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Bob's BMW Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

In a recent bulletin from BMW of North America, Bob’s BMW was ranked # 3 in the entire USA for overall customer service provided by our sales and service departments. This Customer Satisfaction Index was based on actual interviews with our customers conducted by an independent company. We’re especially pleased with this news considering that, of the couple dealers ahead of us in the ranking, none sells more bikes than we do; and none are in this region of the country!

Bob's keeps the largest inventory of BMW parts in North America!
That means the parts that you need now are probably in stock. You know, many dealers wait till YOU order something before THEY order it from BMW. It adds days to delivery time. We think you deserve better service and we prove it every day.

Bob's keeps parts in stock for ALL models.
We've got parts for the new bike you just bought, the 50's era BMW your grandfather rode, and all the ones in between too!

Bob's has experts on staff who know BMWs.
Our people can answer your questions and assure you that the parts and accessories you're ordering will fit right and work right. And that's not all. Our catalog, our web site, and the many other resources we offer have a common goal: to share as much information as possible with our customers. The more you know about your BMW, the more we can help you get the most out of your riding experience!

We give you choices.
In addition to our vast stock of Genuine BMW parts, we have a wide selection of
aftermarket alternatives, imported and domestic reproductions of older parts, and high quality USED parts for all models with a satisfaction guarantee. Because we offer these options, you have more ways to get the quality and value you want while staying within your budget.

You'll always get your money's worth at Bob's. Our prices are competitive, yet fair.
Hundreds of the most popularly requested parts and accessories are priced BELOW list all the time, while the everyday prices on our regular inventory are NEVER marked UP over list (beware, many dealers do this!). And of course, our pricing is flexible enough to insure your big projects don't break the bank. Most importantly, though, we're committed to giving you the most value for your money. We don't try to be the cheapest guy around because then we couldn't continue to provide the kind of exceptional value and customer service you've come to expect from Bob's.