the new dash is GPS integration with the Ride Connected app. Gone is the need for a dedicated cradle and an expensive secondary purchase, replaced by an interactive experience with added functionality. Place your phone into the wireless charging-equipped (and lockable) compartment, and a full color map splits the screen in real time with your dashboard. Critical functions like waypoint alteration and map zoom are all controlled by the Wonder Wheel, with audible prompts fed straight into your helmet. Having your navigation on the same screen adds a degree of safety, since the rider isn’t splitting focus between two different lines of sight. Sourcing the navigation from the phone makes updating maps a breeze, and all your rides are tracked in real time. Found a new route to share with your friends? The whole itinerary can be easily exported to a GPX file, and any photo taken on your phone during the ride is automatically geotagged on the map! For the performance minded, the ride tracking also records maximum lean angle, G force on acceleration, and even notes when ABS or traction control engage. Centralizing the ability to plot and record trips makes these tools far more likely to be utilized!

I for one am overjoyed to see that the RT has finally been given the innovation that BMW has brought to other bikes in the lineup. For those who want the perfect balance between comfort, power, and maneuverability the R1250RT is the bike to beat.

Watch Video>>

April Fools

Really valve stem caps? All models since 1923? You didn’t really think…?!

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Immediate Release – BMW Valve Stem Cap Recall

Immediate Release

April 1, 2021

Immediate Stop Ride due to Valve Stem Cap: All BMW Models since 1923.

An urgent safety recall affecting ALL past and present BMW motorcycle models currently in use was announced April 1, 2021. This recall also mandates an official Stop Sale affecting all current unsold BMW motorcycle inventory, ALL models.

The recall is related to VALVE STEM CAPS on both front and rear wheels, with either tubeless or tube-type tires mounted. It has recently been discovered that a 0.002 mm thread pitch discrepancy between valve stems and valve stem caps installed on all BMW motorcycles manufactured since 1923 can lead to a potentially hazardous valve stem cap overheating condition. Overheated valve stem caps, caused by friction resulting from high frequency vibrations, can self-loosen and eventually fly off. This condition is considered a ROAD HAZARD because an overheated valve stem cap when airborne at highway speed can become a dangerous projectile! Additionally, the resulting valve stem core exposure due to the absence of a valve stem cap is a potential HEALTH RISK. Trapped road dirt and bacteria inside the valve stem core can become activated by slow leakage of compressed HOT AIR from within the tire, then released into the atmosphere where it can be inadvertently inhaled, leading to respiratory distress.

This official announcement, states that this critical thread pitch discrepancy (blamed on a subcontracted manufacturer’s production error) has now been ascertained to be the cause of the vast majority of missing valve stem caps reported in registered complaints to BMW Motorrad through its authorized dealers for the last ninety-plus years.


  • Step ONE: Owners must immediately inspect both front and rear wheels to confirm Valve Stem Caps are still in place. DO NOT RIDE until this inspection is done!
  • Step TWO: Motorcycles affected (those with missing Valve Stem Caps) should be brought (not ridden!) to authorized BMW Motorrad dealers immediately for further inspection and a professional diagnosis by certified BMW technicians. If necessary to install replacement parts under warranty, the parts for this campaign are expected to be available January 2031., along with a service bulletin and repair instructions. Important: DO NOT RIDE until authorized replacement valve stem caps are installed!

For additional details and to reserve your spot in line for replacement parts visit www.bobsbmw.com/20210331-april-fools/

NHTSA Statement

Please be reminded that it is a violation of federal law (The Safety Act) for you to sell, lease or deliver any new motor vehicle covered by this notification until the recall repair has been performed. This means that dealers may not legally deliver new motor vehicles to consumers until they are fixed or use/sell replacement equipment/parts subject to this recall. Note also that substantial civil penalties apply to violations of the Safety Act.  Also, you should not sell, lease or deliver any used vehicles in your inventory subject to a safety recall until the repair is completed.

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Riding Gear

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BMW Motorrad R 1250 RT-P featured in Presidential Inauguration Parade

BMW Motorrad R 1250 RT-P featured in Presidential Inauguration Parade

BMW Motorrad R 1250 RT-P featured in Presidential Inauguration Parade

A Message from BMW Motorrad NA:

This Wednesday’s U.S. Presidential Inauguration featured many different notable figures from President Joe Biden, to Vice President Kamala Harris, poet laureate Amanda Gorman and musical artist Lady Gaga to name a few. But perhaps one of the most unexpected attendees, especially for the BMW Group, was the fleet of BMW R 1250 RT-P Motorcycles leading the presidential Inauguration Parade.

The ceremony began with the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C. riding 22 R 1250 RT-P bikes from Bob’s BMW Motorcycles. The dealership, located in Maryland just outside of Washington D.C., had been working with the police department since June 2020 to fulfill the order which represented the first time the department moved away from competitor Harley-Davidson. 10 customer flag pole holders were also fabricated by the dealership and put to the test on a cold and windy day.

