At Bob's BMW we can:

  • Fully restore, refurbish or customize your BMW motorcycle – top to bottom – mechanically, cosmetically, or BOTH!
  • Restore individual components: carburetors, transmission, final drive, cylinder heads, forks, brakes… you name it.
  • Minor to major refurbishing - This is not about cosmetics...this is about function. If your cosmetics are ok - we can make your bike run perfectly.
  • Professional detailing work all year round.
  • All levels of paint work from restoration, custom color or minor touch-up - saddlebags or trunk lid can be matched to your bike color.
  • Upgrade an older bike to more current technology or …Go beyond to add the excitement of High Performance!

1978 R100S Hotrod
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Vintage Restoration
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Vintage/Conversion Sidecar Rig

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