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1977 BMW R90S/R100RS

There’s a good story to be shared with this offering so please read it all before jumping into the extensive mechanical and cosmetic details that follow the introduction; if you skip ahead you’ll be missing information we feel is worth knowing if the first images caught your attention and you might desire to own a version of the fabled R100RS.

Last fall Bob and another 125 (+-) passionate R100RS owners (Bob owns a 1977) attended a private celebration of the 40th Anniversary of this very special BMW machine, first offered in 1977. The designer Hans Muth, who is still very much alive, vibrant and working as a professional designer in other fields these days around the world was in attendance as were other luminaries of the BMW motorcycling world.

There were many superb original, fully restored and everyday rider examples of the R100RS on that wonderfdul property in Pennsylvania for three days. There were also a bunch of examples that were not as pretty but highly deserving of the attention this event provided. At least one machine had been ridden from as far as California and another which arrived under its own power, hailed from Florida and had over a million miles on the odometer.

None of these 125 (+-) examples, unless your goal is to own a perfect, exactly as it left the factory original, zero or low mile example from any given year and chosen color to be displayed only in a musuem, were anywhere close to being as fine and roadworthy and beautiful a machine as this offering is.

Bob spent a good part of the weekend (while not out riding in the beautiful countryside nearby) looking at and photographing numerous examples. Every color and every year produced was on display  from 1977 to 1995. Most any modification ever dreamed up was attached to at least one machine.

Bigger hand crafted gas tanks holding 8 and 10 gallons, enormous driving lights, deeper 5 quart oil pans, exotic suspension upgrades, very custom seats, hidden radar detectors, aftermarket wheels, high performance engine modifications, custom paint and luggage plus more alterations were all on display.

But this scratch built example is, in our opinion, surely one of the very finest based on all around visual, mechanical and finctional criteria one might ever dream of owning, let alone having built if the goal is to ride, share, enjoy and be delighted. It will wow those you meet or meet up with when riding near the place you live and it will do even more since when venturing father as it’s highly capable of riding cross country in style.

Even if you already have or are considering the purchase of another average R100RS or R90S you could not build another machine like withis without spending another $20,000 in our professional estimation. It’s always been more economical to hunt down what you desire that’s already been completed. We’ve done the hard part for you.

So back in the heyday of Bob’s Used Parts, the original company Bob started in 1981 which grew into Bob’s BMW in 1990, Bob set aside special parts for building personal and a few customer bikes. They were always the cleanest, lowest mileage special pieces, ones he didn’t see often. Frequently they were the parts he had far more demand on than he could ever come close to supplying to customers.

But he knew if he did not set them aside for these builds those machines would never come to be. That’s how his cool, sporty R75/5 Café bike came to be and it’s how his unique R90/2 Conversion with a Steib Delivery Box sidecar rig came into this world. That one was the result of setting aside cool and rare parts for over 15 years.

This impressive and very special RS bodied machine was built under similar circumstances, but not by Bob. This one was built by a BMW technician who over time selected all of his favorite bits and pieces as Bob often did, but this master BMW mechanic started with a naked engine block from an R90/6 and a bare frame from an R100/7 and proceeded from there. He selected every single component desired for his personal sports tourer project.

After years of working on other BMW owners machines, he knew exactly what he wanted and what worked the best. He coupled the best factory and aftermarket items from various eras. He wanted to build the very best airhead twin that genius and money could craft.  A machine to fulfill his dreams: visually, functionaly and mechanically. It had to perform as well as possible without building a race bike which would have defeated the goal of having a bike he could ride on the street. The end result had to be superior in all regards.

This is that machine. And were it not for the fact that his back was giving him grief due to age he might still own and ride it today. It pased through another caring owners hands before arriving at Bob’s. And were it not for the simple fact that after some 40,000 miles logged on his own R100RS there would be an very good chance Bob might have said “sorry” to his team of enthusiastic sales professionals and kept it for his own riding enjoyment.

It runs like no other airhead we’ve had the opportunity to service, maintain, restore, build from scratch or simply inspect and learn about from other BMW enthisiasts over the past 37 years. This one is truly special and the team here at Bob’s will be looking for a very special customer, one who can appreciate everything that has gone into this near flawless hybrid with three BMW roundels attached to its bodywork. So about now, if you’ve read this far you must be in need of some details.  

So here are the facts on what is offered:

There are 48,936 miles showing on the odometer. All of us here at Bob’s, after carefully scrtutinzing this machine are having a very difficult time believing that as you see it, it has been ridden that many miles. We are sure that this instrument cluster is indicating that the machine that component came from had that many miles. We have a signed odometer statement from the prior owner stating, to the best of his knowledge that when he acquired it, those are the correct miles. We think the total build as presented here might have fewer miles; we share everything we can.