Thanks to Bob’s BMW Motorcycles in making this happen! BMW Motorrad is appreciative of being able to participate in such a historic moment. 

2021 BMW M1000RR

2021 BMW M1000RR

The new BMW M RR: Pure racing technology for the highest performance requirements in motor sports and on the road.

BMW Motorrad already introduced the successful M vehicle offer strategy at the end of 2018 for motorcycles and has been offering M optional equipment and M performance parts ever since. With the new BMW M 1000 RR – in the following referred to as M RR in short – the first M model from BMW Motorrad based on the S 1000 RR (RR for short) is now celebrating its world premiere. BMW Motorrad follows the philosophy of the strongest letter in the world: M stands worldwide for success in motor racing and the fascination of high-performance BMW models and is aimed at customers with particularly high demands relating to performance, exclusiveness and individuality.

With an engine output of 156 kW (212 HP), a DIN vehicle kerb weight of only 192 kg and a suspension and aerodynamics designed for maximum race track performance, the new M RR meets the main expectations in the top segment of Superbikes.

M RR four-cylinder engine based on the RR engine for racing sport. More peak power and increased maximum engine speed.

The new M RR uses a water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine based on the RR power train with BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve timing and valve lift that has been modified comprehensively in the direction of a racing sport engine. It achieves its peak output of 156 kW (212 HP) at 14,500 rpm. The maximum torque of 113 Nm is applied at 11,000 rpm. In addition to a maximum speed increased to 15,100 rpm, the M RR engine has extensive technical optimisations such as new 2-ring forged pistons from Mahle, adapted combustion chambers, compression increased to 13.5, longer and lighter titanium connecting rods from Pankl, slimmer and lighter rocker arms, fully machined intake ports with new duct geometry as well as optimisations on camshafts and intake area. The lightweight exhaust system is also made of titanium. The new M RR engine is even more powerful than the RR power train in the range from 6,000 rpm to 15,100 rpm, a range that is particularly relevant for race track driving dynamics, but without losing its qualities as a fascinating source of power for sporty driving on country roads.

M winglets and high windscreen: Braking later and accelerating earlier thanks to the aerodynamic downforce without any reduction in maximum speed.

The aerodynamics were a decisive point in the technical specifications for development work of the M RR. In addition to a maximum speed that is as high as possible and absolutely necessary for winning races, there was another objective in the technical specifications of the M RR: to establish the best possible contact of the wheels with the road – especially when accelerating. The M winglets on the trim front, which were developed during intensive testing on the race track and in the BMW Group’s wind tunnel and are made of clear-coat carbon, take this into account as they produce aerodynamic downforce and thus additional wheel loads according to the speed. The additional wheel load on the front wheel counteracts wheelie inclination, traction control regulates less, more driving power is converted into acceleration and the driver achieves faster lap times. The effect of the winglets is also noticeable in curves and when braking, the downforce allows later braking and ensures increased cornering stability.

Chassis design trimmed for race track use with modified geometry, optimised wheel load distribution and extended adjustability of the swinging arm pivot point.

The chassis of the new M RR is based on the RR with the bridge frame made of aluminium at its centrepiece. It has an optimised upside-down fork as well as a revised central spring strut with blue spring and Full Floater Pro kinematics. The primary objective of the chassis design was to achieve the best possible lap times on the race track. The chassis of the M RR is therefore uncompromisingly designed for the race track, but also convinces with qualities for country roads. Special attention was paid to optimising drivability, the braking and anti-squat control as well as the best possible feeling of the driver for the front and rear wheel.

M brakes for the first time at BMW Motorrad as well as M carbon wheels as standard.

With the new M RR, there is a BMW motorcycle with an M brake for the first time – like the M vehicles of BMW M GmbH. It was developed directly from the experience with the racing brakes of BMW Motorrad company racing machines in the Superbike World Championship and provides maximum fading stability and controllability. Externally, the M brake callipers have a blue anodised coating in combination with the M logo. With the M carbon wheels, the new M RR has more high-tech components for maximum performance on the race track and road.

Instrument cluster with perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT display and OBD interface that can be used with activation code for the M GPS data logger and M GPS laptrigger.

The instrument cluster of the new M RR has the same basic design as the RR and has an M start animation. As part of the optional equipment, an activation code (contents of M competition package) can be used to provide comprehensive data material for the use of the M GPS laptrigger and M GPS data logger (Original BMW Motorrad Accessories) via the OBD interface of the instrument cluster.

Born for racing: M design and dynamic form language of the M RR indicate ultimate race track performance.

The new M RR emphasises its racing genes with the light white solid paint/M Sport colour scheme in the basic colours light blue, dark blue and red. Further features of the M RR are the engine covers in granite grey and the fuel filler cap painted black.

Uncompromising in design and technology: The M RR with M competition package.

For those who are still not satisfied with the new M RR in standard trim, the M competition package provides a fascinating mixture of classy components for the racing technology gourmet and the aesthete at the same time. In addition to the M GPS laptrigger software and the corresponding activation code, the M competition package also includes the M milled parts package, the M carbon package as well as a silver 220 g lighter swinging arm, the friction-optimised, maintenance-free and DLC-coated M Endurance chain and the passenger package including tail-hump cover.

