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If you are considering or truly looking for a classic/antique (it is 32 years old) BMW that you can ride in a spirited manner, tour anywhere if you wish to simply know you’ll turn heads where ever you go on those shorter, local rides this may be exactly what you’re looking for. And based on all we’ve seen take place in the last few decades is also a machine we believe will continue to increase in value over the long haul. If any of this fits your mindset then look no farther than Bob’s BMW and this very nice 1982 R65LS.

Bob’s is pleased to offer this bike for the second time over the past several years. We sold it back in 2012 after a very light refurbishing. That client just recently traded it in on a new BMW after riding it a bunch of miles considering it was her first BMW. Because the R65LS is so special and in such short supply we selected to invest a little further this time to make it that much nicer and create what we believe is a total turnkey acquisition.

Only 6,389 R65LS’s were produced by BMW in Munich between 1981 and 1985 to be sold as 1982 to 1984 models in the United States and as 1985’s in a few other markets. We don’t know the number imported to the US but it is likely less than 1,200 machines. There were two color schemes – this incredible red and matt black and the silver with matt black. Some of the red machines could be acquired with white wheels but the silver is most common and far easier to maintain. Bob has always believed that the red, just like the later K1 would prove to be the more desirable color and to this day he’s been spot on.

All of these agile, short wheel base lower and lighter machines sported a special matt black exhaust system that was cut differently on the end from the standard R65 series which came in the chrome finish. The seats were also different being a fully smooth cover non-embossed style and had a much sportier seat cowling. And then there was the miniature sport or café fairing to add both style and function as this made the bike slice through the air far better than most other bikes on the road in this era and simply look cool. Even the instrument surround was special only to the LS model – the LS standing for light sport of course.

Cranking out the same 50 HP as the R80GS, R80ST and R80RT but weighing far less made this a formidable machine and with the rev’s up high it left many more powerful machines in the dust. That engine was attached to the nicest 5 speed produced by BMW in this era and the drive shaft was one of the earliest to see some dampening added so they shifted far smoother than earlier models regardless of size.

This example is for the most part a stock machine but it does have several nice, period correct upgrades including San Jose fork braces, Progressive rear shocks and front springs, Napoleon bar end adjustable mirrors, BMW saddlebag mounts and a very recent set of the Hepco & Becker Classic BMW saddlebags which were added by the most recent owner and purchased from Bob’s. It sports upgraded stainless steel braided brake lines and also has a now rare and very desirable and highly functional Reynolds Ride-Off center stand. The correct era BMW cylinder guards are there to care for the motor and your legs as well. Under the seat you’ll find the correct front and rear tool repository compartments as well.

On the service and scheduled maintenance side of things all is ready to go for the next smart owner. We’ve just changed the oil and filter, flushed and bled the brakes, installed a new rear tire to match the pretty fresh (mfg. 11-11) front, replaced a small assortment of rubber bits, installed a new set of EBC front disc rotors and pads (the original ones would have needed replacement down the road) and even did the following to make it look as perfect as possible: we recovered the seat with the correct style seat cover (Bob was personally involved with this task), removed, cleaned and repainted the entire exhaust system in the required special hi temp matt black paint and repainted one of the battery covers as a little paint was peeling.

During the last two years the prior owner also paid us to do the following tasks: install a new alternator rotor and high output voltage regulator, replace the left side control switch, install new fuel cap gaskets, replace both fork seals, the correct short fork boots and of course replace the fork oil and all associated washers and gaskets, install new front turn signals (they simply had some discoloration) and we also did a light rebuild on the carbs including new floats and diaphragms and fuel lines. The plug wires had been changed out before we sold the bike the last time so by and large we think it’s all been done.

Cosmetically it is not quite as nice as the one Bob owns and chose to hang from the ceiling but then again you’re not being asked to pay that kind of money – we think this one is very fairly priced for what it is, all that’s been done and most of the recent work, service or upgrades will last for a very long time which adds still more overall value. The paint is original and still in very good to excellent condition, the frame is also quite nice as are all the alloy driveline castings and the 8-spoke cast alloy wheels which only appeared on the R65LS. In fact the only really noticeable scratches are on the very bottom edges of the valve covers and we chose to leave this alone as it’s not very visible.

If you wish to think about overall value those saddlebags alone were close to $500 without the mounts. With just under 22,000 original miles as best we can determine from all the history we’ve seen and reviewed it’s also a low mileage machine that will not disappoint anyone. Included with this collectible and very rideable gem are several spare keys, the keys to the saddlebags, the owner’s manual, a Clymer repair manual and the factory tool kit in the correct pouch. It runs, looks and sounds great with or without the bags installed. Get this one before someone else beats you to it.

Mileage: 21,414
Stock Number: 370250
Availability: SOLD
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