Based on the VIN, it has a 1974 R90/6 engine case with a R90S motor built from the bare case out, records state it has been balanced and blue printed. It has the required and later 38 mm Del’Orto carberators and god almighty does it run superbly. It sounds equally as nice. We’ve never had a smoother or quieter shifting 5 speed BMW gearbox in our hands.

It has a Dyna Electronic Ignition, Autometer Oil Pressure gauge and Voltmeter, K&N filters, a Deep (+1 quart) cast aluminum oil pan, Lightened Flywheel, Luftmetister Sports clutch, MAC headers with ceramic interior coating, Cobra repro /6-/7 style mufflers (originally created for Bob’s BMW) and the instrument cluster was rebuilt.

There is a a 3.20 final drive gear set (stock for 750 cc engines) with matching speedometer, braced/reinforced swingarm, mostly stainless steel fasteners and hardware, R100RS bodywork (these are all perfect used or new panels as there is not a trace of even a tiny repair to be found) plus a hard to find and very desirable BMW ¾ solo seat frame with a leather Corbin insert. It’s finished in pearl white metallic paint of the highest quality and in superb current condition. There is one tiny blemish. The matching front and rear tool trays are included as is the fcatory tool kit.

It has a set of the best and strongest cast mag wheels ever built – Lester’s, it has Koni 7610P adjustable rear shocks, a complete 1984 BMW front fork assembly with the later Brembo cailpers and full floating aftermarket discs, it has CC Products damper values and Progressive fork springs. There is a CC reinforced dual fork brace and a CC cast and machined billet aluminum top triple tree. Stainless steel lines complete the brakes. The lever to adjust the factory steering damper is a functional and simple work of art.

It boasts by choice the 1970-76 era style valve covers, a Brown sidestand, a now nearly impossible to find Reynolds Ride Off center stand, Grand Touring grips. All the components used would appear to have been set aside over a period of time before the build could startbecause each was clearly selected for both functional and visual value.

The left and right control switches are perhaps the best BMW ever produced; installed on just 3 years of bikes from 1975 to 1977. There is no seat key lock (the latch is intact) by choice as many found this to be a nuisance, but a nicely selected hard rubber plug fills the hole. It has the 1977-79 gear shift linkage, another hard to find and highly prized item for it’s functionality and fit. It also has a near flawless set of Krauser Starlet saddlebags, the smallest and lightest offering from this world famnous luggage company in Germany.

Even the years of the Lester mags were carefully chosen as they have the late /6 and first year /7 series chrome spin on bearing covers on the front wheel with the rear being the correct cast aluminum bolt on variety – both made inspection and serivice easier and faster than later castings. Most all rubber parts are fresh and in excellent condition but we did find a few to add or swap out like throttle cable boots and a fresh plug for the original ignition switch location in the dash (it’s now in the side of the headlight for a little more stealth) so that everything is fresh.

It has a dark tinted, stock height windscreen that in its day was one of the smoothest fairing and screen combinations on the road. This screen allows better viewing clarity of gauges during the day or night and less glare from oncoming headlights when in a sportier position as well. There’s also a never used set of our own Cordura RS fairing pockets in black with extra supports installed in the fairing – they’re a very handy item for lightweight extras like a pair of gloves or an extra base layer of clothing.

We have fully inspected and ridden this machine; it’s been out for more than one good test ride by a master BMW tech. It has been certified under the Maryland Safety Inspection (MSI) process by one of our in-house certified inspectors. We’ve inspected everything and everything is believed to be perfect. We’ve just installed new Metzeler tires and tubes, filled them with Nitrogen and balanced them perfectly.

The engine oil and filter was changed just 100 miles before it arrived. We replaced the transmission, final drive and drive shaft fluids. We’ve bleed the front brakes, inspected and adjusted the rear brake as well. We have load tested the DEKA battery (installed in December 2016); it tested out excellent. Fuel lines are brand new as is the voltage regulator and turn signal replay, both replaced with genuine BMW items about a year back.

It has two keys for the ignition, tank and fork locks. It has only one for the bags and we don’t currently have any spares for this but they can be found. It has a mostly complete stock BMW tool set in the original pouch, a period correct and gently used Clymer service and repair manual is also included. Reproductions of the factory owner’s manual are in stock at Bob’s should you desire one of these.

If two up riding is your thing (occasionally or often) we can arrange your purchase of and for paint matching for a dual seat and rear storage repository that could be easily and quickly swapped out when that second seat is needed. In fact, should longer distance travel be in your plans we offer from our vast stock the larger, period correct saddlebags that fit these same mounting brackets along with a superb magnetic tankbag like Bob uses on his classic airheads.

We love this bike for a lot of valid, supportable and passionate reasons including our pure lust for an exquisitly built, superbly operatonal and stunningly visual machine. We know many viewers to our website and others it will appear on will too. Showroom visitors are already giving it serious attention before we thoughtfully decided on a fair price. But it can only have one next owner. Will that be you? 

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