The highlights of the new BMW M 1000 RR.

• M RR four-cylinder engine based on the RR engine for racing sport. Even more peak power, higher torque in the medium range and 500 rpm more maximum speed.

• 156 kW output at 14 500 rpm and thus 4 kW more than in the RR. Maximum torque of 113 Nm at 11 000 rpm.

• New 2-ring forged piston 12 g lighter, adapted combustion chamber and compression increased to 13.5. In addition, slimmer and lighter rocker arms.

• Fully machined intake ports with new duct geometry and BMW ShiftCam technology for varying the valve control time and valve lift.

• Titanium valves, on the exhaust side with new spring assembly, slimmer and 6 % lighter rocker arms and optimised camshafts.

• Very light, compact engine block with longer and 85 g lighter titanium connecting rods from Pankl for reduced friction power and less weight.

• Anti-hopping clutch without self-reinforcing for optimum Launch Control.

• Optimised differentiated intake system with shorter intake funnels for optimised gas exchange at high rotational speeds.

• New, 3,657 g lighter exhaust system with exhaust manifold, front silencer and rear silencer made of titanium.

• M winglets and high windscreen: Braking later and accelerating earlier and more stability when cornering thanks to the aerodynamic downforce without any reduction in maximum speed.

• “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Race”“ and “Race Pro1-3” riding modes and the latest generation of the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and DTC wheelie function with 6-axle sensor box.

• Two adjustable characteristic throttle curves for optimum response characteristics. Engine brake with threefold adjustable engine drag torque in “Race Pro” mode.

• Shift assistant Pro for shifting gears up and down without clutch. Simple reversibility of the shift pattern for race track use.

• Launch Control for perfect race starts and Pit-Lane-Limiter for precise speed in the pit lane.

• Hill Start Control Pro for convenient starting on slopes.

• Chassis design trimmed for race track use with modified geometry, optimised wheel load distribution and extended adjustability of the swinging arm pivot point.

• Optimised upside-down fork and revised central spring strut with Full Floater Pro kinematics.

• M brakes for the first time at BMW Motorrad: The M RR with maximum braking performance for the race track.

• M carbon wheels: Classy high-tech components for maximum performance on race track and road.

• Instrument cluster with large, perfectly readable 6.5-inch TFT display, starting animation with M logo and OBD interface that can be used with activation code for the M GPS data logger and M GPS laptrigger.

• Lightweight M battery, USB charging socket in the rear, powerful integrated LED light units and heated grips.

• M design and dynamic form language indicate ultimate race track performance.

• M competition package with M GPS laptrigger and activation code, M milled parts package, M carbon package, silver, 220 g lighter swinging arm, DLC-coated M endurance chain and passenger package including tail-hump cover.

• Comprehensive optional accessories and optional equipment ex works.

2021 BMW R1250GS Review

2021 BMW R1250GS Review

By: Scott Bradley

Of all the bikes that BMW makes the boxer-powered GS has attracted a near cult-like following and for good reason. The GS is a perfect example of versatility. You can cover expansive distances on asphalt or arduous terrain covered in dirt and gravel. With each new generation of the bike, BMW somehow manages to take an already brilliant bike and finds a way to improve upon it. The 2021 R1250GS shows exactly that, a refinement upon perfection.

In my 6 years of riding I’ve experienced most bikes in the GS lineup. From 650 singles and 700 Twins to Hexhead/water-boxer 1200s and the 850GS I currently own, I have a fair amount of seat time with the GS series. BMW’s R1200GS model engine really set a benchmark for the category of big bore ADV machines. The water-cooled twin pushes out aggressive torque with incredible smoothness without the agricultural nature of the oil cooled models. It also upped the ante with more advanced ride modes and varying degrees of traction control. The 1250 engine has really taken things to the next level. With the addition of variable valve timing known as Shiftcam, the engine has gained about 10 horsepower while growing even smoother. Shiftcam is essentially a two-stage cam lobe, shifting from minimal valve lift in the low end to a high lift profile in the upper rev ranges. This creates much more responsive and tractable power in the low end while giving a top end rush of power above 5,000 rpm. The difference was markedly noticeable while navigating through stop and go traffic. With a featherweight twist of the throttle the bike glides along and throttle inputs in Dynamic Mode feel organically connected to the intensity of input. Eager hands beware, as it’s exceptionally easy to send the front wheel airborne (yes even with traction control on). Once up to speed, the bike cruises on the highway unlike any boxer I’ve ridden before. Anyone familiar knows that the boxer is known for glassy smoothness while laying down highway miles, but the 1250 engine barely even feels like its running at 70mph! But rest assured, if you need a sudden burst of power to make an evasive maneuver there’s enough power on tap to leap forward and get out of dodge. Without any shaft jacking or lateral torque transfer like the boxers of old, this engine sets a precedent for refined power.     

