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We get the great bikes we offer up be they near perfect used ones or qualify as a PROJECT BIKE in many ways. This one arrived in a most unusual manner. Bob owns one of these rare 1989 ABS equipped BMW K100RS Specials and while the bike itself is near perfect, his seat was not because the original owner had traded it for a Corbin way back. Bob had to have a correct blue original seat for that machine but no amount of hunting the world on the internet had resulted in a seat so in desperation he selected to buy a whole bike he did locate to get a seat. It was not a perfect seat mind you but it was original, it was blue and he figured he’d sell that bike with the Corbin and it would not cost him too much.

So literally, while that bike is in transit to the dealership a long time customer walks into Bob’s office and says “I understand you’re looking for a 1989 K100RS Special blue seat.” to which Bob says “Yes, I am. Do you have one?” to which he’s told “I sure do, but it’s not for sale.”  I’m sure you can quickly imagine the confusion on Bob’s face. As it turns out that customer needed something for one of his K bikes and was hoping Bob could trade and it just so happened that Bob had a nice used 22 liter BMW trunk for him and so two days later trunk and seat were exchanged. The seat is now on Bob’s bike, the Corbin sold and there’s a spare 1989 K100RS for sale.

While this bike is not perfect it is still an original example of a rare bike – BMW’s first ABS equipped machine in fact. These machines got a very special paint job of dark blue metallic and pearl white metallic plus special white painted cast alloy mag wheels, matching white lids on the saddlebags, dark tinted screen and spoiler, all black driveline and a chrome cover on the exhaust and a full two tone belly pan.

These are stunning examples of BMW’s Art of the Motorcycle at its best and with what has become one of the most sought after paint jobs ever sprayed on a motorcycle from BMW in its entire history. They came with the ABS as previously mentioned plus a temperature and fuel gauge installed in the fairing side panels plus 4 way flashers. This one has just one original key and no owner’s manual but it does have a nice clean original tool kit and pouch.  

So here are some facts on this example: The tires are in very good shape; they are Metzeler Marathon’s and we feel the rear has 75% of useful tread remaining and the front 50-60%. There is some minor discoloration on the passenger half of the seat but it’s in great condition from a function perspective. There are some scratches and nicks on the right bag lid, right fairing upper and a small crack (not structural in any way but noticeable)  on the left upper fairing panel near the mirror which also has a small scratch. One of the nuts on the muffler cover is incorrect as well. Most of the fluids look clean but we don’t have actual documentation as to when they were last changed but the dealer who sold and serviced this bike since new most of the time and from whom Bob got it from said he got that information from his longtime customer as well. There is an aftermarket rear shock that looks very clean and functions fine.

The bike starts, runs, shifts, stops and all the switches and assorted stuff works exactly as it is supposed to. Bob took it for a 1 mile loop when these photos were taken and the ABS still works as designed and delivered by BMW. Basically we feel one could buy it and ride to California before needing to do anything like change even the oil and filter BUT we’d suggest starting out with fresh oil – it’s just the smartest thing you can do. We believe that the brake discs and pads are all good upon visual inspection and that there really are no issues in need of repair that we are aware of with this machine. It even has BMW full coverage fork boots installed to protect the tubes.

The tires might actually last on a trip to the west coast and back. Based on our experience 49,000 miles on a 4 cylinder K model of this era means you’ve got another hundred thousand miles to go before even considering some higher maintenance issues – it’s simply a young bike still even though it is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year which means you could even apply for and use Historic plates in most all of the 50 states!

So you might be asking yourself  why is it a PROJECT BIKE with all the special transaction documents and conditions and not a good used bike on the showroom floor at Bob’s? Well the answer would be simple -- if we did that we’d simply be raising the price tag because we’d be doing all the maintenance and probably installing a brand new set of tires. All things that so many of our customers and in general many BMW enthusiasts wish to do themselves. And since we sell to customers in all 50 states we’ve not performed the MSI yet but can do so if it ends up becoming a Maryland BMW.

So we’re offering it up at a very reasonable price because Bob bought it right when all he wanted was the seat! Don’t wait too long.

Mileage: 48,925
Stock Number: 044824
Availability: SOLD
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