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2014 Hannigan K1600GTL Trike

Why would a dealer take a perfectly good, brand new BMW K1600GTL and turn it into a trike?  Because we have customers that have relied on us to build them on their existing bikes for almost a decade as well as quite a few that have had them built on brand new machines almost every year. So on occasion we’ve chosen to build one on spec just like we build custom bikes and sidecar rigs just like others do with homes. As riding enthusiasts ourselves we know that when the urge hits to have a new toy one generally does not want to wait the typical 60 to 90 days or even longer depending on the time of year it takes to order one in, get it painted and assembled and then log some shakedown miles so that it can be flawlessly delivered. This write up will not give you all the details so please call us to learn more.

And don’t for a second think that this is what you graduate to when you can’t walk, can’t keep your balance or anyone of a dozen lame reasons you may have overheard someone mention when talking about an exciting part of motorcycling they’ve probably never experienced themselves. Most three wheelers are FUN but this one is actually quite exciting to ride. The full chassis conversion includes an independent rear suspension that allows the pilot (a commonly used term for the operator or rider of a sidecar or trike since it is a bit different than solo riding) to go out and play in the twisties much the same as they would on two wheels. In fact, in some situations you can play harder. And yeah, it’s not so bad when you come to a screaming stop and don’t have to put either of your feet down or balance the bike.

All those issues for those who are not 5’8” and in many cases taller yet to be flat footed on many of todays’ motorcycles are eliminated. Quite a few of our trike customers tell us they want the tall seat on a given bike because from the waist up, or even waist down the ergonomics of fit are simply better. Now they can be more relaxed in the seat, they don’t need to slide forward every time they stop, they don’t need to shave comfort out to gain ground access and what they can do is insure that their comfort is at the top of the list of criteria for having a motorcycle that they enjoy purely from the enjoyment position.

So with that in mind and looking at how many we have built over the past several  years as well as acknowledging that even the nicest K1200LT, GL1800 or Road King trike conversion we’ve done would pale alongside a K1600GTL we got to work.  And the results are stunning visually and while these are fine images they do not really do the sheer beauty and excellent lines of this very roadworthy rig justice – it needs to be seen in person and up close. And speaking of stunning, this outfit goes down the road like nothing you’ve ever ridden even if you are an experienced trike pilot.  If you are not, you’ll find that it takes almost no time to get used to the different operation of three wheels verses two. Bob, Dennis, David and several others here at Bob’s can attest to how much fun this three-wheeler is to ride.

Of course there’s a lot more under that beautifully executed bodywork that blends BMW’s flagship Luxury Touring bike with the three wheel concept but visually it is so well done that most people who don’t know we build these here at Bob’s think it came from BMW this way. At a recent consumer show where we had our display directly across from that of the local Harley-Davidson dealer and their factory trike display countless people walked back and forth between the two machines. Most comments focused on how completely integrated the Bob’s trike looked in comparison to the HD unit which almost looked as though it came from an Erector set kit. Yikes! We just said that and it’s a little bit of a put down but it’s true. Every part from forks to suspension, to the front and rear wheels looks as though it was designed by those who design jet planes – it’s truly a fabulous work of fast paced rolling engineering. Plus as you’d certainly desire it has electric reverse so that even parking is a breeze.

We of course have added a few extras like the BMW top case brake light, a Powerlet accessory outlet, the beautiful and very comfortable BMW passenger armrests and we’ve installed a BMW Nav 5 and a pair of the recommended trunk liners and top case liner from our exclusive line of Cordura products. These three items are not included in the price at this time just in case the next owner already has a recent NAV unit of their own or would prefer to select a different mix or color choice of liners. We’ve also set aside the best possible full trike weather cover in case you need this as well. And all those nice additions are on top of a fully loaded 2014 K1600GTL that has the factory safety package with ABS, Dynamic Traction Control or DTC, Tire Pressure Monitoring or TPM, the factory luxury package with is all the extra bling that makes it so beautiful and then the LED fog lights, ESA II, central locking and anti-theft alarm system. This one came with the stock comfort seat which like the grips is heated and the radio software kit is also included. The trike kit also includes serious air vents in the floor board panels so of those extra warm days you can generate a controlled amount of very nice air when and where you need it.

Bob’s is authorized, trained and experienced in constructing these trikes for BMW, Honda and Harley-Davidson models so if for any reason you’ve decided that this one’s not for you, give us a call and we can discuss building one to your exact specifications on a new or used bike from our inventory or one you already own. For now, this one is only in need of a new owner looking for some great adventures on the roads of America where we’ve had quite a few of our clients log tens of thousands of miles on trikes built and sold at Bob’s.  

Color: Magnesium Beige Metallic
Stock Number: Z24856
Availability: SOLD
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