With all this power at hand, it’s only right to have a suspension method that’s up to the task. One of the reasons I’ve always loved the 1200s is the Tele-lever suspension. Instead of telescopic forks, the front end utilizes a singular shock coil in an A-Frame type linkage. This suspension has been a staple in all of the R bikes since the mid 90’s, but the 1250 handles better than ever. With fully electronic suspension in both the front and rear the bike is making thousands of calculations a minute to adjust both dampening and rebound on the fly. It’s even able to compensate for additional luggage or a passenger on the back with no manual alterations required. While riding through the twists and turns of Rock Creek Parkway in Washington, DC the bike feels as though there’s a magnet holding it to the ground. In both graceful sweepers and tight curves it gripped the road with steadfast certainty. And when the asphalt grew uneven the GS floated overtop completely unbothered.

I’m also pleased to see the new 1250’s coming equipped with the Michelin Anakee Adventure tires. The 19-inch front wheel has always struck the perfect balance between on-road performance and overcoming obstacles. The 70/30 tread pattern of the Anakee handles like a confidently inspired set of street rubber, yet the deep grooves and blocky tread pattern shows promise for a foray into the dirt.

Mechanical innovation isn’t the only new addition found in the 1250GS. The TFT dash opens up an incredible amount of new functionality to the bike. The amount of ride modes are now up to seven, from a fuel efficient Eco mode to the tire shredding torque of Dynamic Pro. The rider is now able to dial in which modes to keep on tap and even allows calibration of each individual aspect of the mode. With the wonder wheel, it’s possible to adjust the amount of ABS and Traction Control independently to create a custom profile that best fits your riding style. The bike status menu in the dash also keeps tabs on critical information, telling you how far over or under your tire pressure is in relation to spec for your current load. My favorite feature by far is the TFT integration with smartphones and helmet Bluetooth systems. With all three devices linked together the bike will display whatever music is playing inside your helmet with album art and all. To change songs all you need to do is jog the wonder wheel to the right, no more taking your hand off the bars to hit skip. The smartphone integration also brings some engaging ride tracking tools to the table. With the Ride Connected app you can keep tabs on ride stats such as maximum lean angle, acceleration in G force, and even geotag photos along the completed ride route.

While most of the features on the 2021 R1250 have already been out for about a year or two, there are some new additions to this model year that have finally carried over from BMW’s touring models. The biggest change is the corner adaptive headlight from the K1600 series. This incredible safety feature allows the headlights to turn with the bike as it leans through corners. Doing so keeps the road ahead better illuminated and helps avoid the dreaded outrunning of the light. With better visibility, the chance of encountering unexpected obstacles is greatly reduced. Those who ride through the winter months will be happy to hear that the 1250 has finally gained heated seats! After walking out to a frosty saddle on many a winter morning, I can say that I’ve been spoiled with the heated seat and it will be hard to go back to that cold seat on the 850. I’m also quite thrilled to see the return of the Triple Black color scheme in this model year. The jet black paintwork glistens in the sun, and is complimented wonderfully by the Option 719 parts on the engine.

The number 719 carries some historical weight in Berlin. The number signifies specially machined and ornately crafted components that give the bike a gorgeous piece of adornment. The valve covers alone take more than half a day to create, and the efforts truly show in the stepped ridges of shimmering silver and glistening black.

Out of all the boxer powered GS’ that have come out of Berlin, I personally think this is the most beautiful, capable and is certainly the most powerful. BMW has set a gold standard that the rest of the industry is taking note of.



Count on Bob’s To Do It Right: Coronavirus Update

Effective December 18, 2020

Bob’s BMW remains committed to providing a healthy work environment while doing our best to provide you with an enjoyable and complete shopping experience.

The number of customers in the showroom areas are limited to 15 at one time, so please consider scheduling an appointment in advance for the best possible customer experience. 

Please respect these guidelines while in or on Bob’s BMW property:
Maintain physical distance of at least 6-feet between you and others.
Wear a mask that covers both your mouth and nose.
Wash your hands thoroughly before/after touching surfaces, trying on apparel, etc.

You are welcome to browse the showroom, but please wash your hands before and after touching any parts, apparel, or motorcycles, and minimize your touching as much as possible. This helps us to properly disinfect the dealership and contents.

In between every customer visit Bob’s BMW associates are cleaning and disinfecting work areas, and twice each day associates are disinfecting common areas, door handles, etc. We also have a professional cleaning company come in three times a week for a deep clean. Our goal is for you and our staff to feel comfortable and confident when in our dealership. 

Bob’s BMW closely follows every guideline and recommendation outlined in the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery, plus has successfully identified and implemented additional methods to create a clean and safe shopping experience. Bob’s BMW is proud to announce its most recent layer of protection against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and germs: the installation of a state-of-the-art Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) system.

The UGVI system is similar to those used in hospitals and surgery centers for air purification. It kills 99% of all germs and viruses as air passes through the HVAC system. The technology uses UV-C light, which is particularly effective at killing airborne pathogens. Not only does this technology help eliminate viruses and germs in the air we breathe, but also on most surfaces within the air-treated environment such as clothing, carpeting, and hard surfaces like desks, merchandise, and in Bob’s BMW’s specific case, motorcycles.

Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and patronage as we continue to navigate these challenging times. The outpouring of support we’ve received from the motorcycling community warms our hearts, keeps us going, and is very, very much appreciated.

Bob’s E-Commerce is operating at near warp speed; we’re shipping hundreds of orders daily around the corner, around the region, and across the country.

For New and Used Motorcycle Sales please call 301-497-8949 x 501, for Service x 502, for Parts, Accessories, Riding Gear, and Casual Clothing x 504.

December Savings

Treat Yourself This Holiday Season!

It’s time to pull the trigger on that special item you’ve been wanting. Buy now and SAVE 15% plus get shipping for free, regular exclusions apply. Offer valid thru December 31. Cannot be combined with additional discounts. Motorcycles, service labor, gift cards, sale items, and manufacturers choosing not to participate are not eligible. Brands and products not eligible include Touratech USA, Ohlins, Schuberth, Wunderlich, and GS-911. 

Black Friday 2020

The sale you’ve been waiting all year for has arrived! Get 20% off your entire parts, accessory, and apparel purchase now thru Cyber Monday* Plus get FREE SHIPPING, no minimum! 

*Motorcycles, service labor, gift cards, sale items, and the following manufacturers and products are not eligible: Touratech USA, Ohlins, Schuberth, Wunderlich, and GS-911. Cannot be combined with additional discounts or offers. Offer ends November 30, 2020 at 11:59pm (EST). 

2020 Thanksgiving Message

2020 Thanksgiving Message

For the past 5 years, Bob’s BMW has been closed on both Thursday and Friday to focus more on the true spirit of Thanksgiving—our families, friends, and riding motorcycles—instead of hitting the shopping malls (#optoutsideon2wheels). Hosting our Black Friday group ride and lunch with the 40 or so people who join us each year has been a lot of fun, and the festive atmosphere at the dealership on Saturday has been the best way to kick off the holiday season.  So we’re sticking with those plans this year, but with a few adjustments.

Bob and others on the Bob’s team will still be riding on Friday, but we will not be leading a group ride.  Who knows what roads we’ll be enjoying? We encourage you to explore some beautiful roads on your own and enjoy smiles and miles on two wheels or three or even four.

Eventually you’ll want to grab some food and if you’re in our general area, consider joining Bob and others around 12-12:30 for lunch at Cured in downtown Columbia, MD*.  We will be seated separately but some conversation will be possible—Cured is ready for as many of us that can make it, all with proper spacing and ventilation.  And there’s a huge covered parking garage where your bike or car will be safe and with more fresh air should you wish to kick tires after lunch.

The dealership will be open on Saturday with while-you-wait service, a showroom full of great new and used bikes, the best selection of great riding gear, useful accessories for all models, and casual wear in the region. And yes, stuff will be on sale including our legendary online temptations.

We continue to follow all safety protocols and our facility is protected by a UVGI air purification system, so you can count on a safe shopping experience at Bob’s. To ensure everyone gets the best possible customer care, we still encourage making an appointment in advance to talk seriously about motorcycle purchases (selling and trades too) and head-to-toe professional riding gear fittings.

*If you choose to join us for lunch, please let the Cured staff know in advance by calling them up at (667) 786-7111 and letting them know if you’re 1 person or more and that you’re part of the Bob’s BMW family. This way, as our ungroup grows, they can sit us adjacently enhancing our collective fun. Please wear a face covering in all areas of the restaurant unless eating/drinking. And, anticipating that you’ll enjoy the food and service, please be generous with your gratuity; these past few months have been very hard for restaurants and their staff.

All of us at Bob’s BMW wish you and yours a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  


Holiday Hours
Thursday, Nov. 26 – Friday, Nov. 27                      CLOSED
Thursday, Dec. 24 – Saturday, Dec. 26                  CLOSED
Thursday Dec. 31 – Saturday, Jan. 2                      CLOSED

Review of the 2021 BMW R18

Review of the 2021 BMW R18

By: Scott Bradley

As the figurehead of the BMW brand, the boxer engine has made leaps and bounds in terms of innovation and refinement. From the humble beginnings of the R32 to the R1250GS, each iteration has gained performance, technological improvement, and the smoothness that the flat twin is known for. There has always been a market for the nostalgia of the original airhead, with its visceral and organic feel, but without the headache of tuning and maintaining  carburetors. The R18 has perfectly filled that gap in the Motorrad lineup, straddling the line between modernity and heritage.

From the moment you lay eyes on it the R18 may look completely foreign to a motorcycle bearing the blue and white roundel, but it actually harkens back to the Pre-War R5. The First Edition R18 is absolutely jaw dropping, with beaming chrome and a jet black tank adorned with white pin-striping. Throwing a leg over it is also a pleasant surprise for the vertically challenged as it’s 27 inch seat height is the lowest in the BMW lineup. Behind the bars is a view of the massive cylinder heads, which surprisingly are push rod actuated.

