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This might very well be the cleanest, all around nicest standard R1200C we’ve had since we offered them brand new. Yes, it’s a first year machine which for some could make it even more desirable and while we don’t know the number of owners we believe the next person might be only number three. Bob personally hunted this one down and the last owner was a woman who was just not riding it often enough to keep holding onto it.

It is definitely a low mileage, non-ABS machine with only a few, well selected extras and without a doubt has the best set of these near impossible to find wire spoke wheels you’ll find on any bike. Of course the rest is pretty sweet too so keep reading. While some would argue that the Ivory with blue pinstripes was the bike to own since James Bond had one in Tomorrow Never Dies we’ve always been partial to BMW’s black with white pinstripes combination. Whatever turns you on, this one is a stunning example.

It was delivered new in May of 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri and remained in that part of the country with the first owner. The next, and only other owner to the best of our knowledge hailed from Colorado and that’s where Bob discovered it and brought it home to Maryland. While we don’t have all the past service history it does appear to have been well cared for over the years in both a mechanical and cosmetic sense.

We were informed that the second owner did not get records from the first via the dealer she acquired it from but there are almost no warranty repairs on this machine and it got a pretty clean bill of health upon arrival at Bob’s but there were some things to do before it fully met our very high standards. That list is not short and the next owner should know that we spared no expense making this one an even more exceptional machine.

Of course we started out with a full, very detailed mechanical and cosmetic evaluation. The next step was to install a new battery as the existing one just barely held a charge. Then it went out for a good test ride to see if it was going to perform as fine as Bob was anticipating and the tech came back with a positive report but when we went to put it through the Maryland Safety Inspection it failed but we knew in advance that it would because t needed new tires and a new rear disc to pass but overall it was a great machine mechanically. That of course has been updated and a fresh “PASS” certificate is on file.

So we turned our most experienced Master Tech loose and he did all of the following and while some is maintenance based a lot of it adds long term value to a 18 year young motorcycle because the next owner won’t be doing this stuff for a very long time, if ever. This one received a full annual service and the new battery we noted earlier, it got new ME880 Metzeler tires with a Nitrogen fill, it got a fresh turn signal relay along with a brand new BMW updated tail light assembly that does not vibrate or crack like the originals did. We installed new brake pads up front on a great set of discs.


We also did a large job that others might have missed and replaced the final drive output bearings, seals and all the other related bits plus cleaned and lubricated the drive shaft. And while we were so close we also replaced the transmission output seal and then we also installed a new rear disc and fresh pads. All in all we spent well over $4,000 making this bike as mechanically sound, safe and reliable as one could desire going forward so that the next owner should not need to do anything for the next 6,000 miles other than an in between and highly recommended 3,000 mile oil and filter change.

And then we set about making it look even nicer (and spending some more money) than the overall 9.0 on our critical 10 scale as we could so that non-BMW enthusiasts and those who don’t know these were built back in the late 1990’s might think it was a new offering from BMW. Our fabulous in-house professional detailer did an amazing job of making everything look better. He even treated the leather covered saddlebags which were, with the chrome mounting system, a factory option added on after it was initially sold.  

The seat and flip-up adjustable riders backrest/small pillion seat looks great. The paint is nearly flawless, especially for original paint that is almost 20 years old. All of the chrome trim looks beautiful as does the National Cycle aftermarket exhaust which does in fact sound a little nicer than stock. The handlebars, gauges, frame, valve covers, forks and well literally every part except the grips of this bike look fantastic. Grips always show some wear but these are the real deal leather ones that you can’t get anymore and we think they still look just fine.

And we have to mention the wheels again because they are simply amazing – we have never before had an R1200C of any year arrive with such perfect wheels. And as you browse through all these clear, sharp images you’ll see that we selected to show you the saddlebags before and after their full treatment and detailing just to show you they were nice to start with but look like new now. These quick removable, spacious and very stylish bags also include a set of BMW’s saddlebag liners.

So to wrap it up, this one looks great, start, shifts, handles, stops and just runs great, is fully serviced and then quite a bit more. It comes with the owner’s manual, the complete factory tool kit that’s hidden behind the left side chrome trim panel, a flat spare key and that beautiful and not exactly inexpensive cast knob key which was designed to be an updated versions of the knob key that fit ball BMW’s made from 1950 through 1973. You will not be disappointed unless you miss this one!

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