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Every year, Bob’s BMW gets the opportunity to buy or take a trade-in on a number of bikes that need more service work than the average trade-in before they can be resold. Some arrive at our door step and others are gathered by Bob when he’s hunting and gathering. Recently a pair of old ones from the 1950’s and 1960’s that had been stored for 26 years came out of a basement in Washington, DC. Some of these bikes may need extensive mechanical repairs or require above average cosmetic attention. Others simply need a few weekends and evenings of TLC, sweat equity, an assortment of reasonably priced parts and a minimum of actual technical expertise.

For one reason or another, usually financially based, we’ve chosen to sell them as PROJECT BIKE instead of spending our own time and money on them to turn them into used bikes offered on the showroom floor. Sometimes it’s simply because we already have a cleaner example available. Whatever the reason we still spend considerable time and money to offer them up with as much information as possible so every buyer can make an informed decision.

Each bike will offer a different challenge and opportunity for a different person. It’s actually fun for us to not part them out as we once did daily when Bob’s BMW was called Bob’s Used Parts. Sometimes we remove a desirable accessory or other item because we have specific demand on that item plus this will often help us lower the cost of the PROJECT BIKE itself. There really is a serious method to the madness.

Most PROJECT BIKE get trailered home and show back up at Bob’s to be run through the Maryland Inspection process a few weeks to several months later. Others are left at Bob’s for the Certified Technicians here to tackle the larger issues and then go home for the easy stuff. A few times we’ve been presented with the “I’ve always wanted this exact bike, please let me know what it will cost to do a total restoration on it for me and then let me know how soon I can take it home and start riding it” scenario. Originally that was a bit of a surprise for Bob and the team but we quickly realized that many of the PROJECT BIKE were simply good used bikes in disguise (unwashed for the last 5 years while sitting in the backyard shed or corner of a garage with some overdue maintenance or unfinished repairs) so we were still making someone very happy by matching them up to the bike of their dreams. Three of the PROJECT BIKE sold in the recent auction rolled right into the Service Department after the event for various repairs before heading home.

There’s also another important incentive, a valuable financial one in fact, to buy a PROJECT BIKE from Bob’s vs. hunting one down yourself and taking the risk that the seller will likely not share as much or even know as much of the critical and valuable information you need to make a smart decision as Bob goes to the effort of providing. That financial incentive is a discount on any and all parts or even accessories purchased at Bob’s (at the counter or via mail order) specifically for the service, maintenance, refurbishing or restoration of the machine you just acquired. While the time frame and amount of discount will vary (typically 30 to 90 days) simply because each project and the margins we can earn from any given vendor also vary, we can tell you that every customer has been very pleased with what we’ve placed on the table for them.

To make this process as safe as possible considering one is basically making a flea market purchase, Bob’s BMW intentionally, willingly and gladly shares all information we can gather from prior owners and from our own detailed, in-depth inspection to make the descriptions as accurate as possible. Multiple images, usually more than on the average used bike are also provided to help you make an informed decision. We do wish to make you fully aware that it is impossible to know every detail about a PROJECT BIKE especially when some don’t even start up and run and that is why they are sold AS IS and without a warranty or guarantee of any kind, all of which is clearly stated on the Bill of Sale. So we strongly invite and encourage you to take a close look at any of the bikes you are considering; bring a friend if you desire.

You may also perform your own inspection (short of disassembling a bike) here prior to making a selection and completing a purchase. We have nothing to hide and want you to know as much as possible. If you ask us a question you will receive the best answer we are able to offer from the information we have and the knowledge gained based on over 30 years of expertise and experience in this business; our collective years of knowledge and experience is now measured by centuries.

We want you to be happy and we don’t want there to be any surprises, especially expensive ones. And rest assured, if we did not believe these bikes would make dependable, fun, safe and roadworthy rides once all the work is completed, we would simply part them out! In fact that’s far easier, less time consuming and much more profitable and we should know as that’s the business Bob’s started with.

And finally, these bikes are not stored at the main dealership location, but in Bob’s other warehouse so an appointment is required in advance to schedule a mutually convenient time; Saturday is usually not a day this can be arranged but it is not out of the question. Please Call 301-497-8949 ext. 501 to get started with one of the sales team or Bob himself after reviewing the current images on the site.

Thanks for reading and happy PROJECT BIKE hunting! Please note: online inventory is only a partial inventory. If you are searching for something in particular, please call 1-800-269-2627. Bob’s can help!  
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