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Bob's BMW provides free loaner motorcycles to customers who have purchased their motorcycle new at Bob's, and have brought it to our service department for scheduled minor work such as: 6K or 12K service, annual routine maintenance, accessory installations, minor adjustments under warranty, tire changes, and other short duration tasks of a similar nature. This free service is part of our Preferred Customer Program and is not available on bikes that have not been purchased from Bob’s or on bikes on which the BMW warranty has expired. Note: purchasing an extended service contract from us on a motorcycle you originally bought at Bob's will continue these benefits in most cases.

Our resources do not allow us to provide free loaner bikes to customers whose motorcycles are here for accident estimates, crash damage repair, or an extended stay due to more involved work or time consuming warranty repairs.

When availability permits, we are able to offer bikes from our loaner fleet at a nominal fee of $75 per day to those having their BMW serviced at Bob's but who do not otherwise qualify under the conditions shown above. Our Preferred Customers have priority in scheduling the use of loaners at all times.

Each customer who uses a loaner bike is expected to top off the fuel tank immediately prior to returning it. As it involves considerable time for our service staff to make a trip to the gas station to fill a tank for the next customer, a flat fee of $75 will be charged to anyone returning a loaner bike without a full tank!

We hope and trust that you will treat our motorcycles exactly as you would want us to treat your bike while in our care. To protect both your safety and our investment, the staff is required to run a checklist inspection each time a bike leaves or returns. You are responsible for any damages caused to our loaner bikes while in your care.

If you have made an appointment for service and arranged for a loaner, we recommend that you call us the day before your appointment to insure that the previous client has returned the bike you’ll be riding. And finally, in the hopes of always having a loaner available for our customers when scheduled, we ask that you make every effort to return them on time.

We provide this free loaner bike service solely at our expense. BMW does not contribute any funds or resources to help defray the substantial costs involved. As we continue to grow, so will the program, but we know of no other motorcycle dealership that owns and maintains a dedicated fleet of service loaners such as we do anywhere east of California.

Thank you for choosing Bob’s BMW as your local dealer!
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