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Have you enjoyed your motorcycling life thus far? Have you had a few adventures along the way? Did you ever scratch yourself while having that fun? If so then you might be able to relate to this fine mid-weight BMW cruiser. We just wanted to point out at the very beginning that this otherwise beautiful and superbly running machine has a few very minor blemishes. And they really are minor. Our way of having a little fun at, well I guess our own expense.

But this bike has a fantastic history and it’s all well documented. Plus it started at Bob’s as a new delivery back in august of 2005. The original and only owner kept fine records including all those we have on fine as well. We can give you a copy of the log book for your own record keeping going forward while the rest of the actual repair and service orders must remain with the permanent service history on the bike we keep.

It last saw a fully all-encompassing service by an authorized BMW dealer in November of 2013 at just under 38,000 miles and then had an oil and filter change plus a new battery at just over 39,000 miles in the spring of 2015. By our high standards we needed to do some of it again along with some other freshening up.

Before we get to the fine cosmetics, nice accessories and excellent running shape of this bike we’ll share that we just completed a full biannual service, replaced the tires with new Metzeler ME88’s and of course added Nitrogen in the process. It needed little else in this area aside from running it through our full MSI-PPI and Evaluation process. It comfortably passed the Maryland Safety Inspection and carries a current certificate of completion.

It was also taken out on an extended test ride of roughly 12 miles to assure the next owner that it starts from cold easily, runs and idles well, shifts, handles and stops exactly as it should. We always test the ABS systems both on the diagnostic equipment we have as well as a real working test on asphalt. It works exactly as designed and there were no faults to be cleared in the system. This is a very comfortable machine to ride and enjoy.

The best way we can share with you, as the potential next owner is to suggest you spend 5-10 minutes closely looking at the 36 high resolution images we have provided for your inspection. All of the very tiny blemishes, scratches or nicks to be found anywhere on this bike are well documented. Most cannot be seen when looking at the bike from five feet away, let alone ten as the bike presents itself very well. And all the stuff that should be shiny is in fact shiny and clean.

But just to let you know where to look here are a few small items we noted: a very minor scratch on the cylinder guards and a slightly larger one on the rear of the right muffler. A few very minor stone chips here and there, some with prior paint touch up. A few normal scuffs on the bags. One minor 1 inch scrape to the wheel finish and what we consider to be very normal wear and patina on the factory leather comfort seat. One tank logo has an almost impossible to see nick and beyond that we did not write it down.

This one was built with ABS, heated grips, tele-lever front suspension, drilled dual disc brakes, multi-spoke cast alloy wheels, double wall chrome headers and sporty short mufflers and a fully adjustable rear suspension. But the nice extras added along the way really compliment this bike well and make it ideal for local fun or longer adventures since it is equipped with BMW’s easy to remove Touring cases plus a very nice Hepco & Becker top box complete with flag holder and flag.

It also has a very stylish and functional set of machined and anodized aluminum mirrors, BMW combination cylinder guard/highway pegs, the BMW single driving lamp, the BMW sport windscreen, BMW muffler shields and stealthy reflective tape on the back of those spacious touring bags. This one comes with all the stuff you’d expect from a one owner machine so the next person gets to go home with 2 BMW keys, the tool kit (stealthily hidden behind the left side chrome cover) and the factory owner’s manual. Grab it fast as it’s a particularly good value and we just don’t see these often enough, let alone with low miles, great history and this many accessories that everyone would want on their BMW cruiser.

Sale: Was $6,995 NOW $5,995!
Mileage: 40,325
Stock Number: J95543
Availability: SOLD!
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