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SOLD-1996 BMW R1100RT

Sigh! If only we’d gotten to this one sooner. We did a full Annual service on this PROJECT BIKE (please read these details) in late February of 2004 when it had 22,511 miles and 9 years later it arrived at Bob’s with just 318 additional miles to be donated so we could raise some money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the organization that puts on the Ride for Kids ® events in almost 40 cities around the country that Bob’s has supported in many ways for about 20 years.

We plan to keep supporting this excellent non-profit until better treatments and a cure is found. You can learn more about the great work they do or make a donation to Team Bob’s (Bob Henig) or sign up to participate in the Baltimore-Washington Ride on September 14, 2014 or any of the rides in other cities at this direct link: http://pbtf.convio.net/site/TR?fr_id=1680&pg=entry#.U2f1B_ldWCk

But back to the bike you’re inspecting; the reason we wish it had arrived long ago as it now needs some TLC but this machine is cosmetically a beautiful bike; in fact it may be the nicest looking R1100RT we’ve ever had arrive at Bob’s in the past decade.  Right now let’s direct our attention to the needs we believe the bike has or may have before we expand on its virtues. When it arrived the battery was on its way out despite being trickle charged all the time; you’ll need a new one. You will also need to address the front master cylinder and probably the rear as they just don’t do so well sitting around for 9 plus years. We’d like to think that a fresh battery and some fresh gas might allow it to start right up but we’ve seen enough fuel injected bikes sit for periods of time to know that in all probability you will need to install a fresh fuel pump, filter and the related hardware to make it run.

Fresh plugs could not hurt and of course the smart money says that you would also change all the other fluids and filters so when placed back into service you have a fresh starting point. The tires are in great condition and have lots of tread and some people would say they are “like new” because they only have 318 miles on them but we really don’t want our customers out there riding bikes capable of triple digit speeds on ten year old tires so plan on some replacements after getting it running and taking it around the neighborhood a few times. Perhaps a conservative ride back to Bob’s for new tires and the Maryland Safety Inspection could be placed into task schedule.

As we know everything on this bike worked perfectly in 2008 at 22,818 miles so we don’t suspect that the clutch has failed, that the electric screen does not work, that the motor is locked up (we actually have turned it over very recently) or that the BMW AM/FM Stereo Cassette player ceased to function but it is possible. We just can’t check these things completely until the bike is running again but our experience in these matters has us feeling good about all that stuff. So I guess we should discuss how pretty it looks.

Bob did consider making it a static Museum display of the R1100RT series as it would need a detailing and nothing else. But he is under the close scrutiny of his fiduciary shadow to raise money and delivery a check to the PBTF and see the generous donor gets his tax deduction so unless it languishes a long time which is unlikely it’s going to a new home soon. We gave this bike a solid 8.5 to 9 in all rated categories on a 10 scale for everything except the grips and knee pads. The grips are simply showing some age and the pads need to be re-glued so they sit flatter. There is a very minor scratch on the right mirror and cylinder guard and an even smaller one on that saddlebag; all appear to be from a light tip over in the garage of what we were informed was  only the second owner this bike has had to our knowledge.

It’s otherwise very clean everywhere. The paint is in beautiful condition, hardware clean, seats comfy and without nicks, scrapes or those telltale boot marks from those who have never learned how to mount or dismount a motorcycle. The wheels are unblemished, the exhaust bright, shiny and solid, the windscreen crisp and clear and the gauges look fresh and without exposure fade as do the controls. All in all with the exception of the current DNR status a fine example and worthy of someone’s time, money and energy to get it back on the road and into regular service.

It does have a very few options over all the stock goodies which include an adjustable riders seat, electric screen, the stereo and ABS and also includes a mounting bracket and cable for BMW’s Nav I, II or III GPS (not included), a set of PIAA 1100 driving lamps, an early LED auxiliary tail lamp incorporated into a license plate frame, a period correct early Bob’s wrist rest set and accessory shelf plus this one has the factory tool set and tire repair kit. It also sports a very clean set of BMW quick detachable touring cases key matched to the bike. And speaking of keys, it has but one to start but we can sell and cut you as many as you need for a small additional cost.

The real nice, low mileage fully serviced examples regularly sell for $5,000 to $6,000 these days. So we have no doubt that this one is worth some sweat equity but we’ve priced it to move fast. In fact there could be an extra bonus for someone who buys it very soon, gets it all completed and rides it to the BMW National Rally this July in St. paul, MN that is on top of the standard parts discount that goes with every PROJECT BIKE Bob’s offers up even when we don’t make a dime doing so as is the case here.

So look it over, give us a call and come get this beauty  before someone else with a few evenings and weekends beats you to it. Maybe you don’t need a new R1100RT but have one that’s got lots of miles and the paint ain’t so great and this could be your donor bike or visa versa. Either way it’s priced terribly close to what we could sell off just a few parts for so it’s more than reasonable --- it’s a steal.

Color: Bronze Metallic
Mileage: 22,829
Stock Number: 440609
Availability: SOLD
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