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2007 BMW K1200R SPORT

One of these days we are sure Bob is going to tell the Sales Manager “sorry Dennis, but I’m keeping that K12R Sport for myself” and one less machine will be offered u to our good customers. Most of the staff here is surprised that Bob does not already have a K12R Sport in his collection because he loves the sportier bikes. In fact he owns almost no true BMW touring machines with the exception of a spotless 1993 R100RT that is currently in the center of the museum along with a first year, 1977 R100RS.

But he has not stolen this one so we’d suggest that if you are considering a K12R Sport as your next Beemer you call or visit us soon just in case he is quietly thinking about this machine. With such low mileage and just two owners since new it’s hard to imagine that a more perfect example exists anywhere. But the beauty on this one goes well beyond what one would hope for due to countless extras and flawless cosmetics and perfect mechanicals. That’s why we’re surprised Bob did not claim it.

Delivered to the first owner at the end of November 2007 it has shown itself to be a perfect machine from a warranty or paid repair history review. Only the standard bulletins for a ring aerial (ignition), rear spring lever and a brake line were all covered by BMW and the only thing that actually ever failed was a battery and BMW covered that as well in 2008. The history we were shown indicated good care since new even though it was not initially purchased from Bob’s but we did take over the services and care in 2009.

Our talented and dependable master technicians just performed a full service so a new owner gets everything on a shiny plate. Following the Maryland Safety Inspection or MSI we did a full Biannual service with coolant and brake bleed, we updated the cam chain tensioner, added a Powerlet accessory outlet, installed new front and rear Michelin Pilot tires filled with Nitrogen, replaced the rear brake pads with the most current style offered by BMW and then replaced the old fuel pump and related components under the most recent BMW service bulletins guidelines. As you would imagine it passed the MSI easily and then went on to pass the more stringent exam we created so it fully qualifies under the ADVANTAGE CERTIFID Program Exclusive to Bob’s BMW.

Cosmetically it is like new and we are proud that we are able to source, acquire and offer up so many machines that truly can be identified as such. It is also well equipped and came from BMW with the Sports Wheels in gloss black, the white turn signal indicators, heated grips, due-Lever and para-lever suspension components front and rear and the highly desirable Integral ABS II to insure you are safer under adverse conditions than most other machine son the road. But it certainly does not stop there….

This bike has a long list of goodies, accessories, bling and enhancements to make ownership something to be bragging about. Included are the flowing (and excuse us if we missed something you see in one of the high quality images) so we’ll start with the tinted screen that has just a tad more coverage than the original stock version, then add the comfy deluxe foam grip covers which is really pretty standard fare. But the Laser exhaust, the alloy machines and formed belly pan which not only looks cool as stink but offers air flow that most belly pans don’t. There is a beautifully shaped carbon fiber front fender, rear fender, engine spoiler, clutch cover, rear brake cover, rear shaft cover, partial tank panel and a few other bits of this rare materials that must be worth well over $2,000 before we move along.   There is also a set of Synto levers, aluminum clutch and brake master cylinder covers, rear wheel alloy insert, spinoff alloy fuel cap, alloy mirror extenders so you see more of what you want and less elbow, Sato racing frame guards or sliders, knee pads and a set of really good looking and very functional wave brake rotors installed up front.

Whew! And for some thick icing on this beautifully crafted matte silver machine with the all satin black driveline and frame let’s not forget that it also comes with a set of BMW sports cases with liners worth over $9000 and as you’d expect these are key matched to the bike for ease of use and as you can see in the images when removed it’s hard to even know that bag mounts are installed on the rear. Plus this machine also has the BMW alarm system installed.

We’ve ordered in a spare key as it arrived with just one. There is one alarm fob included. The owner’s manual is also on order so it goes out complete and while it also arrived without the 2 small factory tools (screwdriver and wrench) that are usually under the seat we have secured these as well so that the new owner will have a totally complete machine and a great purchase experience when the team at Bob’s hands over the keys on that very special blue key fob following a very detailed review of this bike and all the features it offers.

This one purrs loudly, maybe you could say it growls. Is it calling you?  Stop by, check it out in person, ride it and find out.

Mileage: 8,510
Stock Number: P85374
Advantage Certified: YES
Availability: SOLD
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