The bike, as a whole, does a wonderful job of integrating old technology with modern innovation. It has an exposed drive shaft yet it is fuel injected and utilizes a single plate dry clutch but has ABS and traction control. The bike has a single gauge speedometer showing a digital tachometer in an LCD read out and I didn’t find myself longing for anything beyond it. The sparse layout in front of the handlebars gives you a much more stripped down riding experience with nothing to focus on but the road ahead.

Firing the bike up is an extraordinary departure from the traditional fuel injected boxer engine. With a flick of the starter the engine rumbles to life as the massive pistons make their nearly four inch stroke. The entire bike comes alive with an eager vibration, as if the bike is raring to leap forward. Gone is the agricultural clunk from the gearboxes of old when the R18 gets rolling, as it smoothly slips into gear. The bike pulls away effortlessly as the single plate dry clutch gives instant bite and responsiveness. Riding the R18 feels like dancing the waltz with a pugilist. Rolling along the engine is hardly breaking a sweat, even when its purring along at 70mph at 2500rpm. But as soon as you crack the throttle Dr. Jekyll becomes Mr. Hyde, as a brutish 118 ft lbs of torque rockets you forward with earth shaking intensity. The bike is an absolute riot off the line, like being propelled out of a slingshot. Although the power is immense, it isn’t obnoxiously loud. The bike is smooth when it wants to be but with an instantaneous snap of the throttle, you’ll be burning rubber. The fishtail exhaust contains the catalytic converter that tames the 1800cc into a muted roar, but rest assured the OEM option Vance & Hines slip on’s will unleash a raucous if you feel so inclined. When it comes time to bring the R18 to a stop, the brakes work with great efficacy and don’t jar you with a sharp engagement zone.

Riding the bike on the highway was one of the greatest surprises. Given the absence of any fairing I was expecting to be rattled with wind buffering. The ergonomics and geometry of the frame keep you low and out of the wind, but maintains that blissful sense of openness that only a naked bike can bring. With its long wheel base the R18 is also rock solid at speed, even with the turbulence of a passing semi truck. Getting off the freeway and into the city brought even more surprises. At 761 lb wet, one might think muscling the bike through Washington DC might be a challenge, but believe me when I say this bike is exceptionally light on its feet!

While rolling through the chicanes of Rock Creek Park, it became quite clear that this bike handles far below its weight class. This is thanks to the low center of gravity the flat twin is known for, as well as exceptionally taught and compliant suspension. Not once did I feel the bike buck or wallow through the turns, just point it where you want to go and the R18 feels like its on rails.

When the curves end and the traffic snarl begins the other benefit of the boxer becomes very apparent. Even with its 1.8 liters of displacement and no radiator in sight, not once did I feel the engine roasting me. Those enormous cylinders dissipate the heat with ease, aided by an oil cooler behind the front wheel.  Even the frequent urban rider will have an absolute blast on this bike and it will absolutely turn heads at every corner.

One of the first questions I heard when the R18 was first announced was, “who is this bike for?” I think this bike is for everyone! A GS rider can appreciate coming off their tall perch and enjoy its low slung stance. As a 6’3 rider of an F850GS, I was incredibly comfortable with the ergonomics and never felt cramped. A rider coming off a bike like the silky smooth K1600 will crack a smile when they feel the unabashed pull of a big twin. Even a rider of an S1000R will love that exhilarating rush that only a big bore engine with stump pulling torque can provide. And if you still don’t believe me, come take a test ride to see for yourself!

Veterans Day 2020

On this day, Bob’s BMW would like to pause to thank all those who so bravely serve our country. We want to extend a special thanks and take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of a fellow rider, enthusiast, long-time customer of Bob’s BMW, friend, and honorable member of the military, Colonel Glen Michael Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Army Col. Audra L. Taylor, division chief, Armed Services Blood Program (ASBP) states, “His career is truly great in scope and accomplishment. Fitzpatrick was there when the country needed him most during both war and peacetime. He ensured the military had access to the blood products it needed, carried out groundbreaking research, and worked with the international blood banking community to create synergy which benefitted the warfighter. ASBP owes him profound gratitude.” 

After four decades of service and major contributions to his country including serving in key capacities in Operations Desert Shield and Storm, the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Colonel Fitzpatrick was awarded the ASBP Lifetime Achievement Award this year. 

