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1986 BMW K75C

Are you a fan of the three-cylinder, small brick design that was the K75 series? Then this machine might just be of special interest. We set this one aside in the hopes of getting to it ourselves over the winter and turning it into a very nice, every day dependable and road worthy traveler and well, time just got away from us. Again. We were busy all through the colder months. That’s our excuse and we’re sticking with it. So now someone out there who is interested in what we think is an easy PROJECT BIKE (read the details on PROJECT BIKE transactions please) with a great amount of sweat equity to be gained when completed has an opportunity.

One of the reasons we wanted to do this one ourselves was that we constantly have an unfulfilled demand for stock K75 models; regardless of which one although the standards are the 3 to 1 favorite. They are just in very short supply. Even more so if you are looking for a clean, low mileage example. This one has only had just one owner since new and we got all service records to refer to from early 1987 when it had the break-in service performed until the summer of 1999 when it was last serviced at a dealership. It was not the selling shop as they’d closed their doors but it was still a BMW shop.

In addition to the beautiful or ugly Pichler fairing (we all see this differently) you see in the main intro photo it came to us with all the stock components that could be re-installed to make it look just like it sat on the sales floor at Slegers Cycle in Wharton, NJ back in 1986 when it was new.  Next year when it hits true classic status you can even run historic tags on it in most states as it will be 25 years of age – how cool is that? So whether you are in love with the Pichler fairing or not, which by the way was a state of the art touring fairing for the K75 and K100 series in its day, there is a great opportunity here to refurbish and refresh this machine with or without that accessory. Take it off and sell it or if you prefer hang it in the garage until the next winter arrives and put it back on and stay a little more comfortable in the colder months. Maybe someone wants one enough to offset a chunk of what it will cost you to do what’s needed.

Some technical details are in order about now. This bike was parked in a clean well insulated and reasonably temperature controlled warehouse for almost ten years before arriving at Bob’s. It was off the road a little longer than that according to the details we got. Once here that is the same level of storage it saw as we don’t have a plain old shed either that gets terribly hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. We assume that the fuel pump is as dead as the battery was and both will need to be replaced along a few other in tank parts that are connected.

Of course the tires are old and should be updated as should all the fluids and filters. Right now the front master cylinder is functioning but that could change when the fluid is changed and the system bled. The “C” model came with a rear drum so there should be no hidden issues there. It has not dripped any oil on the floor in any of the spots it’s taken up since arrival over a year ago. All of the switches and controls appear to be in good working order. The engine can be turned with the correct amount of resistance as we have done recently when placing the bike in 4th or 5th gear and manually turning the rear wheel. The gearbox appears to move through the gears well although as I’m sure you understand we’ve never ridden this bike.

A close inspection all around will reveal hardware, rubber bits, fasteners, connectors, etc. that are all in pretty good shape – there is very little age or exposure deterioration on this bike because it was not sitting outside. It does have the usual level of worn off paint on the lower engine castings especially the water pump cover as most every example that was black suffered from in those days. The early painted forks exhibited the same slow paint wear and one could leave this just as it is as it’s not that bad or blast them down to the aluminum to match the drive line or even repaint them. But most all alloy castings in the driveline, foot peg mounting and the cast wheels all look pretty damn good if not very good and that’s with our very critical eye. We could find no nicks, dings or dents in the wheels and in fact the bike shows no signs of having been dropped even in the prior owners garage.

In addition to the fairing this bike has the optional BMW luggage grid and a good eye will see through the dirt to say there must have been a 22 liter trunk on it at one time and that person would be correct, but the trunk is no longer available and it did not come with saddlebags or mounts. It does have a set of the correct BMW case guards and a set of aftermarket highway pegs are attached. The stock seat is still in very good shape with just a few minor nicks around the front edge – again something that was fairly common on this design. The speedo-tack instrument cluster looks like it’s in solid shape with both needles intact and no visible fading on the faces. There is also a nice aftermarket rear shock from Works that includes a remote reservoir attached to the rear subframe. The exhaust is in great shape too and that cosmetic shield just needs a fast coat of paint.

As far as the overall bodywork and paint goes we think that it will shine up very nicely with not that much effort. There are no dents, dings, etc. to speak of. While we’ve never given it even a wipe down let alone an actual bath we see good paint everywhere including on the frame. We think that with a complete wash and competent detailing it should be bright and shiny and be very impressive. Yeah, there are likely a few very small scratches that might not filly polish out but if you look over the images carefully you’ll be hard pressed to find many to begin with.

The almost brand new stock headlight and standard “C” fairing parts have been off the bike and in a box since very close to when the bike was first delivered. In looking it over closely we believe every trim panel, nut and bolt is there too. The receipt states the dealer sold the fairing to his customer in October of 1986 after using the bike for about 7 months as their official K75 Demonstrator. The dealer received the bike in January and delivered it in late August and as the customer had to bring it back in for the break-in service at 1,364 miles it never saw as much Demo use as we regularly place on every model we use in this manner.  It’s likely these parts original BMW have been stored since around the 1000 mile point. The Works shock was purchased and installed in 1992.

So now we get around to what we think it’s worth…..Bob spent considerable time reviewing this bike and acquiring it when it arrived and did the initial plan to do all the work and re-install the original body parts, replace the fuel pump, probably clean out the injectors, install a new battery, refresh all the fluids and filters, put new tires and even assorted rubber parts on it – even grips, and foot pegs and the shift rubber. He suspected that we’d find a hundred bucks worth of small things to swap out as well and then we’d want to ride it a hundred miles to do the full shake down, make some final adjustments and shine it up one more time.  

He is pretty darn confident that it would sell pretty quickly around $5,495 and because it has such low miles and we sold a K75 standard with 241,000 miles that lasted for many more years not so long ago at a good price that it might bring $5,995 when we completed it to someone that really appreciated it for all it represented and the long future it will likely would have being enjoyed and ridden regularly.

But we are not doing the work, someone else will be taking that on. But they will be buying at least $1,000 in assorted parts to do the work. That person will get a discount on anything they purchase from Bob’s to complete this PROJECT BIKE. It could be a little more than anticipated because they select to go a little further; that’s OK – the discount still applies. Even to an owner’s manual, Clymer repair manual or a stock tool kit all of which it does not have.

So as we see it there has to be room for those late evenings and weekends to earn the sweat equity that comes with taking on these tasks so we’re offering it up at what we feel is a very reasonable price. But if for some strange reason it’s available longer than 6 weeks after it’s posted feel free to email Bob directly. Tell him what it’s worth to you. Maybe you’ll let him know what a great home it will be going to. maybe you want to ride it to the BMWMOA in St. Paul, MN  in July and show it off in the Bob’s booth. Maybe he’ll embrace that. Or maybe it won’t be around that long. All those choices to make rest on your shoulders…..



Color: Blue
Mileage: 20,854
Stock Number: 130068
Availability: SOLD!
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