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This is truly a one-of-a-kind machine in search of a special owner to bring it back to life, ride it, show it off, share it at events and have a great deal of fun doing so. The potential historic connections below make for good reading if nothing else. This special build was in storage for at least the last two decades and quite possibly longer in a dry commercial warehouse so it has not been run in quite some time. We did get a good bit of the machines history from the last owner and the person responsible for this very cool creation you see in these 60 or so images which is more photos than we’ve ever shared any PROJECT BIKE

We do our best to clearly communicate that a PROJECT BIKE is not like a regular used bike we offer at Bob’s. We always suggest that anyone interested in this machine read all the details, carefully review the images provided (you can enlarge most all quite a bit) and read the special bill of sale shared in the PROJECT BIKE section of the Bob’s BMW website (which you or any buyer will sign) so you understand what and how you are making this acquisition. Then make time for an in person inspection or at a minimum an extended conversation on this machine with or one of our sales team or even Bob who hunted this one down himself and has spoken with the original builder at length.

Like any PROJECT that you might take on there can always be risks or unanticipated issues which could arise later. Even if this or another PROJECT BIKE was running it’s impossible to anticipate or predict everything you might encounter along the way. Our goal has always been to work with interested, qualified and informed customers so they know what they are buying as best is humanly possible. We share all details and history we know about or have discovered during our intake inspection and evaluation and even some speculation but that may not be everything associated with this or any given PROJECT BIKE

We do our best to send them out with room for the new or next owner to generate some positive financial sweat equity in the process. Of all the PROJECT BIKES we have offered and sold over the last decade (+-) we think this one might just offer the largest level of sweat equity growth because it’s the first time we’ve had something quite this unique with a pretty good story and fairly accurate details since new and there have been quite a number of special bikes we’ve had the opportunity to offer.

The staff was really, really surprised that Bob chose to offer it for sale verses placing it into the Vintage BMW Museum (or his office where there’s almost always one interesting machine on display) where it might very well belong; running or not. And after some 20 to perhaps 25 years of dust from that warehouse was removed thanks to a very comprehensive washing and light detail (we could not offer it up as filthy as it arrived) after a lengthy second round of inspection and evaluation time it now certainly shines like it did not when Bob first inspected it, but close to what it must have looked like when it was last being ridden by the second of just two owners.

We suspect that Bob just does not have time for another PROJECT BIKE in his own life and we do know he’s got several ongoing projects plus plenty of things to improve or add to the Museum that he just can’t get to right now that are high on his list and have been around longer than this has. But we have seen him show it to several friends with collections and a few visitors as the photos and story were being written and we keep waiting for him to say “crap, I’m nuts to let it go – let’s roll it into my office for now.”

We do know plenty of other enthusiasts exist that do have the time, energy, inclination, reasonable purchase value we’d selected to attach to this PROJECT BIKE and the fascination with owning rarer toys and returning them to enjoyable daily use, so here goes. Even if you are not personally in the market this one’s worth reading and browsing the images because there are no others out there like it. Feel encouraged to share it with friends via email or on your Facebook page if you like. Maybe someone you know might be the next owner and they’ll be indebted to you for life for connecting them.

This PROJECT BIKE build started its life in the UK as just a few parts on the shelves of the legendary Gus Kuhn Motors Limited in London. With this acquisition we were handed a small stack of original receipts for some of the items; included is one for the specially built main frame and swing arm that was constructed for BMW.

Those components were originally used for a BMW sponsored (often this is just the handing over of rare or costly parts and not specifically cash and is similar to this day) private race bike by this well respected BMW dealership (one of the largest in the England) who had support from BMW UK over a several year period. They built numerous racers and endurance machines around BMW and other brand drivelines in their heyday.

Could this be the bike? Another? Not at all? You decide:

We were informed that when BMW was done using it for their machines (they upgrade all the time) it was handed over to Gus Kuhn Motors for privateer use. We don’t have details on which machine or machines or for how long it was used by Gus Kuhn Motors but it was sold in 1976 to the original builder of what you now see and Bob has spoken with him directly about that transaction and we have the receipt.

