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2007 BMW R1200GS

Let us start by telling you what a superb machine this is in every possible way. You should not be concerned, at all, about the miles . By our standards it’s still a low mile machine and we just sold, quickly we’ll add, another GS with 111,000 miles. This one has been well cared for during the past ten years with just 3 documented owners. It’s fully certified as safe and roadworthy as it’s handily passed the tough Maryland Safety Inspection.

As is SOP at Bob’s BMW we have elevated the current level of service and maintenance to the highest degree, with many items adding value for potentially the next 50,000 miles so the next owner should need to do nothing for quite some time and little further down the road other than enjoy this one and manage the standard oil and filter changes and regular maintenance levels as suggested by BMW and Bob’s.

In addition to all levels of great value in this machine there were several highly valued items done prior to the bike arriving at Bob’s that every potential buyer or next owner should know about. This includes a fully rebuilt final drive and driveshaft at 82,950 miles and a complete new BMW clutch pack. The throttle bodies were synchronized as well as the valves adjusted at 81,901 miles. It received a new ignition switch at 79,800 miles and as mentioned again further into this write-up the Wilbur’s suspension was installed at about 59,300 miles S <span style="\\&quot;-webkit-font-kerning:" none;\\"="">Owning a bike like this is for planning and dreaming about.

When it arrived it was due for lots of service and at Bob’s we believe that it offers and affords our clients a far better monetary position to buy a machine with all maintenance levels at a current and full starting point vs. buying something that has not been serviced and may have some surprises when turned over to a knowledgeable and experienced independent shop or dealership and those surprises are often financially hurtful. There are no surprises here, we’ve done it all so we can offer a great value.

Following a extensive visual and mechanical evaluation by Bob and then a master BMW tech and state certified inspector we created a list of all items to be addressed before our professional detail got his shot to make it prettier and shinier. We have installed 3 new BMW brake discs and BMW pads plus new hardware on the front rotors. We have installed new Metzeler Tourance tires, new BMW valve stems and filled them with Nitrogen front and rear.

We have replaced one of the BMW ignition coils as it was causing the bike to run under perfect specifications. And we have performed a full bi-annual service, meeting or exceeding all of BMW’s requirements for this work. We selected this service level based on the extensive past service documentation that came with this machine when we took it in trade recently. And while we did not get every record from past ownership, we have it for the past two owners going back to 2012 and about 30,000 miles.

We even have the documentation of when the Wilburs shocks were added. And the factory warranty history or report is one of the cleanest we’ve seen. Just the standard fare of the ignition ariel ring, rear wheel flange, fuel pump and the brake line all of which were factory service bulletins or recalls and covered in full by BMW and of course all performed by an authorized BMW dealership before this client move into the area.

So in addition to a very clean bill of health as everything works wonderfully and of course it starts right up, shifts into and through the gears smoothly, handles very well and stops flawlessly with fully functioning ABS it is very well loaded with the kinds of extras most of our customers start out with or add over time. Here’s that extensive list to prove this one’s worth a lot more than many others you’ll find in the market, including many with lower miles.

The stock equipment includes tele-lever and para-lever suspension components, ABS supported brakes, hand protectors, heated grips (that work just fine) and the super strong and desirable cross spoke wheels. It also has the on board computer, adjustable windscreen, factory side and center stands and dual headlights for a very attention getting pattern of visibility on the road for other vehicles.

But that’s the stock stuff; what’s been added since built by BMW is impressive: a taller aftermarket windscreen, a set of SW-Motech saddlebags which you can see are easily removed but lock to the bike, alloy short extension handlebar risers for comfort, a rare but very functional BMW exhaust conversion which many will not notice but changes the GS muffler to an RT muffler allowing for two (2) full sized saddlebags and barely losing any clearance for fording streams.

It also has a full Garmin ZUMO GPS system including the case, mounting face cover and connectors plus a nice sun shade. It boasts a fine set of tubular cylinder, engine and tank guards, Hella and Denali driving lights with complimentary coverage patterns so you won’t miss anything on the road at night and in the daytime no one will miss your presence either.

And if that were not enough it also has a front and rear set of Wilburs adjustable shocks and a very comfortable set of Sargent saddles with the front or rider section being the upgrade heated version – it boasts a very easy to use tank mounted multi-position switch so you can set it exactly where wanted. There is also a Sound Bomb horn, Alt Rider pegs and brake pedal enlarger and a side stand pad and finally a KAOKO throttle lock.

On the cosmetic side the bike shows very well but if one looks close, as we do, you can see some wear on the finish in a number of locations, all of which should be highly visible in these 15 images. But none of that is from tip-overs or crashes as best we can determine from a through investigation during our extensive and detailed evaluation. It’s been ridden the way it was designed.

One example of this is where one or all of the prior riders boots have worn though a little powder coating near the point that a heel of a boot would be if up on the pegs from time to time. The rest is the standard array of normal and very minor scratches or the peeling finish on the front of the motor. But it shines better than many we’ve seen and even sold with half or less of the mileage.  The small assortment of cool decals (there’s one Bob really wants) are included to enjoy or remove it you don’t. We give it an honest 8.5 on a very critical 10 scale and mechanically it’s a 9.5 since it’s certainly not new anymore.

We are highly confident that this one has years and years and tens and tens of thousands of miles left to economically enjoy and if it wasn’t right at the tipping point on age we’d be able to offer it up as one of our ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED BMW’s. Alas they must be within 10 years of manufacturer year classification and 2017 is fast coming to an end. But if you love this bike and react fast we can offer an extended service agreement on this one, with all the extra benefits from Bob’s through December 29th.

Delivered complete with the small factory tool kit, two keys for the bike and two for the bags, the factory owner’s manual, an aftermarket service DVD plus a spare controller and wiring package for the heated seat; it’s truly and honestly a great machine offered at a very fair, realistic and competitive price.

Color: WHITE
Mileage: 87,393
Option Code: LOADED!
Stock Number: R41861
Availability: SOLD!
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