Highlights of Colonel Fitzpatrick’s Career Include:

  • Commissioned on graduation from the ROTC program at Colorado State University
  • Earned his master’s degree and Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University
  • Began his Army career in 1975 as a medical field specialist with the 629thMedical Clearing Company 
  • Served as blood bank Chief at Madigan Army Medical Center from 1983-1985, and then laboratory manager at Tripler Army Medical Center from 1985-1988
  • Provided oversight in the planning and distribution of blood support for Operations Desert Shield and Storm while serving as Joint Blood Program Officer for the US European Command from 1988-1991
  • Provided blood support for emergencies like the 1998 air show disaster at Ramstein Air Base as well as for NASA Space Shuttles and special forces operations
  • Directed research and development for advanced blood products at the Armed Services Blood Program Office from 1996-1999
  • Served as the director of ASBPO from 1999-2003 where he was responsible for coordinating and maintaining an adequate blood supply for the Department of Defense
  • Retired from active duty in 2003 but continued a military blood connection on the civilian collection agency side as Chief Policy Officer and Chief Operating Officer for America’s Blood Centers 
  • Currently president and director of clinical research and development for biotechnology company, Cellphire, Inc.
  • Continues to serve as a mentor and research advisor for ASBP Specialist in Blood Banking Fellowship 

Under each of these roles, Colonel Fitzpatrick accomplished a long list of achievements ranging from developing the plan for modernizing the frozen blood program, coordinating with other agencies for funding and development of hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers, fibrin bandage, cryopreserved platelets, and lyophilized platelets; to developing and implementing all DoD policies regarding blood collection, distribution, storage, and transfusion; and completing tasks like testifying before congress and the FDA, obtaining federal permission to fly blood products across the nations when all civilian aircraft was grounded after 9/11, and much, much more.

Today, in between his current professional roles, Colonel Fitzpatrick rides! His motorcycle collection includes a 1985 BMW K100, R67/2 sidecar rig, R1200C, and most recently the all-new R18!

Bob’s BMW is honored to know and call Colonel Fitzpatrick a member of the Bob’s BMW family. It is our pleasure to serve him and the thousands of other veteran riders. Here’s to Veterans Day 2020!


40 Years of GS – A Month Long Celebration

In honor of “40 Years of GS”, Bob’s BMW invites riders worldwide to partake in an exciting month long, three-part celebration! The fun begins October 1st with a motorcycle scavenger hunt and virtual motorcycle show, and ends November 1st with a FREE Grand Finale virtual event featuring GS Ambassadors and Experts from around the world!

Riders can choose to participate in some or ALL of the fun. Eligible participants will receive limited edition “40 years of GS” collectibles and a chance(s) to WIN two very exciting Grand Prize Giveaways*

Questions? Contact hanna@bobsbmw.com


Worldwide GS Motorcycle Show – #showusyourGS

This is your opportunity to show off your GS to riders worldwide for a chance to win one of a kind “40 Years of GS” collectibles and a hand-made trophy built from recycled motorcycle parts! So, if you think your GS motorcycle has what it takes to WIN in one of six categories post at least two pictures of your ride on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag the images accordingly: 

  • Dirtiest – #showusyourdirtyGS
  • Most Original – #showusyouroriginalGS
  • Highest Mileage – #showusyourhighmileageGS
  • Customized – #showusyourcustomGS
  • Most Stickered – #showusyourstickeredGS
  • Most Farkled – #showusyourfarkledGS

Rules and Eligibility: 

  • Photos must be posted on Facebook and/or Instagram no later than 4:00pm EST October 31, 2020
  • A bike may only be entered into a single class
  • A minimum of two pictures must be posted
  • Photos must be tagged with the individual class hashtag (see above) PLUS #40yearsofGS and #bobsbmwmoto and #showusyourGS
  • Winners will be announced November 1st at 3:30pm EST LIVE on Facebook and ZOOM. 

Questions? Email hanna@bobsbmw.com

Motorcycle Scavenger Hunt – 40 Years. 40 Places. 40 Points.

During the month of October, riders of all makes, models, and styles are invited to adventure through the DMV region, collecting points along the way that will earn them a chance(s) to WIN A Two-Day On or Off- Road Training Course at the BMW Performance Center. This price includes the rental of an all new BMW motorcycle and overnight accommodations!

Earn just 40 points and automatically win a bundle of limited edition “40 Years of GS” collectibles and get entered to win the grand prize. For every 3 additional points over 40 points your name will be entered AGAIN to win the grand prize! The more points you earn, the more chances you have to WIN!

How It Works
To earn destination points, you must take a picture of yourself as directed in the scavenger hunt instructions. To earn donation and bonus points, you must submit copies of your receipts. Riders can submit documentation (receipts and pictures) in person at Bob’s BMW any Wednesday or Saturday in October from 10am-4pm. 

  • Destinations = 3 points
  • Donations = 5 points for every $40 donation towards Feeding America
  • BONUS Activities = 10 points each

Winners will be announced LIVE on Facebook and ZOOM during our Grand Finale event on Sunday, November 1 at 3:30p.m.

Download PDF of Scavenger Hunt

Questions? Email hanna@bobsbmw.com

Grand Finale Virtual Celebration

The event BMW enthusiasts around the world have been waiting for…a day of everything GS! On November 1st, starting at Noon EST, participants pre-registered (it’s FREE!) will log into our ZOOM room for a day filled with BMW history, knowledge, and adventure presented by some of the most re-known GS Ambassadors and Experts in the industry:

12:00PM – Welcome Message from Trudy Hardy at BMW NA and Bob Henig LIVE from The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Museum in Jessup, MD 

12:30PM – The History of the BMW GS, Since 1981 presented by Hans Muth, designer of R90S, R100RS, R80GS, R65LS and more.

