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Roger Lyle hanging out at Bob’s BMW booth at Timonium Motorcycle Show

Ever rode like a racer? Can you honestly say that you’ve tested the limits of your machine, or even your own capabilities? Can you really get to know your bike without having to pay most of your attention to what other drivers are doing? If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, we’d like to take this opportunity to expand your motorcycling savvy and introduce you to Roger Lyle’s MotorcycleXcitement!

Roger Lyle’s MotorcycleXcitement is an array of highly skilled riders and racers who meet at real motorcycle race tracks like Summit Point raceway, home track of Bob’s BMW-sponsored racer Jeremy Cook. “Riders are given the chance to experience what it is like being a racer, but doing so at your own pace,” stated Jeremy when asked about the program. Jeremy is also a coach for MotorcycleXcitement and has enjoyed working with all skill-level riders.

The idea is to have riders of all makes and models paired up with professionals to become more acquainted with their machines and themselves as riders. Taking your bike to a professional track is a way to ride without concern for everyday hazards typically encountered on public roads such as other motorists suddenly stopping, vehicles pulling out in front of you, or vehicles going in opposite directions; not to mention the race track is clear of bumps, gravel, and other debris that could potentially be a real danger to a motorcyclist, especially when traveling at high speeds.

Typically when you think ‘race track’ you think of speed. While it’s true” track days” can be used to get that need for speed out of your system so you are not breaking the law on public roads, exceeding speed limits, and increasing the risk for you or someone else to be injured; they also are meant to familiarize the rider with their bike— How far can it lean? What is it like to brake hard going from 100+mph to 30 mph in a very short period of time? These are just a couple things the day will provide to you.

Once signed up, you’ll have access to “track days,” which are periods of time that riders have on the track with a professional. Riders are split up based on skill levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Racer (which requires authorized racing license.) Coaches will either follow you, critiquing you along the way or you follow the coach mimicking what they are doing. Either way coaches will speak to you one-on-one and provide you suggestions on ways to improve your skills.

Bob believes “track days” are the safe solution for the adrenaline junkies out there. This is one reason Bob’s BMW partners with MotorcycleXcitement each year to provide an exclusive day for the dealership and anyone who pre-registers to enjoy a day at the track. And this year Charlie Goss (Sales Advisor), Darryl Carmichael (Service Advisor), Lex O’brien (E-Content Manager), Brett Ricketts (BMW Certified Technician), and Jeremy Cook (sponsored S1000RR racer) will be packing up the trailer and heading to Summit Point on June 24th for Bob’s Track Day.

Registration fees include a pre-inspection of your bike the week before the actual track day, and orientation at Bob’s explaining what to expect; a full day of racing at Summit Point; lunch, cold beverages and snacks in between races; and a comfortable and shaded area to cool down and refuel in between races; plus a one year membership to MotorcycleXcitement which offers discounts on more “track days” and a free t-shirt. So head on over to Bob’s BMW, to start another chapter of your riding history!

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