You can learn more about Gus Kuhn Motors at this link:

The story we were given was that several dealers were given custom frames, tanks and modified swing arms to build race bikes from. Those frames could not be titled in the UK for street use so each year they’d “dispose of them” but what really happens is they sell them off to some lucky person and start their own build while the dealer, if they remained in good standing and were winning races got a new frame and other components with whatever advances BMW had to offer. 

We are very sure this tank, frame and swingarm are those items from the UK. Bob did speak with the guy who purchased all the items originally, shipped them home and completed his own PROJECT BIKE back in the late 1970’s. It is one trick frame but then everything here appears to be pretty special, unique, custom crafted or fabricated and certainly one-of-a-kind.

The front fork assembly or at least most of it appears to be the used Suzuki Dual Disc set the original builder described acquiring back in the late 1970’s. He also purchased a used 5 speed gearbox and a brand new BMW R90S engine from a BMW dealer in Texas; we have a receipt for it from 1975 that appears to be the right price range for a new BMW motor in that time frame. It was originally installed in a rolling /2 chassis as a early conversion but then the frame, swingarm and tank came available and he began to think differently.

When it was initially completed it had a set of stock De’lorto carbs, a more stock oriented sport style exhaust system and a different seat but we don’t currently have any photos from that era or for that matter the seat, just his words. So clearly this has been a PROJECT BIKE all its life and he later (we don’t know exactly when) selected to turbo charge the machine using components from a Corvair car and a Harley-Davidson diaphragm based carb which may still be attached but we don’t know this for sure, but it all looks complete as best we can tell and there don’t appear to be any missing pieces.

He made the rear seat cowl later on which supposedly held the battery at that time and had Corbin build the custom seat you see today. It also looks like the right min-saddlebag would hold a battery as you can see. The left side clearly holds the air filter components. It appears that everything he built remained with the bike when he swapped it with a good friend for a K bike his friend just was not in love with. And that’s the person Bob acquired it from and he probably rode it for at most a few thousand miles before parking it along with many, many other machines with 2 or 4 wheels attached.

The entire exhaust system seems to be intact and solid, all fittings look good, most wires are in better shape than we’d have originally believed but it appears the dust provided some decent level of protection from the temperature changes that take place in any warehouse environment. But the paint held up surprisingly well all things considered and while it’s not perfect we’ve only given it a good bath; imagine what a true detailing might deliver.

When Bob was introduced to this PROJECT BIKE the front calipers were completely locked up and the bike could not be rolled, so the front end had to be lifted onto a hand truck to be moved. Then to move it again he selected to make life easier and just take the calipers off. They may or may not be rebuildable but they are included. But without the calipers in place it rolls just fine and the engine turns over freely and the gearbox can be shifted through the gears without issue.

That “rebuildable” comment from above should be associated with the entire PROJECT BIKE since it’s been sitting quite a while and aside from a few decades ago Bob’s does not have specific turbo operation, service or repair training, let alone on Corvair parts so we elected to not attempt to start the PROJECT BIKE even though several of our techs felt it might just fire right up with fresh fuel and a battery as we often see take place.

We tend to be cautious and feel it should be fully inspected on a slightly deeper level than we have thus far. Things like dropping the oil pan, opening up at least some of the turbo components, doing a full inspection of the wiring harness and while it turns over freely sometimes it’s even prudent to pull the heads to make sure everything is truly ready to be started up before more service, maintenance or repairs are undertaken on this PROJECT BIKE can’t hurt. 


Others would just throw gas and a battery in, check the oil levels and see what happens when that little start button is pushed. We’d like to see video either way from the person who takes this one on! And speaking of the stuff one might need (battery, fluids and filters, tires, rubber parts, brake stuff, etc.) to safely return this machine to safe and roadworthy use any parts purchased at Bob’s for this project by the next owner will receive a discounted price. Our team will help establish a time frame based on an anticipated project completion and do our best to work with you in that regard.

A few other items we observed that we’d like to share in case a prospective buyer does not know everything they are looking at we do see the bike has a 1974 to 1977 era BMW speedo with a 1.186 ratio, a BMW electronic tach from the 1978-80 era, a 32/11 final drive ratio (at least that’s what is stamped in the housing), a pair of USG 2.5” diameter gauges showing PSI and Boost. Inside the saddlebags if you can call them that one is equipped for the air intake and filtration and the other seems to be set up for a battery even though the original builder said he had one behind the seat initially.

