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2001 K1200RS w/ARMEC Sidecar

2001 K1200RS w/ARMEC Tremola II High Performance Sidecar

Is this rig sweet or what? Before this one came up for sale Bob got to put about 200 miles on it just for fun and to participate in the local Ride for Kids® event held in the Baltimore-Washington area. Two very special kids who now appear to be cancer (brain tumors) free for the long haul were his VIP passengers. We did not expect this high performance outfit would even be highlighted and offered on our website as it was on hold immediately when it first arrived. A very good customer who had wanted one just like this said “I want that rig” but then his financial situation changed after Bob added some miles and he requested he be released; which of course we graciously did. So his pass is your great opportunity.

While this outfit was not built at Bob’s originally we have built several others almost exactly like it from assorted years K1200RS’s so we know them well and they are pretty hard to beat for fun, comfort, performance, build quality and overall value. This specific rig was serviced by Bob’s for the prior owner going back to at least 2008. It’s available now because that couple just found they were not using it enough to justify keeping it going forward.  Again, their loss is your opportunity.

The Tremola II rig combines everything one would want in a high performance sidecar conversion. This is not like just attaching a good sidecar such as the Hannigan offering we represent and a sub-frame onto a motorcycle and heading down the road. This involves changing significant portions of the chassis, adding frame members and additional supports, installing a very sophisticated single sided – center hub steering fork assembly and changing the standard wheels and tires all around to a very fine set of machined and assembled alloy automotive style wheels with sports car looks and tires to match.

These high performance rigs are fully engineered to do things that ordinary sidecars simply cannot.

These rigs fly down the road. They handle like even more expensive sports cars. Imagine a Porsche 911, an Audi TT or a BMW M3 with one less wheel and you are getting close, These rigs have shorter wheel bases and a power to weight ratio that few cars can match even with the added weight of a sidecar that can carry 2 smaller adults or one large adult and a child or even two kids hell bent on having some fun with their parents. They can almost ride circles around those very fine sports cars. They can pass cars in twisty and tight road conditions where cars can’t even begin to try.

Bob has demonstrated this to passengers on many occasions and when a bunch of HP Sidecar enthusiasts get together as happens at the Annual National Sidecar meet OMG is what you get to see on the back roads. In fact a serious HP Sidecar rig like this can not only give a good sport bike a run for their money in the twisties but often can overtake and pass solo machines because they have handling characteristics two wheels simply do not possess. And with 130 HP coming from that fine near bullet proof inline 4 cylinder engine they will also roll smoothly down the road at speeds only legal in Europe.

But enough about what you could do with this if it becomes yours, let’s focus on what else it offers. With a special set of handlebars designed for this sidecar the position is excellent and the stock multi-position adjustable seat allows most any rider to be exactly where they desire. The adjustable stock screen with an added and easily removable wind buffering lip provides for a comfortable perch but with plenty of fresh air as this is not an RT, LT, GT or GTL you are on it’s an RS. Foot peg position remains sporty but relaxed. As for the passenger or passengers let’s just say that they can either enjoy the scenery and roads like the rider or simply relax and be coaxed into a nice nap. It really is that comfortable to ride in. And when the weather is not so great they can be tucked into a roomy yet weather tight capsule that still offers fine visibility. There is leg room to spare for even the tallest passenger.

And speaking of room, the spacious locking trunk holds the equivalent of about 5or 6 good sized saddlebags worth of assorted gear, maybe more which is why there is no luggage rack or saddlebags let alone a top case. Of course if you plan on an extended tour with more than one passenger or are a hunter-gatherer like Bob is then those items can easily be added. It will take a bag between the bike and sidecar as well. It is also equipped with the auxiliary fuel tank which adds additional range to any travels well beyond that of just the stock capacity. And because there is so much leg room many clients have used our Kathy’s Cordura 22 liter BMW trunk liner or several right in the nose as a foot rest and a place to store soft and light clothing or other gear making it exceptionally handy.

A BMW multi-vario tank bag can also be added if one enjoys having some convenience articles at the ready in addition to placing maps or printed directions right under your nose. We can even add a BMW GPS system to keep you from getting totally lost when you go exploring on your new adventures. And based on the kind of gear you carry we can suggest which of our extensive Kathy’s Cordura luggage line will fill up the trunk the most efficiently. But what you won’t need to purchase is any service for quite some time because it’s all been done by the highly experienced Technicians at Bob’s BMW to insure this is a turn-key purchase.

The outfit had a full biannual service just 900 miles before arriving at Bob’s. We have just completed the following: 3 new Yokohama S Drive tires filled with Nitrogen were installed and balanced. The front fork Heim joints were replaced as Bob believes in doing this about every 25,000 miles as a maintenance item. A few bits of rubber were replaced because they are wear items and do better for dampening minor vibration or simply providing the comfort they are designed to offer when they are fresh. We also replaced the horn as it was not performing as it should be. All brakes were adjusted for optimum control and stopping power and the pressure in the forks was adjusted as well for the best possible control and ride comfort. We also professionally addressed a small number of minor scratches in the otherwise beautiful paint job so that it looked it’s best for the new proud owner. Of course it has also been through our critical PPI inspection and carries a fresh Maryland State Inspection certificate. We anticipate a new owner will see no repairs or service required for the next 12,000 miles with the exception of regularly scheduled maintenance.

It is supplied with the owner’s manual, the original keys plus spare keys to the bike and sidecar trunk as well as a manual on safe and proficient sidecar operation in case you’d like to brush up on your skills or this will be your entry into the wonderful world of 3 wheeled fun and adventure. Training for total newbies is available through MSF courses in the region as well. So get ready to exercise your smile muscles as no matter where you will go, be it to the grocery store or on a month long adventure like Bob has done traveling cross country on his own HP sidecar twice in the past few years. People will give you thumbs up, take your photo as you are going down the road, stop you when you come out of a store or coffee shop and even ask for a ride. The road and some great adventures awaits one smart buyer because it is priced at far less than half of what it would cost to build one today and you don’t have to wait – it can be your immediately.

Color: Granada Red
Mileage: 28,120
Stock Number: A53864
Availability: SOLD
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