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Piece By Piece Bob’s BMW Gets It Done!

Bob’s Master Technicians rebuild, repair, reassemble, recondition, resurface, reline, restore, and more! If it’s just a piece or specific part that needs service, Bob’s BMW can help, just send it in. We proudly do top-notch benchwork service all-year round for older and newer bikes.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning is NOW Available!

Ultrasonic cleaning imageBob’s BMW is NOW offering commercial grade Ultrasonic cleaning for your motorcycle parts. The BEST part is that the equipment does not need to be disassembled. Ultrasonic cleaning is powerful enough to remove tough contaminants, yet gentle enough not to damage the substrate. It provides excellent penetration and cleaning in the smallest crevices and between tightly spaced parts in a cleaning tank. It is a excellent way to clean little parts without touching them with a brush and harsh chemicals.

Contact us for more information.

Below is a menu outlining our most frequently requested services, but we do more! So if you don’t see it listed, CONTACT US TODAY!
This service includes:
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  • NEW VALVES, GUIDES, SPRINGS, and if needed…
  • UNLEADED Exhaust Valve Seats (55-’87 models) precision ground with up to 5 angles.
  • Labor with exhaust seat $486/pair*
  • Labor w/o valve seats $432/pair*
  • Parts costs for ’75-’87 models $325
  • Parts Costs for’88 & on models $260

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the best parts available, including Black Diamond valves and Ampco 45 valve guides. Your heads are returned to you actually BETTER than when they were NEW!


Exhaust Port Thread Repair
$165 each
Spark Plug Hole Repair
• ’70 & on – Helicoil
• ’55-’69 Re-weld & Re-thread

$135 each


Center Stud Hole Repair for twin valve cover (Helicoil)
$50 each
Dual Plug Conversion, Air-Head motor:
Machining of heads to accept bottom plugs GET MORE POWER! For ’80 & later Air-Heads, maximize the benefits of a dual plug conversion by adding BMW High-Compression (9.5:1) pistons. $331. Call for price.
$150 pair
Parts needed vary with year and other specifics. Please CALL for details.
Rocker Arm Resurfacing and Reconditioning (’74 & on)
$165 set of 4
Connecting Rod Reconditioning
$100 pair
Cylinder Boring (Torque Plate utilized for absolute accuracy)
$100 each
Need PISTONS? Call!
Bosch Starter Motor Rebuild (includes Bendix)
Carb Clean & Rebuild
• Bing CV type

• Bing slide type off the bike

$378 pair
$216 pair

$160 to $265
$100 to $160
Final Drive Spline Restoration:
(’70-’84 only) send compl. final drive….or if you just send ring gear only.
Final Drive Rebuild – New seals,
gaskets, bearings. inspect, reseal.
Transmission Rebuild: 5 speed

Transmission Rebuild: 4 speed



$220 to $360

$180 ’70-’73
$300 ’55-’69

Rebuild Spoke Wheel:
• Lace w/Stainless spokes and true wheel
• Bead blast hub/Replace wheel bearings & seals



Straighten Mag Rims
$150 to $275
Reline Fuel Tank:
• Air-Heads: Stops rust! No more flaky sludge in gas!
• Stripping inside of tank if necessary

*Prices are based on a standard job and subject to change. Request a quote. Costs may vary depending on individual cases. A nominal charge for shop supplies will be added to most jobs. Similar services for 1955-’69 models are typically higher. Other services not listed here are also available.

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