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2013 BMW R1200R

If we were not as ethical as we are we could probably get away with telling you this was a new bike with 1,400 demo miles on it but alas we are and it’s not. We sold this one about 14 months ago and the owner simply could not make the time to get out and enjoy this super machine; and the situation was not improving so we re-acquired it. Now someone will be able to buy a basically new, but roughly one year old machine for a substantial savings as compared to a new 2014.  And this is the BMW 90thAnniversary edition to add some icing to the cake.

It is in the rarest of colors – AVUS Black which was once the only color you could get from BMW. Now it’s become the hardest color to find because they use it so infrequently and only on some of the models at that. This special German black paint highlights the alloy, stainless steel and other finish colors and textures utilized by BMW in the manufacturing process in a very special way. Black motorcycles always turn heads.

The 90th Anniversary Edition R1200R came just one way – fully loaded.  It is equipped with the comfort seat (and it is comfy), saddlebag mounts, heated grips, on board computer (for keeping track of some very handy info at the touch of a button), ABS or anti-lock braking system, Front Tele-Lever and Rear Para-Lever suspension which provides perhaps the smoothest ride a 2 wheeled machine could deliver, ASC or auto stability control for greater confidence in those less than confidence inspiring situations and TPM or tire pressure monitoring which is constant so you can check any time the bike is in operation.

At delivery the Bob’s team also installed a new set of BMW Touring cases or saddlebags and then key matched these to the bike – one key does it all. Plus BMW’s smart design allows fats and simple removal so when all you desire is a few hour ride and are taking nothing but your wallet and sunglasses and of course your head-to-toe riding gear, you can leave them in the garage until you need to carry more. Most non-BMW owners can’t even spot the mounting system it’s so clean.

Mechanically the only needs it had were to top off the fuel, give it just a little more shine, perform a complete Annual service and top off the Nitrogen in the tires which at under 1,500 miles look like they have 95% of their tread remaining. Of course to include it in our ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED Program it had to be run through our extensive inspection process and taken out for an extended test ride by one of our Master Techs. He also completed the MSI or Maryland Safety Inspection at that time; this machine has been deemed perfect in every mechanical, safety and roadworthy way possible.

Cosmetically it is really in new condition. Even the header pipes don’t look much different than after the first 15-20 miles that Bob’s regularly places on each new BMW during the PDI or pre-delivery inspection and test ride process. There is nothing to advise you to look closely at in these images, there are no tiny nicks, dings or scratches in hidden spots. It’s just perfect.

And as you would expect it will be delivered with the owner’s manual, a pair of original BMW keys plus the emergency spare and the standard factory tool set in the bag under the seat. The remainder of the excellent BMW 3 year or 36,000 mile factory warranty remains in effect until 06/07/2016 and the savings over buying anew 2014 are in the several thousand dollar range so don’t think about it too long – get down to Bob’s today and claim this one fast.

Mileage: 1,430
Stock Number: X97662
Advantage Certified: YES
Availability: SOLD
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