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1973 R75/5 AVUS

We just  dont get  enough /5  series B MW's to sell - ever so we are always glad to take one in even if its not a museum piece and in fact sometimes that's better because then people just go ride them and thats how this bike arrived at Bobs twice. Back in 2007 Bobs sold this exact bike as one of their AS IS" project bikes with a Maryland Inspection certificate. When that purchaser asked Bob what it needed to simply be ridden everyday Bob told him "nothing unless you want it to look visually better. The buyer said "thanks, it's going to be my commuter and will be just fine then."  Five years later he brings it back and trades it in on a brand new R1200GS thanks to Bob spending some extra time helping him select the perfect all around BMW for his commuting needs and other riding desires. And during those five years he rode the bike some 14,000 miles changing only the fluids and wearing out one set of tires. It never missed a beat, never broke down and never really changed except that the seat cover finally wore out and he did cover it with a lot of black duct tape. So Bob tells the staff "let's sell it again more-or-less as it is" and so we are. We've done a light tune up (you can see fresh plug wires and caps) added new springs to the center stand plus a bumper and installed brand new tires, tubes, rim strips and put in nitrogen as is standard at Bobs.

We also replaced a burned out tail light bulb. It passed inspection handily and starts, shifts, stops and runs just fine. So, once again for under $4,000 we offer up a nice little original paint R75/5 with the very desirable large 6.3 gallon fuel tank, progressive shocks and springs, one-piece cylinder/crash guard, kick and electric start options, aluminum turn signals and the classy speedometer/tachometer unit in the very stylish bullet shaped headlight and genuine black duct tape on the seat. It even comes with an original owner's manual. Who's going to log the next 14,000 miles and have a great time on this bike just as it sits or is there someone out there who sees the potential Bob saw five years back and will spend a few extra dollars starting to freshen it up just a little (we can sell you a brand new seat for starters) and make it a classier vintage & classic BMW to own, ride and enjoy?   

Color: Avus Black
Mileage: 40,113
Stock Number: 999028
Availability: SOLD
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