It appears to have cast iron brake rotors due to the light surface rust. The rear wheel is a Lester Mag (one of, if not the best Motorcycle wheel ever) set up for drum brakes, the front might be a Suzuki that came with the front end but we think it looks suspiciously like a Marchesini casting but we also have a receipt for a Laverda wheel so…. we’re just not 100% sure.

As noted earlier the suspension is trick as is the subframe portion of the bike and swingarm but the main frame is a work of art and while we did not remove the tank for the photos (Bob had if off earlier and shoulda taken them at the time) and we did get you, the viewer a few good angles on what’s taking place near the steering head and under the seat. We suspect a frame like this would easily cost a few grand today as it appears to be a scratch built item so based on our asking price we feel it’s been placed into the true great deal and value range.

There is only minor rust or surface deterioration on this machine in general with the exception of the brake discs but it was in long term storage in a big old warehouse. Under these conditions stuff dries out. Other stuff hardens. Paint ages. Seals weep. Gaskets fail. Fittings don’t always loosen as easily. Electrical components don’t always stand the test of time and temperature changes. Grease has limits to how long it lasts. And tires get hard and lose their stiction or ability to grip any road surface. 

But with any PROJECT BIKE no different than most any vehicle based project in general the baseline is typically inspect, evaluate, acquire, take home, inspect again, take apart (partially or completely), inspect again, make a plan of action, buy stuff for the first stages of the plan, follow through with the plan, put it back together and fire it up. It’s always been relatively straight forward if you have the vision, energy, space, tools, time and inclination. We’ve had some leave and take years and others ride into our parking lot within a week or month.

As you look over the photos you can see things like the deep oil pan and the fact that the heads are dual plugged, there’s an oil cooler under the fairing, a Telefix fork brace is attached, the center stand is not a stock BMW component and is just a little harder to use, the cool leather and metal (bronze?) vintage Pratt & Whitney key fob is included and probably collectible all by itself. And for those with a keen eye for little details note the exhaust header nuts, they are very early /5 series when the small holes for the earlier wrench most commonly used on the R69S was still in a tool kit but good luck getting them off with that – these are still clean.

The builder did tell us that the mileage on the bike is NOT what you see on the odometer. Actual miles on this bike cannot be determined with any degree of absolute accuracy. He did however tell Bob that he placed, at most 25,000 miles on the engine between the /2 chassis it started in and this machine and the second and last owner rode it maybe a few thousand more miles. We do our best to disclose all we possibly can on every PROJECT BIKE we offer.

The speedo came from a parted out bike way back when he got a few other parts during the initial build and he did not have the odometer changed. The bill of sale will reflect that the exact mileage on this PROJECT BIKE is unknown as required by law. As a one-of-a-kind there is no owner’s manual, it came to us with just one key (make a copy after you buy it) and there was no tool kit although if once it’s back on the road you wish to carry one we stock several great options. 


For a reference on how you might fit this machine our model (in just one image) is one of our long time superb and friendly Certified BMW Service Advisors. Darryl is about 6’1” tall with roughly a 33” inseam. You can see from that image it has a rear set riders position that is very sporty but it’s not stupidly leaned over either and the seat/bars/foot peg position felt very good for Bob at 5’5” and his 28” inseam so your build should not be an issue with this PROJECT BIKE build fitting most riders.


So we finally get around to what this incredible one-of-a-kind Turbo enhanced two owner, scratch built super cool looking and seems to be all there PROJECT BIKE might be worth. Even for us it was difficult to place a price tag on this one (but we’ve got a very good idea) so you should feel encouraged to call us or email one of the sales team if you have an ongoing relationship with Paris, Jim or Chris and present a serious offer. 

We do want the next owner to visit Bob’s and check it out in person, this has always been our preference along with our desire to keep as many of the really cool machines nearby even if they initially leave on a trailer or in a truck. But if it got your attention and might keep you up at night until we discuss this opportunity further with you and you don’t live nearby we might get Bob involved in this conversation so you have all the information (he did bring this one in) and even some extra images if truly required from which you can make an informed decision before calling this PROJECT BIKE your own so please….


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