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2007 BMW R1200S

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the sound you’ll be maiming when you own this very nice, very low production and fairly hard to find R1200S. BMW built very few of these and they are very infrequently sold or traded as a result. We got lucky this year and acquired a pair at different times. Both in different colors – one in silver which sold a month ago if not longer and this beauty in what appears to be a Ferrari based yellow with black driveline and wheels. It rolled onto the sales floor just a few days ago and is getting some serious attention from the staff so if you like this style of bike you’d be smart to visit or call us soon.

This bike was sold new by Razee Cycle in Rhode Island in January of 2007 and remained in that area with the original owner most of its life. It moved to Maryland with a second owner from whom we acquired it. Regular dealer and private care was all done at scheduled intervals in accordance with BMW factory recommended guidelines. Our techs even provided some in person training for the second owner so he could change oil and do a few other easier task as he has enjoyed this work on all his motorcycles. Now it’s here and of course we always do everything possible to bring them up to the highest possible standards and one of our goals is that a new owner gets a fresh starting point for most everything.

But first let’s tell you what this bike has aside from a very exciting chassis that contains an Ohlin’s suspension and an engine capable of generating about 122 HP and a 150 MPH top speed all while weighing only 420 pounds, besides you of course! Massive torque, incredible agility and pretty darn good ergonomics make for what one rider who had over 38,000 miles in three years on his R1200S said was my Swiss army knife, meeting all of my biking needs. I couldn't replace this bike even if I tried” which in our collective opinion is one heck of a recommendation. These machines simply a ton of fun and get lots of attention wherever they appear.

BMW delivered this limited edition run with what they considered “market launch equipment” which is German for all the great stuff they feel should be standard on a newly introduced model.  So yes it has ABS and the para-lever rear suspension supported by that sweet Ohlin’s shock. It also has the tele-lever front suspension, perforated rear disc with multi-piston caliper and front floating perforated discs with dual pistons calipers to bring that power to a fast, smooth effortless stop. It also was built with heated grips and what they call an “alternative rear axle’ which translates to a different, sportier final drive gear set ratio.

It arrived in pretty fine cosmetic and mechanical condition but did have a rear brake issue which was resolved by replacing the rear master cylinder, brake hose and some related fittings. We also took the time (and dollars) to remove, reseal and re-install the transmission and final drive due to a lightly leaking seal and more than one has been taken care of in that process since the gearbox and final drive have both been addressed to hopefully prevent future issues for a very long time. Seals do in fact wear out from time to time based on miles and age.

We’ve installed a fresh set of the best grip covers available for comfort and performed a full annual service plus added nitrogen to the almost new tires which were installed less than 1,000 miles ago; both were manufactured in 2013. We replaced one small painted part because it had a medium sized nick in it that appears to have been from some soft bag moving around, but the new BMW panel is now in place and so the bike looks damn near perfect in all possible ways.

This bike is for the most part dead stock but does sport a very nice set of Machine Art Moto cylinder head covers and comes with two keys plus the emergency spare, a new owner’s manual as the prior owner misplaced it and the Bob’s stamp of special approval because it is fully qualified under the ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED Program for additional benefits and coverage should you desire – right down to the wheels.

Color: Yellow
Mileage: 41,697
Stock Number: P30188
Advantage Certified: YES
Availability: SOLD
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