1:00PM – The Engineering and Tech Specs of Today’s GS presented by Aaron Rankin of BMW Performance Center

1:30PM – 40 Years on a GS presented by Helge Pedersen, author of 10 Years on Two Wheels and operator of Adventure Touring company, GlobeRiders.

2:30PM – Competing on a BMW GS presented by Jocelin Snow, competitor and host of GS Trophy, and major contributor of NEBDR.

3:00PM – Having Fun With GS’s Since 1981, presented by Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, world traveler six times around the globe by motorcycle, successful BMW roadracer, and a prolific adventure author of dozens of books and hundreds of magazine articles. NOTE: The original 1981 heavy modified R80G/S known as “Ugly Helga” that traveled around the world resides at The Vintage BMW Motorcycle Museum in Jessup, MD.

3:30PM – Winners of the social media contest, scavenger hunt, and main event announced by Bob.

A link with login information will only be provided to those that pre-register so don’t delay. It’s FREE!

Sign up TODAY!

All registered participants will be entered to win the Grand Prize Giveaway: A Limited Edition BMW Competition Rallye Suit! 

Questions are being collected in advance. Please email hanna@bobsbmw.com

*Prizes hold no cash value, are non-transferable, and are subject to change based on availability. Substitute prizes will hold equal or greater 

The Arrival of the 2021 BMW R18

The 2021 BMW R18 Has Arrived!

After four long years developing the new R18, the biggest opposed-twin engine BMW is here! This big boxer represents the core of the brand and introduces BMW to the world of big cruisers with 1800cc’s.

Watch the R18 Coming Out of The Crate>>

The Essence of the R18

  • Unique history and brand story
  • Consistently high torque and linear power development for perfect control
  • Ultra-emotional look, feel, and sound with easy options for modifications and customizing
  • Attention to every detail and high quality workmanship; built in Berlin
  • First class handling and comfortable cruising

Tech Specs

Design Air/Oil-cooled four-stroke opposed twin boxer
Bore x stroke 107 mm x 100 mm
Displacement 1,802 cc
Rated Power 91 hp at 4,750 rpm
Max. torque 116 lb. ft at 3,000 rpm
Compression ratio 9.6 : 1
Fuel grade Premium Unleaded
Valve gear OHV
Valves per cylinder 4
Intake/exhaust diameter 41.2 mm / 35.0 mm
Throttle valve diameter 48 mm
Engine management BMS-O
Emission control Controlled 3-way catalytic converter, compliant with the EU-5 emissions standard

Reserve Yours Today Here>>

Call 301-497-8949 or complete the online form to schedule a test ride TODAY!             

One Click Shopping for Your Motorcycle.

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Fighting Smart Against CoronaVirus


How a local Howard County business is using existing technology to fight the battle against Coronavirus.

Ultra-violet light has been successfully  killing airborne pathogens for more than a century, which is why Bob Henig, owner of Bob’s BMW Motorcycles, opted to install UVGI lights throughout the dealership’s HVAC systems to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Jessup, MD: Bob’s BMW Motorcycles remains committed to providing the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable work environment while doing its best to provide customers with an enjoyable and complete shopping experience.

Like countless other small businesses in today’s world, Bob’s BMW Motorcycles has explored ways to help its employees and patrons feel safe and comfortable in these unusual times. In addition to closely following every guideline and recommendation outlined in the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery, Bob’s BMW has successfully identified and implemented additional methods to create a clean and safe shopping experience. Bob’s BMW is proud to announce its most recent layer of protection against COVID-19 and other airborne viruses and germs: the installation of a state-of-the-art Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) system.

According to owner Bob Henig, “Bob’s BMW had a unique advantage. Many business operations don’t have standalone facilities and/or they share HVAC systems, while other businesses rent their spaces and have little if any control over facility changes or investment decisions. As a small business owner that owns my facility, I didn’t think twice about installing a UVGI system into the dealership. In fact it was something we were considering even before Coronavirus hit.”

The UGVI system is similar to those used in hospitals and surgery centers for air purification. It kills 99% of all germs and viruses as air passes through the HVAC system. The technology uses UV-C light, which is particularly effective at killing airborne pathogens. Not only does this technology help eliminate viruses and germs in the air we breathe, but also on most surfaces within the air-treated environment such as clothing, carpeting, and hard surfaces like desks, merchandise, and in Bob’s BMW’s specific case, motorcycles.

“The likely barrier to other businesses following suit will be cost, but the proven effectiveness of UGVI is worth the investment,” shares Bob Henig.

Hanna Creekmore, Marketing and Communications Manager of Bob’s BMW Motorcycles, adds “The best part about the UVGI system is that it works in the background to provide the extra layer of protection to the safety measures we currently have in place. It’s reassuring that our staff and customers are as safe as they can possibly be while working in and visiting the dealership, and it helps restore a sense of normalcy.”