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Authority Bikes

BMW Authority Motorcycles
Bob’s carries used BMW Police motorcycles through an arrangement with the primary BMW supplier of the California Highway Patrol.Police bikes have a very distinctive look. The paint scheme ad bars on police bikes create a look that cannot go unnoticed. If you are on the road riding one of these, you will be seen by all!

All BMW Authority motors have:

  • Roll/crash bars front and back.
  • Additional fan assisted oil cooling.
  • Special linked dual-battery system for accessories.
  • Additional Fuses and switches for accessories.
  • City cases.
  • Optional top case/locking radio box on solo seat models.
  • Antenna mounts.
  • Driving light mounts, wiring and switches. (Driving lights not included.)
  • Special locking side stand.
  • Heavy Duty rear shock.
  • Police duty rated tires.

Unlike other police vehicles, BMW motorcycles are cared for with one of the toughest maintenance schedules in the world. Additionally each receives a final inspection before being sold and finally, Bob’s goes through each and hand-picks only the best of the lot for you!

Ready to take a test ride or have a general interest in the bike? LET’S TALK TODAY!

OR…if you currently own one and have questions, Bob’s is the place to find your answers.

Authority FAQ’s

1. Can anyone buy a used police motorcycle and ride it?

Yes. But you are not allowed to put on emergency equipment, red/blue lights, siren, or insignia on the bike. That would be impersonating an emergency vehicle.

2. Are parts hard to get?

No! Most parts are the same as civilian models, and Bob’s carries a large inventory of in-stock parts. Any “special” equipment parts are available at Bob’s, or can be gotten from BMW on short notice.

3. Is it true that the oil cooler will keep this bike cooler in traffic?

Yes it is because police bikes sit and idle for long periods.

4. Do the bikes really have “MARY” numbers, like on the old TV series C.H.I.P.’s?

Yes they do. Ask the salesperson to show you.

5. What about wiring diagrams for the special equipment that I don’t see in my Clymer manual?

Bob’s has copies of wiring diagrams and can easily print it out for you! Or you can download them directly from www.bmwmc.net. If I don’t like the radio box on the back and would prefer a passenger seat, what can I do?

In some cases, Bob’s may offer you the option. We can also get dual-seat Authority bikes. (Yes, we can put the radio box on a dual-seater too!)

6. Does the authority ride or handle any different from a civilian model?

Some people think it does. The only way to be sure is to take a test ride and let us know.

If you have any questions not covered here, LET’S TALK TODAY!