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1983 BMW R65LS

This is a shop favorite machine (sort of like a favorite wine at your local beer and wine shop) and one that Bob personally thinks is  one of the true investment sleepers from the 1980’s in terms of future value for collectors. He has one that he shares every day when customers visit the dealership. It’s hanging from the ceiling with the tires carefully balanced on one of the built in shelves near the main entrance so one can get a full undistorted view of the great lines and styling that the designers at BMW put into this small but highly capable 650 cc sport bike.

Only time and the market will determine if Bob’s future collectability and value prediction turn out to be accurate from a financial investment perspective but one thing is for sure – this is a PROJECT (Charity Benefit) BIKE that is for all intents and purposes a pretty clean, complete, just two owner ready to ride used BMW Motorcycle worthy of your attention. It is not only complete and pretty accurate in most all details but it also passes the tough Maryland Safety Inspection (MSI) now that we’ve performed some service.

While this bike is tagged as a PROJECT BIKE it also qualifies as a good used bike. But because it’s been donated to us to raise money for charity, in this case the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation via the Ride for Kids® program we can’t offer a warranty like we might on an ADVANTAGE CERTIFIED machine or a regular used bike offering because we don’t make a profit.

But rest assured this bike is special, has seen a great amount of service over the past few years of which most adds value now and down the road and we’ve recently done more still to make it safe and roadworthy and likely a great and dependable ride for some time to come.

We suggest that anyone interested in this PROJECT/BENEFIT BIKE read the full details, closely review the images that we supply to be as transparent as possible, read the PROJECT BIKE Bill of Sale on the website and make time for an in person, up close inspection. Like any PROJECT BIKE that you might take on there can always be risks or unexpected issues which could arise or simply entail work beyond your current abilities. And you can take this one out for a demo ride if you qualify and are serious about being the next owner.

We do our best to honestly share details and any history we know about or have discovered during our inspection but that may not be everything associated with any given PROJECT BIKE. That holds true for any used bike or charitable benefit bike Bob’s handles and has been that way since 1981 when bob started Bob’s Used Parts and provided full disclosure on all the good used BMW parts and accessories he sold around the US and the world. 

So for some details on this one nothing beats a bunch of good pictures so please review them carefully and read what follows. We only have good history back to 2012 when the most current owner who gave it to Bob for fundraising purposes (he also had an outstanding invoice for some work and storage) had and brought it in to have it assessed and serviced as he’d not ridden it in a while. We did a lot and then it was barely ridden again for the next five years. Less than  250 miles were logged since it went home in December of 2012 but a lot of what we did will last a long time.

It got a new battery which we’ve recently replaced as they don’t last forever. It received a full tune up with all fluids and filters. We completely rebuilt the carburetors including new jets, floats, butterfly shafts, needles and other assorted parts not always in a carb rebuild.  We installed new header pipes that were supplied by the customer and they still look great and are correct parts.

We also had previously installed a new petcock (the R65’s only have one) plus we installed new Metzeler tires and tubes and while they are now 5 and 6 years old based on the manufacture date they look new and have 95-99% of their useable tread. Good for some time in our opinion.

We also installed a new stainless steel brake line set and flushed and bleed the brakes. But we’re not done telling you where some of the best long term value lies: we also installed a new rear main seal, flywheel o-ring, neutral switch, thrust boot, final drive input seal, shift seal and all the assorted hardware that goes with this undertaking.

We did not replace the clutch pack as it was all in great shape. We also cleaned and lubricated the drive splines at both points while in there. And finally we installed a new front BMW master cylinder  as it was leaking just a little and would only get worse.

So this time around we selected to bring it up to a higher standard and operational level so the next owner could just ride it and enjoy it and hopefully not spend any money on it except for fluid changes for some time to come. That we don’t make a profit on the sale of the machine does not make a difference in our attitude – we want this bike to place a big smile on someone’s face when they claim it as theirs. It started right up when we rolled it out of the warehouse. It shifts, handles, stops and does all you’d expect just fine.

So we re-evaluated the bike, rand it through the tough Maryland State Inspection or MSI process and selected to do the following: Adjust the steering head bearings, install fresh fuel line, cleaned and adjusted the rear brakes, installed a fresh pair of BMW battery covers (only available from BMW in primer so we also painted them to the original matte black finish) and as the front brake discs were right at the fail point we installed brand new BMW discs and pads which add a significant amount of value to the next owner as well. As a result of all this plus an extended test ride it now has a passed rating on the MSI website and a printed certificate (this is now an optional step) is in the folder.

No, it did not arrive as cosmetically sweet as you now see it. The mirrors had some light surface degradation. It was dirty as most bikes tend to be after sitting more than being ridden for that many years. There was a small tear in the side of the seat covered with old black duct tape. We turned our in-house professional detailer loose. But as we are focused on bringing in donation dollars and not profits (similar but different) we did not do everything we might have done but we think you, one of your friends or whomever the new owner is will be duly impressed.

We replaced that crusty old black duct tape on the seat with some fresh tape. It’s not perfect but it is pretty well hidden and if perfect is what you want we can upgrade that for a reasonable fee as we can still get a replacement cover.  The mirrors were removed, lightly sanded and re-painted and look great and the mirror surfaces were quite fine all along. Then the entire machine was given a really good wash from top to bottom and in all the places that most people don’t look. It got polished and shined and detailed like few bikes do unless they’ve been attended to here at Bob’s.

It is not as perfect as the hanging example but it’s pretty nice and we’d be pleased to walk the bike with you and identify the few minor blemishes it has but the overall paint, finishes, controls, rubber, etc. all loom pretty good. There is some aging on the mufflers which is showing up as very slight bulging and we’ve seen often on these R65LS pipes but they are otherwise solid and sound great. Most all hardware is in very respectable condition but there is a little UV fading on the switches; it is almost 35 years old. It’s a true classic and qualifies for antique tags in probably every state should you like that.

It is mostly stock but it has a few very desirable options that are worth good money. It comes with a Brown side stand which is way better than the stock versions (sorry BMW but this is a fact), BMW two piece saddlebag carriers or mounts, Krauser cylinder guards (not installed and missing a few bits of hardware) and a set of BMW saddlebags so that in addition to shorter sporty rides one can carry enough stuff to spend serious time on the road.  You could even select a fresh tank bag at Bob’s to purchase and have still more room.

It comes with 3 keys, the original tool set but no owner’s manual but we have offerings in this category for sale if desired and we feel it’s very realistically priced considering the overall long term value, general state of roadworthiness and the fact that the net proceeds will go to a very worthwhile charitable cause.

Color: RED
Mileage: 35,217
Stock Number: 371200
Availability: SOLD!
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