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1999 BMW R1100RT-P

This one’s special because while we’re calling it a PROJECT BIKE since it’s not perfect it is also a decent used bike that starts, runs, idles, shifts, handles, stops and performs quite well. It has no actual needs other than some cosmetic stuff which the next owner may or may not select to do anything about. I was just run through the tough Maryland Safety Inspection or MSI process and it cleanly passed after we installed a missing fronmt femder reflector.  It really is ready to enjoy and ride anywhere.

We’ve done our best to throughly evaluate and review this machine, incluiding riding it, so we can share just as much information that’s always of value so the next owner knows what a good machine they are getting, what they might need to do and where some of the extra or hidden value lies based on past ort recent service history. But first, please read our disclaimer that applies to PROJECT BIKES at this link on our website:

This special PROJECT BIKE was originally a California Highway Patrol or CHP unit and delivered new by A&S Cycles in Roseville. The typical CHP unit saw 60,000 to 70,000 miles of actual duty as a Police bike before being turned in to one of the west coast dealers at the end of their contract. This one appears to have been in service until at least May of 2002 when the driveshaft and rear pinion gear were replaced under BMW’s authority warranty coverage around 63,600 miles.

We don’t know how many owners this PROJECT BIKE had after that point but we are specula ting it was two based on the fact that it’s now out east. Bob’s purchased a small number of turned in R1100RT-P’s and some R1150RT-P’s during the early to mid- 2000’s because there has always been steady demand for the special machines. Each was different, some were cleaner than others but all were very well cared for an maintained during their service years because that was part of the contract.

This PROJECT BIKE looks like it was reasonably well cared for but when it arrived here the last owner admitted he barely rode it over the past year so it needed a few things before we could pass it along to a new home. Before we share the recent stuff we did not that a new fuel pump was installed at 51,480 miles in 2002 and most of the warranty history before then is pretty standard stuff like relays, leaks, radio issues, switches and a fuel sensor replacement.

Of note is the fact that the suspension on this PROJECT BIKE feels to be in great shape and while we don’t have documentation we’d share an educated guess that it was replaced at some point in it’s past. The front and rear discs are not the originals and have plenty of meat with surfaces very smoothly worn which means pads were regularly replaced when called for; there should be tons of life left here.

We just installed a fresh Odyssey battery and strap (parts & labor $178), a new BMW ignition sending unit with alternator belt and spring clip (parts & labor $ 907), changed the oil and filter (parts & labor $115), replaced the fuel lines and crimp connectors (parts & labor $94) and installed fresh rear EBS brake pads (parts & labor $69) and took it out for another short ride to re-confirm everything including the ABS is working fine. Lots of extra-long term value on this PROJECT BIKE.

The tires on this PROJECT BIKE are in good shape; the rear Continent al shows about 55% remaining tread and dates to 4509 while the front is almost brand new from 3416 and easily has 90% of the tread remaining. All sidewall condition is rated VG. All the switches work fine, the electric windscreen operates smoothly, the stock center stand and special locking BMW Authority side stand operate as designed. The exhaust system as well as all other items of note and function appear to be in great shape.

Some RT-P’s came with wire spoke wheels but this one sports the easy to maintain cast alloy three-spoke mag design which offers a little more flexibility in what tires you can run. It also has the special City Cases or flat sided saddlebags and the rear radio box which without a bunch of communication gear makes for a very nice and spacious solo travel trunk to go with that comfortable BMW factory riders solo seat.

We think you can see most all the small cosmetic flaws on this PROJECT BIKE in these 20 images but we’ll also share them here so there’s no question about what’s being offered. It has very light tip over scratches on both valve covers and the lower edge of the bag lids. The right upper fairing has a scrape mark under the mirror, a partially cracked right mirror glass (still highly functional) as well as the edge of the dash hidden behind the mirror is slightly damaged.

Also of note on this PROJECT BIKE is the left side trim panel between the saddlebag and tank is missing a tab and rubber grommet and these can be repaired or there seem to be plenty of used ones on eBay for cheap. The rear fender has been shortened by about 2 inches (no idea why) and  the front wheel has a few small marks that we’d guess came from a less than perfect tire change at some point in the past. The only extra item of note is a set of Throtlemeister cruise control bar end weights )left dummy & right actual function) in stainless steel.

Overall the general cosmetics, castings and paint on this PROJECT BIKE are in average or better shape and we’ve not even washed this one at all. The next owner should have that honor and we are confident that with a few hours work and the right products it will shine quite to look quite a bit nicer than it already does. And since there are scant few RT-P’s on the road it’s sure to turn heads.

Of note, should one desire larger saddlebags this can be accomplished by simply changing out the bag lids on thisPROJECT BIKE with either the standard touring case size like the R1100-R1150RS, RT as well as the came with or even upgrade further to the extra-large lids. We get these used now and then so be sure to check with the Bob’s Used Parts specialist here at Bob’s BMW. It arrived with just one key (we can cut and sell you extras), no tool kit or owner’s manual.

All these and most any other items you’d desire to upgrade, trick out or simply maintain this fine machine and PROJECT BIKE for the next 88,000 miles will typically be found in stock at Bob’s BMW and on the website. A superb value that we think the next owner will be able to enjoy for many years and tens of thousands of miles based on all we could learn from our evaluation. Call and then swing by to inspect it in person before someone else beats you to it.

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Mileage: 88,978
Stock Number: C66184
Availability: SOLD!
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